/Street Fighter vs Madden Football

Street Fighter vs Madden Football

Video: Street Fighter vs Madden Football


-Hi, everyone. Welcome to John Madden Football. [crowd cheering] -(players) Huh? -[Blanka grunts] [coin clinks, Blanka growls] [grunting] [crowd cheering] [whistle blows] [growling] [players grunting] [roars] [electricity buzzing, players screaming] -(Madden) Touchdown. [whistle blows] [Blanka roars, player grunts] And it's good. Captioned by StreamCaptions.com -Hey, what's up, guys? Thanks for watching the brand-new video. As always, make sure to like, favorite, and send it to your mom.

Also, if you want to win a T-shirt, complete this phrase: the meaning of life is… blank. Now, the voting for this week's video was really close, so next week, we're gonna show Voodoo Buddy, which came at a close second, so get ready. Let's do it! Blblblbl….

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