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Streaming Fortnite Fridays!

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button button who's got the button button button button button oh come on who's got the button oh that was me oh shit oh you're live on their real life on their right after I use a bad word little choppy me screaming for tonight Fridays Chromebook can't keep up all right hey first somebody's here first even before us wow wow this is a really popular game first all right let's see if we can find that you are are you finally on okay invite to party there we go I'm invited to a party yeah party on Garth what's going on man not much we're gonna play some fortnight yeah I fried a fortnight fried sure somebody else has already done that yes but I did it again why not it's like every every for it is it who knows Marie here with Leif Johnson and we're here we're here place for fortnight yeah people like fortnight heisenberg's here we got at ass ash you hello ash you whereas Gordon Gordon is literally out in the hallway right now doing some testing on some some laptops Kieran's here hello Karen Daisuke Daisuke first is here I'm gonna minimize that yeah this this Chromebook can't keep up with two live streams and give it a out yes yes we will be doing a video later today about the testing of the new laptops and so yeah that's fun anyway but right now here at this very moment we're gonna place a fortnight I'm gonna switch over the game alright once you cue us up okay so what do you say you wanted to do the new the movie that's the fly explosives I don't even know what that is okay we'll see what it is is this new mode you can get you know you have a jetpack and you fly around and everybody has rockets so basically everybody has a jetpack and you go around and getting rocket launchers and you shoot at each other so why not and I'll say later on I want to play the 51st is 50 I really like that because it actually kind of feels like this war oh and so you know it's not the usual Pope gee like you know solo duo or squads it's you drop with 50 other people with 40 49 other people and so you're basically been fighting against everyone else it's really cool because everybody's you know as opposed to every man for himself it's everyone's looking out for each other so people are really quick to you know go after you when you down and stuff so let's try I want to do the fly explosive that's cool I did a little bit of it last night and kind of started it it seems hard oh no I got a Rydia my bad now she was asking about a risin 5 1600 with the gtx 1070 I would say this still worth it depending on the price but yeah that's that's still not a bad laptop if Gordon Peaks his head in here I will you get a chance to ask him face to face mano a mano it's the face how many people are playing on this mode did he get a sense well last night I was finding it like 2:00 in the morning and it was the queues were a lot faster than this so Friday morning you know us people uh people tired there we go sweet oh yeah and don't forget this is an early access so we can't officially uh yeah thank you veni sort of opinion on this early access oh yeah so here you go here's like one of the rocket launchers yeah so gonna do that and wait so how do you use the jetpack you you hope if you find the jetpack there's one over here no you have to find it yes so you jump up and then you know you hit space but what you're up in the air oh yeah so your weapons work normally is this for one year old so is that what this one is yes and if you listen too closely to the bang you can hear it playing happy birthday oh nice that's funny all right so let's go to the shifty shaft shall we but oh yeah cuz we're in the squad yes oh wait wait these people wanted to go back here oh they're going over here to pleasant Park yes that's right we're in a squad so I forgot it it teams you up with with randos we'll see I got so used to putting on a 51st is 50 I was just think your first thing I was like wait a minute where's the line where the other bus is going Oh there's two buses two buses are interesting yeah I think you're behind me yeah oh yeah I didn't quite make it yes Joe says were under a fortnight and e8 yep we can't can't give any official impressions after a year of playing it embargo and it's another thing to rip it off from approach I mean at this point why release it I mean they don't need to say whatever the early axis could disappear one day and I'm that no once no one even knows I mean does anyone care either no it's and I can't find a okay here's the right I already got one so I'm gonna get me some bricks ah there we go I guess all right all right get some bandages and a soccer ball soccer ball are we in the eye yeah yeah oh we got lucky Wow okay yeah nice okay easy yeah so they say I got my jet pack automatically yeah yeah you got one too so yeah it's got a ton of fuel you want to try it out wait uh I don't I don't think I got Japan yeah you were in it so hit the space bar and hit it again yeah I know you're using a controller you think controller but yeah I don't cut a jet pack or maybe I just don't you don't it looked like you got it on your back was he I mean I've got something on my back but that's how you do all right oh there we go no I was just like cosmetic okay yeah I got a semblance of a backpack his what I had and I've got 15 Rockets Mohsen uh-huh he said say his name so uh oh they're Yahoo's I'm gonna say Mohsen I think people are starting to catch on that I'm not good at saying names yeah keep in mind they're having all this birthday stuff with ya and so it's but it's their one-year anniversary so I was literally axion well I'm just thinking I just think it's funny that they're celebrating that that's their one-year anniversary but there early access so technically they're not even born yet oh but does that does that mean you go- flick their negative one I haven't seen anybody have you seen anybody oh I had to see what that was a war zone and I think we've pretty much lived in that area so yeah it was funny I had a friend that was offered to play with us and he said oh oh you know join you on my iPad and it's it's just it's still kind of crazy that you can play with people in this mode with it on an iPad did you hear the news this morning about the Android version oh yeah that they were thinking about doing it you know I'm not going through Google Play yeah yeah that would be weird yeah they want to keep so much money I mean it was a point where it's like come on guys sure the world like especially because like not a ton of people know how to sideload apps yeah I was thinking that I was wondering how you know cuz I with mobiles but especially I chiefly work in the Apple ecosystem and yeah I was wondering how easy that was it didn't I mean it's it's not hard but you have to you have to go out and do it and yeah I think there's always that risk you know it's so much easier to say add just go to Google Play you know it's I don't know I almost think it's kind of a disservice like it's almost kind of screwing over your your fan base maybe maybe I'm being a little bit condescending by saying this but a lot of the audience or kids too you know I'm not saying that kids can't figure out how to do that but shit kids probably know better than less so but yeah there is that too I'll be yeah you can't just like you know give your phone to your kid and be like yeah you know figure out this fortnight for it it's like oh what you side-loaded some apps would what you do now I've got a virus from from epic game launcher with a k' it's what you went to the wrong place you brat did you see the soccer ball I was like playing soccer no I did not see the soccer ball I'm trying all right so nice thing is is we're pretty well done here yeah so obviously doing this I mean luckily we got some time because we're in the ISO I don't know about you but I still don't like the building in this I just like shooting we're look at me isn't isn't there a name for people like me yeah prabhjeet players yeah I mean still I would rather play I mean I play more for tonight than pub G but I usually like to play pubs you better all right let's see what we got up here oh I ran out of stuff so much for that all right so we broke my thing that's what she said yeah you know what yeah Davis is asking for a world of warships Fridays with Gordon oh I love world of warships oh you did – oh nice I was one of the first people to see world of warships I went to Russia for their preview yeah Michael is really upset that we're playing for tonight enough to unsubscribe from our Channel hey I asked him I was like really do you want to play fort now he's also saying thankfully I'm just the tech guy I don't think he understands that I'm the video guy actually yes if I was IT here in our office that would be from oh yeah and I've been neglecting twitch we got Katie hi Katie oh man we're getting some some bits from Daisuke oh thank you sir I appreciate that thank you Dragan Kurt's asking – from using the aim-assist well I will try to play better for you guys okay Katie is asking how is my life going it is going great we're working on a lot of cool stuff around here so I can't complain yeah I I started playing octo path traveller on my switch have you tread that up yet yeah yeah yeah I want to but I haven't yet and I'm doing this crazy thing right now where I'm trying to save money and – crazy – crazy but you know because I'm a big RPG guy and everybody says used to play octopus traveler and I haven't gotten around to it and I love the switch I really do I really have me too did you um did you like briefly default see I was never a big brave bravely default fan but octo path kinda has some of that same I mean it's a real grind heavy game and the story so far is like real piecemeal yeah it's not really like one who overarching we gotta go save the world kind of thing yeah you know saving the world I just realized that I've been sitting there whacking stuff and talking and it's time to run in I've been following Bukka good for Baca I'm here with Savior – so yeah well we've got yeah all right well it's coming up on me really quickly I have a lot of bandages but the the the storm really eats at you really quickly here I may not make it so this is a fun way to start out our stream Wow died in the storm like an idiot wait why is there a bush what what can you do with the bush ask the Republicans weird he's got he's got some cool gear on I don't know about you but I could any money or time into equipping my generic so yeah you probably noticed you know I feel especially after playing for up G and stuff and I you know I've played this game enough but yeah I'm not super high level or anything like that so hey Daisuke has a joke for you are you ready yeah what a Pokemon Call of Duty and Battlefield players have in common boxing they buy the same game over and over yeah that's true oh you made it yes I did yeah that's better yeah and then Katie saying she doesn't have a switch switch is actually pretty awesome creating really I was she said she's gonna wait for the Pokemon know the the new new Pokemon generation drain Kurt yes I'm using controller I know I often make fun of them for doing that too and I'm the Matt everybody would think that I would really know any kind of precision firing games no keyboard nerd it's not like I can't use keyboard mouse but also I'm not I'm not trying to play competitively you know we'll see this pub G and overwatch yeah I'm strictly keyboard and mouse especially on PC I should say but yeah anything else I'm generally controller things like Witcher 3 years I'll tell you what the this Xbox one controller is way better than the switch nunchuck things whatever the hell they're called geo a cons uh-huh because I I mean I play some fortnight on my switch and man that's that's the worst part of it it's those goddamn controllers yeah hope there's there's people over bug Baca or a Maybach this is hard because you have to wait till the person lands yeah Oh on the reload is horrible on this I don't think anyone's kitty oh no I got it and it's whoops August of rocket launchers yeah I mean a grenade launcher whoa hey we play six out of what what really thing okay well we did a lot better than I did okay so yes yeah yeah take it see one day fifty versus 50 yeah let's try it okay yeah you're not a huge fan of the regular no the the rocket launcher no I'm not either it requires interesting yeah and it's better oh when I said realized I had a grenade launcher as I am and what am i doing let's see let's see alright people in the metro it's like jet daisuke says he doesn't know if they should get a switcher a ps4 huh you know if you want to get God of War is an amazing game I want to know it's friggin amazing horizon zero dawn is an amazing game both of those are good reasons to buy that system but I really do love that bit about the switch you know where you can you know I want to put it from a TV I want to put in bed I want to play it in Denver so you know you can you can do that kind of stuff and it's really cool and you know you're taking a graphical hit of course you know it's it's meant to be a mobile system but most of the time I doesn't bother me it's you know it for what it is it actually still looks pretty good ya know I mean it's it's definitely the the experience and the games I mean the other there's amazing games on there I'd I love my switch I definitely I probably play my switch more than my ps4 but yeah that's mostly because if it's a triple a game I'm usually put on the PC so PC ps4 pretty much just gets exclusive so all these guys want to go to this is like trolling so see this on their their side I'm gonna go to retailer over here yeah these guys are yeah that's um actually I'm gonna go here I'm gonna go somewhere where I can hide you know I'm just kidding see well there's you have 49 teammates now so there's not as much of a need to do that Oh dragon Kurtz asking uh if if any of us still use a PS Vita and I still use it every once in a while I'm trying to get through a persona 3 on the Vita which is you know you can play it on the Vita I bought one to just review things and I admit I didn't really use it that much so yeah I mean it wasn't it wasn't the best system but I got some use out of it I liked it the Wickard nerd is asking they have an xbox one should they get a PC yes you should immediately sell your Xbox one and get a PC it's PC gaming PCs are awesome and at this point yeah you're not losing out on on any of the sexy yeah are you getting off on it yes I will take oh shoot oh try to use my jetpack that's waiting for you guys to finish this match okay we just barely started sorry about that yeah no you were there it's okay it's okay I'm late so wait you don't I mean there's is we're gonna be here for a while so yeah no chicken dinner for you no chicken dinner for tonight so no one gets actually what what do they say that's a victory royale is this generic as they can make what oh yeah looks boring there because they can make it yet it's winning everything for tonight is generic because they can make it that's yeah they do some box little stuff they have a better modes than fortnight I'm excuse me that pub G does but the hell metal yeah I yes as promised yeah it's really fun if I don't if I actually find some good weapons I don't have anything yet yeah that's good man I got this legendary sniper rifle last night it was pretty awesome yeah I'm Johnny I'm just not good at snipers are you when I yeah I often do it you can ask Joe I used to do sniping a lot in prep G but you know what's the right weapon like an m4 I'm actually kind of better at closer range yeah yeah I would say majority of my kills in Feb do you believe not even with a handgun Oh cuz they're early on no no I just you know I get close to people and you have a 45 or something and just thanks Michael mm-hmm how far we gotta go Mac my lord all right we are we lagging behind yeah well we're just I mean I am because I chat but look at that you can see most of our team they're all scattered anyway so we still got quite a bit of time though oh yeah I'll let them take I'll let them be the first way if you know you never want to be the first wave in a war so you want to be the the commanders in the back row we get the yeah this is the exciting string where you get to see me to run across the map forever okay nope somebody missed a shield potion I will take it yeah oh man SLU I don't have any shield so oh that is not shield what was that slurp juice oh oh it's increasing my shield over time this is an exciting stream it's how you been man it's been a while since we've streamed together I've been good yeah nice yeah you know just working getting a paycheck they haven't stopped paying me yet so I'll take that are you still getting some money from somebody eating some a little bit yeah we get money from this these days I'm sorry who you get money these from these days nice he's preparing for the battle for Azeroth review for idea I have Evo this weekend after the stream I'll be heading out to go to the east from Las Vegas by the way so he is uniquely positioned yeah that makes it nice except for the fact he's okay there you go I mean everyone's got to have a side hustle yeah yeah so it's not a bad one like I'm building a bridge and they're hitting me okay it's a man satisfaction I'm sorry guys yeah I'm gonna go hide in the water and die okay okay are you down yeah I was running across the bridge like this guy was perched up here sorry man I'm too far oh yeah there's no way you can get me but I'm dying in 50 versus 50 how sad is that all right I was being bold no Burton does not favor the bold no one's there to back you up well this guy but he's getting shot out to any probably figures on the lost cause he's like oh yeah Macworld knows let's see I would say this game runs pretty decently in America but the thing is is you know depends on what Mac you're using yeah so obviously if you're running on an iMac through its you will obviously show up five pounds for that I mean I think that I think it could be true for PCs as well this runs really well on PCs depending on what you're using if you're using onboard video I'm like some Dell you bought it Walmart maybe not but it's a lot you know doesn't cost as much money to get to that phone right right I try to install it you know I I try I got a twenty fourteen I read recently and I'm just using it for work yeah at home and I was thinking about you know partitioning it and you know I would be like I would play it on there because it looks so sleek and it looking on my desk and no it's not happening so basically now when I want to play games I just lift my monitor my PC monitor on my desk in front of the I bracket that what I'm doing real work how much do you play on your iPad for tonight you know oh I don't know I don't do it on the iMac I think it's really cool that you can own the iPad excuse me oh yeah that's what I meant on that I pad no I think it's really cool that you can do that but no we're so we're gonna we're gonna watch Adam here so you are you are being watched no no yes I still can't get this to play on my switch oh really Oh our first no no no I haven't been able to get it to to play since it launched because they had all those connection issues and even if I unlink my account and relink it like it's telling me to if I completely uninstall and delete the game mm-hmm and then reinstall it it still has the same connectivity issues and so I'm just oh that's why you're not yeah yeah I mean I I know you I didn't have any money dumped into it so I just created a new account so yeah and then yet zero money dumped in us well that's how I play for that is when they pass we do well yes how there's I think it's the same people that killed me honestly that shotgun no he's a hunting rifle I got a damn guy over there yeah but yeah you're really exposed for that oh he's good somebody's gonna finish them off oh they did crap yeah I wish you could hit each other on the ground wouldn't it be fun thank you get me up so the builders cool I did that yeah I'll take it wait so how many people were left oh yeah we are we were we were not doing half way behind so oh you are in the group yep there is join your group while you're in the middle of a game wow that is nice okay so we want to do 50 versus 50 again or do we want to do squads or do we want to do me yeah let's do fish kind of fun yeah let's see what the I'm sorry Chad I'm neglecting you because I'm playing this to stay alive Matt cook organ hey what's up I like you because you have three names just like me oh yeah okay let me do that game so I'm gonna switch over to the I mean I don't think it matters if you all see this but I could also just talk louder no no I'm gonna do your settings no way the roommate to talk to me and we we talked to you talking to you so you seem like an easy volume talk to me talking to you so far there's an Ibuki and a birdie playing at Capcom that works too there's an Ibuki and a birdie playing in Capcom and Ibuki is winning you are you talking English in the background so I can keep an eye on it who's that one guy died so is that dico dico so the the shopping Mart degeneration and you pronounce that the Asian that's all I know that's all I know about Evo is die go and then I heard the dragon ball game it's pretty popular yeah it actually has more entrance than Street Fighter 5 this year which Street Fighter 5 is typically the premiere game I think it has like a thousand more people registered I mean why if everyone hates Street Fighter 5 so much why why keep playing it because it has the most money do they have money though I mean oh yes cough Connie yeah I mean Capcom sponsors this so heavily it's also typically the last three years the Street Fighter 5 grand finals have been on ESPN oh there's money being dumped in there plus if you qualify at Evo you earn Capcom poker points that could potentially get you to the Pro Tour at the end of the year which is even more prize money I just love the idea of Dragon Ball showing up on on ESPN yeah it's I don't know something about that it's hilarious to me I'm gonna retail right here what are you going retailer red marker oh one of the dudes in a Mickey poo and our group didn't that Mickey Mickey Oh what happened he just disconnected he decided he didn't want to play all this he's like I hate those Macworld people they're like they're just mad that the leaf has some of that 100 trillion in his beds is a crazy number though it's only one do you have one trillion dollars I don't have $1 I might have one for you trillion cells was that it was that you were Mike Symon that did that article about getting revenge on I sometimes do something but not as often d mike is uniquely positioned cuz he's on the East Coast and he can write that stuff in the morning when it's like it's man what a jerk and I'll say what that about mike symon dick I am jealous of how fast that guy can write I mean I pumped out these like thousand word pieces and like couple hours and Stefan are good and I can't understand that yeah that is crazies fortunately it doesn't take me days otherwise I would not have a job but that's beast yeah it's crazy yeah that he could not only is it fast it's also good yeah there was a guy when I was writing for Inquisitor that was like that and with Inquisitor you had to like be the first to cover a story yeah to do it and there was a guy Scott grill who I swear to god had like the ability to just write news six seven hundred word articles in like 20 minutes was he you know I used to write news for another site and you know news is one thing but the analysis piece is thing is you get it yeah they're draw comparisons that kind of thing that's that's intimidating hello I'm getting all these shield potions I don't need it I already got enough yeah I need some I have a hard time finding show Persians in this game I've got like three shotguns by the way yeah streamers just saw me I mean the audience just saw we don't belong yeah yeah I got one of those money good joke things like a disco ball will be happening now what was that game where you would throw throw some sort of grenade at people and then they would have to stop and dance goddamn oh there's another game because I have never played dammit what game was it maybe checking out they call yourself a PC gamer if you have a play where to work out just once I came to PC gaming late it's okay you're here now yeah yeah you know I was one of those people who's like maybe I'll try it if it comes to console don't forgot and then there's too many abilities for it to work on the console it was too many yeah I know you could play fortnight on your iPad well yeah because I got fire skills controllers support at one point someone I've Lane we can hack it I mean it well has extensive mod support you can make it where it works with it but it's not perfect yeah yeah Elder Scrolls online was always I think Devon you know designed to have the console support in there it only has about six abilities that you can switch to another weapon so that gives you double technically but but yeah it's far more suited to that the what if you just don't use the abilities and you're gonna die with it oh it's like a bunch of action towards 250 of course you could just play a mage and all you have to do is hit to ever all that's all you do is Boston – and I need to find a better gun I only have a pistol shotgun yeah same here it's a very property right now yes Oh run so slow as a sub yeah oh there we go you can actually sprint yeah you can there we go let's try to trigger void explosion just not been played well too much right sure seven void explosion Wow ask I tried to do a few minutes again I forget what it was yeah dusty divot has a bunch of submachine guns I've got one submachine gun let's say that so dusty give it a parent I dropped them for you that's one of the cool things about 50 versus 50 is people how people help each other out it's like look at all these weapons I gotta have it oh there we go and it's all rifle yeah take it you're not tactical shotgun and I won't say why did why is the countdown timer seem longer at this beginning phase well you know it's rejection yeah we should go ahead and start building a I will say I really like the shader of the storm that's coming in it looks so much better than the the blue cough syrup yeah let's yes wave to it you know the storm was in the game before they ripped off puppy but yeah when it was the PvE mode Oh in in fortnight you mean yes and you know I previewed this game for IGN back before it was you know what it was this this thing and it was just like meh yeah it's funny the way we had written that as I said that it was like the next logical step for the Minecraft generation and I remember people in the comments for all of you it was stupid taking stuff nope it is so true it's so true and that was a big you know credit that was actually Ryan McCaffrey's idea and I was like yeah but I did go with it and now knowing that this is really how it turned out I kind of wish had a little bit more it's a hammer down on that yeah I'm gonna really do a lot of you over to shut down here hey Mike crafts is awesome with each other all the time somebody in my daughter all the time now where it's crashing that no the update on switch is actually pretty good too yeah man we're not getting anywhere no it's like good thing were in the circle though oh no they got me where were you at there you go I think we're both know I don't need to make this guy's gonna help me how's the WoW the Reebok fixed whatever in this game there is that as a difference PC and I haven't been hit once yet that's what that's what happens when you stay in the back yeah do nothing we normally you know stay on the edge in our degree yeah oh I got hit at the same time down oh yeah happens when you try to revive you get killed gotta love you under fire now I won't try to make it to this tree but if we try to help me now it's probably a bad idea yeah all right I'm gonna run right past you and go for other buddy hey I seem to be pretty okay now yeah hang on I'm coming well I have whoops I you're in my sights guy like we're all we're all gonna huddle together yeah somebody good oh wow yeah well okay was somebody a coupon all right so it was part of that person from the tree so fun stuff so since Joseph has not played it let's do the jetpacks and rocket launchers yeah let's do it yeah let's do it all right I'm gonna check chat and while we're doing all right bit Wars metal penguins participating in bit worse does anyone know what that is no I do not oh look I got a battle pest tear up I don't know what that means they're talking about building the CPU on twitch or building a PC I like it that's a good effort yeah everyone's helping each other out uh yeah the the wicked nerds trying to figure it all out I need to get grade mom PC I mean it's pretty cool it was funny when I first moved into my apartment you know I asked my roommate you know I said okay well I may be using this PC it might suck out some energy I'm just warning now he has actually worried about it like being too hard on the electricity bill but he was like really dancing like that's a piece yeah I'm pretty proud of it it's it looks like a friggin yeah it's like it spaceships or something yeah I've defined our five or our four so it's just like big and black and quiet nice but yeah next time I want I definitely want to actually do a nice case all right as well sniped pizza wants to get a tilt of towers for some reason so we're gonna go there so this might be a quick match oh yeah and this is a pieces fault yeah this is a tilted towers Joseph is like the poaching key and I would totally snipe a pizza maybe actually go get pizza no I I can't have pizza though I have all the cheesy pounds now almost working for a nice you know my diabetes will intensify if I have pizza aw that sucks have you tried that vegan cheese stuff it's actually it's not the cheese it's this sugar content and the tomato sauce Oh huh there's just so much sugar in tomato is that a lot of tomato sauce add sugar yeah okay that makes sense you know I tell you what though I like a good white pizza yeah well it's true oh crap there's somebody here it's not good and I'm okay I haven't that he's in he's in there with me and he's got a shark costume and I'm dead oh yeah you are good to find the jetpacks and stuff yeah you have to find fun jetpack fun jetpacks are you're in basements a lot thank you something yeah and they actually tell you that I'm you know to be sure to look in the basement job is best says that they don't care what you're playing with they want us to show skill and guess what you've got your trusty X I am wait wait and snipe pizza still alive dang it I'm sure he's the one who got us here splash damage good good let's try that again all that indoor combat this is not feasible for what is that that's we're always pointing it right at you look at that that's kind of fun alright yeah we're waiting on you whoops the wicked nerds s and the limitation of risin verses intel risin the isn't as good at gaming as intel intel has better the single-threaded performance so typically they're they're better for games because games don't need a ton of course but if he needed ton of chorus then rising is good listen has since its debuted i think been like the leader and like the productivity type stuff oh yeah more like you know what apples focus yeah yeah except for premier just enabled intel or the Quick Sync so Italy you see integrated GPU on like rendering and man that is that it's boosted a lot of power to the point where I'm double thinking going to rice and build in my personal box alright yeah if you're just doing for gaming yeah if you just do it for gaming rice it'll be fine but I mean yeah it's it's the price y'all later town yeah I'm gonna be interested because I'm replacing my AMD test bench with the risin one yeah sounds good alright just to see like the the difference between my i7 and risin 7 in like real world applications myself nice oh I got I gets gets kids'll stop talking to me skittles and skittles they have a mic on they're talking to me and I can't oh wow and it sounded like a young child so oh my gosh it's good thing I can hear that so as I shouldn't be out of here to but I guess not maybe specifically talking to you you'd like that this oh there's dude in here he's oh shoot there's a dude in here skittles no I don't skittles there's a guy in there no of course they didn't rip off the same key minds for pub G so I can't talk to him oh shoot oh shoot oh good job sue somebody got him I won me but I took his thing so can you use the telling you different the same yes you can yes Viet cuz it's taking up a weapon slot so I was a short boom skittles oh so look how Pro I am at this game guys okay let's watch madam streamer for 40 what a name it's they stay still dude just still alive right no I'm still alive I'm reviving skittles there we go okay skittles is back oh all right right it was that person alone it was all I think they're all started that same thing that yeah and luckily you're right inside the circle oh there's somebody up top thirty nine oh you're dead leaf yeah I have been training for this my whole life playing star sage drives the disc launcher all right should be nobody else here has played that nope a tribe's isn't that where you do the surfing that's all I know essentially like a magnetic disc launcher it's just like alright as I turned around to do the rest if skittles can survive this I think I'm good that's what we love Leslie Diddy that's like what two skittles and why does he love us talking about them all right well that's skittles is gonna help you so you're still in I was just about to excess out all right let's see where this goes and yes sixteen gig ram is fine for playing games oh yeah definitely somebody crap let's see what's happening again rap oh you know skittles is pretty good oh yeah look at that goes inside they don't even see me if I can hide over here he's still alive nice I'm still alive too but oh man somebody just walked right past me they didn't want to taking up boom good job skittles got one more got 1412 look at look at eight that was fine I thank skittles all right so we want to be regular squads we want to be 5050 we want to do jet pack I won't do 50 verse 15 all right that's not like that I like it let's talk about motherboards which one should be good I don't know much about motherboards so Gordon you out there the the wicked nerd you should definitely go to PC part picker and it's a great great tool to to build out and kind of spec out your ear ring mana there how many people play in this 50/50 mode we will soon everybody's playing dragon ball fighter z right now oh yes yeah what time of the yeah we should play that no they aren't the kids should be out of school okay really yeah I believe I had a friend in high school that was like diehard Dragon Ball fan and he was real he was real in there and so yeah all I know about Dragon Ball this was through osmosis from him so like yeah brawl we grew up watching that yeah well I had a roommate he was big on it in college my the the first anime I ever watched was Sailor Moon I remember the very first time I saw it my daughter is watching that now yeah man I love Sailor Moon she cried her eyes out at the end of season one I went downstairs I was I all I heard was my daughter crying and the dad instincts kicked in Oh thinking she hurt herself I walked down a run downstairs and she's just sitting on the couch bawling her eyes out at Sailor Moon hey you know it's it's a heartwarming heartwarming venture I read all the manga after the they didn't translate date I was I was huge in the DBZ though like in middle school I styled my hair after trucks nice where are we going because I see a ton of markers well until the towers it actually good because it's on our side I'm gonna tilt the tower yeah let's do it why not and the way this usually works is that the circle closes towards the middle of the m50 versus 50 in the middle of the map yeah so till the towers actually good spot for us since we're not in squads yeah oh yeah fifty-fifty let's wait yeah dog crap yeah so did your did your stock go up in with that Apple evaluation I you know it's it's relatively relatively affordable compared to most stocks you know but yeah we were compared in the Mac world select channel and you know talk about Google and Stephanie I told my parents to get Google stock back when it went public back in the day and now it's like $1000 or something but yeah you know the thing about Apple shares they're like 100 or something like that so they had the stock break up so you know it's relatively easy but you know you have to have a lot for the pick a lot for it to really add up you know are you I mean I'm not to go too deep into two things what are you actually able to have Apple stock with macros unless you're allowed to say or not nobody's proud about maybe there is but I don't you know that's a weird ethical question because it's really good stock to have no so it's that's a good question but I'd chip oh you don't play the stock market because I'm not I don't have enough money it seems like a rich person's game to me and it's like I don't want to be giving away money I have student loans to pay I have credit card bills you know there's that I'll say on the hip stock and MGM and a few other companies out here I mean when you're in tech or maybe it's what you know yeah it's yeah makes sense to do that stuff yeah I'll say we've we've had some of those conversations on the the PC world side and yeah most of them straight away from it because sometimes we know insider stuff you know that's like if you know you know something's new coming out from a new company before everyone else that's a good point you know that that can be Oh unfair well that's a benefit of Apple you generally have like a day we usually it with Apple the MacBook Pro the new the 2018 MacBook Pro was a was that it was a was an exception you know we knew about that about two days before it came out you know we got the invitation I had a time back about a week but we didn't actually know about it into like the day before so that was what it was yeah and because Roman got to go to a preview event in New York but usually when it's Apple products we know about it the day everybody everybody else does yeah so you learn it about it at WWDC or something so they come out on such an easy schedule to it's like you know it's September they're probably gonna have another so there's a little harder to game if you want to if you want to put it in that context on Apple you know we we generally know when everybody else does so and if we do know ahead of time it's like a day so yeah that the MacBook the recent MacBook was an exception yeah but like I said it was just like a daily tune yeah we had we knew there was gonna be a fan but we had no idea what it was we were coming up with all these crazy speculations and slack about what it could be and then it just turned out to be am a quick refresh like they're sitting it's the other way to New York it was like if it was just a Mac boot refresh they would have it here he and I hope cos were riding down the road no I make us spend all the money on a plane ticket to go to New York to show us um that retrouver it's not just a MacBook refresh it's the hottest MacBook that caught reefers are throttling its it's the hottest new MacBook it is actually but yeah we were talking you know there hasn't you know I mean technically they are improving but there's been nothing really Wow about the MacBook slightly and the Mac in general and it's like they don't really give a darn so we would like for us pro users yeah and you know and it seems like they're trying to force them sell at the touch bar seems really trying to to force innovation and it's like we don't really know what to do with this anymore so here's a man at first I believe Steve Jobs when he said that nobody wants to touch your their screen but then once I got my first touch screen I was like like now I if I ever go to a laptop that doesn't have a touch screen yeah I usually try to touch the screen and I'm like god dammit this is one of those old things just for scrolling it makes it really simple it does you just reach up and go whomp you know or reach up and you know tap something we see it in the meetings I see Kathryn doing a lot where she is like you know you know somebody asked something and she just like oh let me look real quick and she just looks on the screen so it's takes maybe half a second out of the time it would take to you know use a trackpad or a mouse I see this is the problem with me in these type of games because I spent a lot of time chatting instead of actually I really admire the players who can actually do the no don't worry about me dude blame it on your mouth are you circle its guys cool look at that else you went down yeah house so he's really cool alright are you gonna be gonna like Miriam guess I prepare for that but I will yes give me you are possibly excused I'm just gonna follow the waves of the people yeah I'm gonna go hang out with everybody else this seems like a good idea Oh I don't even think I've seen any bad guys wear all the back well I got are they all towards like 100 building technique well it's certainly loud these are arching oh shoot don't for my partner you guys remember full spectrum warrior that's a good game yeah came out on the original Xbox it was like a squad based tactics like the military-style game it was actually wasn't allowed to own an original Xbox it's probably for the best yeah because my mom thought it had too many adult games well it did you know had all the adult games like morrowind oh I got one kill I'll take that or I should say knock down wine this thing stupid sniper rifle it's like the car and G takes a you know you have to reload it every single time and down whoops-a-daisy the wicked nerd oh I'm coming for your life and yes PC world has some great guides there are the peaceable calm for all your building kites there's my roots who says this mode is kind of like planetside 2 never played it yeah no yeah I can definitely uh definitely agree with that and rumor – yes we do a lot of laptop reviews especially as of late but we do have good hubs on GP best GPS divide best CPUs to buy things like that so already like yeah they did yeah because people are nice yeah that this mode really did well it make making oh yes did you just snipe that dude I saw yeah shotgun oh-oh-oh smack came right up behind me alright no I can't he's down I'm down just built a brick staircase and then I ran away I'll come back I'll come back to you applying Mary didn't finish the staircase it's like half built everything around you that feels nobody ever finishes anything they says yeah kids these days alright that was fun it was it don't forget there's an early access this is early access I see some bugs you know it's gonna get way better so what we want to do what is the playground it's basically where you can build yeah that's all let's say no pressure environment with friends can let the creativity run wild best build massive structures play it practice with the weapons and items fight against your friends have fun so it's you know basically violent minecraft so in ruber – yes I believe Brad were it's something about the be 450 boards on PC world I don't have the link off top my head but yeah it was within the past week I think so if you filter by him you should be able to find that milk candies Candy's not oh just the announcement okay yeah generally want to die it's like my so the wicked nerd you should tune in next week for the full nerd our podcast about PC building stuff we have a Q&A section and I will I will be sure to bring it up so that they help you out in your building endeavors and yes we are playing online okay do they even have a local land mode on this I think it would be no I don't think so yeah I was gonna say if it was it would probably just be the the PvE component the the original fortnight realize this one made them so much more money yes well the original fortnight because they realized nobody was gonna play that game it was gonna be a flash in the pan like not even and yeah this is the I mean I'm sorry this game would be dead if they had not I'm sorry ripped off fit fortnight yeah like paragon might still be alive yes hey I like I like was a shadow run when it came out on the 360 on the PC yeah yeah yeah kind of fun yeah but it was one of the first you know like console to PC cross compatibility things and the wicked nerd yes the podcast the stream to twitch YouTube Facebook and and hopefully Twitter soon to its once a week we usually do it on Tuesdays but we're maybe gonna start Thursdays but also next week might be a little different so just if you follow us on Twitter we usually the day before so but they yeah if you get notifications on twitch it'll it'll show up there too so I've been approaching this is an open mind and I like I like the fifty versus 15 minute I actually do but I still prefer punch me too I think it's a fortnight it's just so like easygoing like exactly and say you know you've seen us on the pub g-strings we're having a lot more intense and yeah it's the same thing I was like oh look I got you still life okay we'll wait yeah I'm G streams at this house kind of get crazy like when when Joe gets really into it you can tell because he's like slamming his fist on his desk an entire house and you know and listening is so important in that game and so when it starts getting tense when you're getting to the smaller circles everybody gets quiet because it's like I used to do a fun thing when when battle grounds first came out my wife was used to watch me but I you know I I didn't have I didn't have any monitors or you know just stopped monitors at that time so we would play a fun thing where she would wear the headphones and then tell me where she heard things so like it was kind of a like a fun thing to do together but then also like scary as hell all that's because I'd be like I did I just see a bullet did you hear something I don't know I didn't see anything I didn't hear anything hey that was fun that's really cool I can't play competitively like that obviously but you know it I I go to pub G for the I don't know for the the atmosphere people to play it in squads don't play it and so it was fun for an occasional challenge but the real fun of that game is in squads and I tend to do better in solo though personally like solo once again just for the like the tense atmosphere yeah anyone could get you at any time honestly I think it's a it's kind of what I was talking about where I I talk too much and you know and I get distracted by that I want the squad yeah well you know I'm too busy talking as opposed to actually you know focusing on stuff but yeah when it's just you it's never suddenly it's not for you and your mind you know I feel like there's a lot of pressure you know they're not screaming this but it's like wave sheets as guys you just guys like I think it actually wiser to stay low for a little bit yeah kill each other kind of verse enhance same here yeah I I went to Star Trek for diplomacy you know so I was like well why don't we just stop and talk to these people for a second you know what why can't I talk to the the demons in Diablo or was it dude it was dude yeah there was a famous game journalism thing where the guy wrote an editorial I was like why can't you know why can't I talk to the the demons and dude I mean it's a good question I don't know what they would have to say back there's demons yeah I'm really far away that that was always one of my favorite was the oh wow we are very far away okay so it's time to move let me see if I can do my oh crap yeah holy crap so much for the it always spawns in the middle right yeah well screw that okay vehicles more vehicles would be really nice in this game yeah I saw I've only seen so far one golf car okay I haven't seen it very extremely rare yeah that golf cart and they have a shopping cart so so yeah a shopping cart yeah you know this is for the kids man you steal from oh so you can tell you some Vegas you know what they need to do they need to put in one of these games need needs to put in that stupid ghostwriting challenge that everyone all the kids are doing in my feelings challenge or whatever oh that thing that people are running themselves over doing yeah but imagine like putting it in the game where you're just driving down the street and puppy mostly thought the dude next to me was a teammate I'm so dead so dude always behind us Wow okay well I can I'm sorry I don't mean to interrupt you I just yeah you died dude you can have your famous last words this famous last words imma let you finish are gonna get my but he was where I died well unlike pop G oh here we have some cuz it's I honestly have zero clue where he was on the map this is some good stuff this is probably a trap but the trap Oh Admiral Ackbar porter for yes it's a trap it's a wrap trap sounds good I'm already hungry yes 100 shield dual pistols when were y'all Lara Croft here Jenni gets a play was a dead dead by daylight or whatever it's not the like the horror kind of thing that's right yeah I know getting all your stuff oh man I played that now yeah that's pretty fun yeah I'm gonna go I'll Lara Croft from I do dual pistols or Chris I am wearing the right outfit for I'm trying to outrun the thing as we speak oh shoot is that close yeah it's nipping at my heels oh there's a guy out there in the water yeah watch out for him oh no yes oh no I'm going straight towards the water yeah that's that's the oven farting around here not able to perhaps to I risk it I might have to risk it no biscuit so we were gonna have a lot more PCWorld staff members on with us today but i guess they decided for tonight was it cool they realized for tonight was what's being played they'd rather not do anything on Friday you know that's what happens wait is it who said everything I don't know I don't know there's someone right in front of you ask you but I don't really have much choice because this shield eats a lot harder than the one in the Fuji and look I know it's just about to hit me I have one healthkit Reuters vendors almost to the oh somebody made a doc sweet lt+ that person praise be praise be you didn't finish the doc I don't I don't think I'm gonna make it a little I gotta use a bandage in a second so one of those Chloe's circley I don't know I saw someone jump through it like that one time and I figured I would try it myself but didn't you know maybe I'm enlightened now and I don't realize it it's very Buddha but yeah so yeah nothing seemed to happen but I did some somebody actually went out of their way to bid a long ramp to go through one and jump through it and when I saw him do that I figured it was like you know something real bad at him I could really use a golf cart no no I was Wow there was no way I was gonna make it we were far dammit I didn't even look Lara Croft cosplay yeah there you go I like it except you don't get the the side hit yes still talking about building a PC you love it that's cool that's what I like to read so sorry oh yeah and also um you know we teased this a little bit on the full nerd but I will tell all you lovely people here that are with us that we we've we've officially greenlit the the discord channel for the full nerd so we will be starting that up people will be able to put in their questions for us you know there's no guarantee we'll be hanging out in there all the time but you know mostly we wanted you know a good place for people like like the wicked nerd to go in here and you know get help from other people as well as us from building pcs know that fun stuff the Lord's work I might actually make it there's the shield I mean are you gonna make it yeah with the shield like Sylvanas there is no hope by the way you can learn some more backstory to that if you play the current pree there's x-mansion yeah I'm trying to be like a bad guy yeah I don't care where are they got some in the side of the hill I know you can't see this at all you can't see through anything to the right to the right to the right to the right for more they gotta go that's who I thought it low I don't have any inventory like that boom alright milk candies we will be putting and yes it'll be open to the public and I think we're gonna announce it next the next full nerd so technically already announced oh yeah it will officially tell everyone where they can find it looks we got one left we might win this oh dang nice what up thought – just ramps grant pay just all of you guys what if he just wants to talk to us that would be like the most tawdry boss thing I'm gonna get a good idea where wait yeah where the hell is he everybody's like just shooting randomly he's hiding he's hidin somewhere on him he's gotta be around here somewhere hazard I want to see slowly our numbers like to whittle down he's got to move the circle just like I don't know and I wish I could all look he took somebody out to it where 23 now okay I was about to say I was like man that would be hilarious someone trying to shoot me down yeah I kind of want to root for this guy I think if everyone on our team just leapt to their death and just let him win oh look yeah it's down to 22 yeah he's killing people he's got sniper god that would be hilarious if just everyone like mass suicide killed themselves and let that guy win what are all those balloons anyway it's something to do with them let's smoke grenadiers on them let's find out it's like boost hope there is what we're no never and that wasn't it I was okay three seconds oh oh it hasn't moved yet yes so he's gonna move now wait wait no I'm never are you gonna get that last kill do it like somebody got them somewhere sweet revenge nice you know what I think we should wrap up on a victory that all right feels good that's good nice total victory did you get anything for the victory that's a cool shirt no it's just one let's see so maybe I got I do but dude do people just buy their outfits is that all you have is that what you do I don't do you know yeah okay here's a locker okay so since I got something else so I got a new okay so when yeah we were doing that level up you know you get it dee-licious okay you should've got an emoticon and yes and then I can do a spray so I imagine that's how it is as you level up you get a chance for it and so yeah so like I would go and then I would get you know she right here so no it looks like it looks like the chick from Diablo no madman the ps4 exclusive oh yes yes horizons yeah anyway alloy okay yes definitely a reason to own a ps4 definitely yeah because somebody was asking if they wanted to have I would say horizon and got a four out of five and got a four yes so yeah those are all good reasons but can't carry around like this okay well your that's the flow extreme it's just and those screens are never glad to go so thanks for joining us 149 Fridays you know maybe next Friday we'll do world of warships and to be you and Gordon okay yeah I had no idea you were into world worship so I enjoy it yeah I think that would be fun there's been plenty of people who've asked for Gordon doing world of warships so I'll I'll I'll put him in a noogie you know and representing says I'll do it I'll do it anyway yeah stay tuned next week for the full nerd where we will talk about more about our discord and we have another giveaway coming up which is a nice little back-to-school pack all right that everyone should stay tuned to anyway uh thanks for for hopping on this call even though you're late just don't do it again okay you know we don't pay you to be late oh the check didn't come in the bog the checks in the mail I promise we sent it out a little bit ago so thank you life for hanging out on a Friday were the lone warriors in this office today so cool and thanks all of you guys Gordon yeah stay regular and see you later later.