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Step Up Your Gift Game

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This is Ted. Ted is a man. Like most men… Ted hasn't always been the best gifter. Have you, Ted? Ted is trying to find a gift for his wife's birthday. In the past, he's tried it all… That's right. Like the time you made her a homemade bath bomb. *explosion* TEEED! Then there was the time you forgot your anniversary. You've tried spicing things up a bit. Remember that lacy number that looked so great on that model? Didn't go so well, did it Ted? You also haven't always had the best timing. Remember Valentine's dinner, Ted? Hahaha! Good times, Ted! It seemed like no matter what you got her… It was always wrong.

Don't panic, Ted! You can send her the perfect gift in seconds, remember? Alright, Ted! *ding* Attaboy. Yes, Ted! Bad gifts don't have to be your thing. If Ted can get it right in 5 taps or less… You can too. Step up your ****ing game! Download Bitmo today..

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