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Melissa: We need to tell you about some changes ahead that will affect people who get Medicaid and live in nursing homes. Anyone aged 20 or younger living in a nursing home, or anyone living in the Truman W. Smith Children's Care Center or a state veteran's home will not be affected by this change. Also, if you are on Medicare, there will be no change to your Medicare services. However, if you are an adult 21 and older who gets Medicaid and you live in a nursing home, in March 2015, you will get your health care through the STAR+PLUS program..

Health care means daily care at your nursing home, and doctor and hospital visits. Starting in November of this year, you will get a letter from the State of Texas that looks like this, explaining the change. Soon after, you also will get an enrollment packet that looks like this, showing you how to pick a STAR+PLUS health plan. And you will need to pick a STAR+PLUS health plan by mid-February. STAR+PLUS health care will be provided through a health plan, which is like an insurance company. You will have a choice of STAR+PLUS health plans. These health plans are required to provide all the same services that are covered by traditional Medicaid. And, every health plan will offer value-added services. These are extra services that are not available in traditional Medicaid. Some examples may be routine teeth cleanings or extra vision services.

A list of these extra services will be sent with the enrollment packet. The list also will include links to the online provider directory for each health plan, where you can see if your doctors are listed. Please review the provider directory carefully. If your doctor or specialist is not listed, you can talk to them about joining the health plan you want. Once enrolled, you will have a person from the health plan assigned to you to help make sure you get the right health care services. This person is called a service coordinator. If you do not get a letter, or if you have questions, please call the STAR+PLUS help line at 1-877-782-6440. In addition, some nursing homes will be visited by a specialist who can help residents enroll in a plan. We hope you find this information helpful, and as a reminder, here is some key information about STAR+PLUS in nursing homes. Initial enrollment dates: November 2014 through February 2015 Toll-free number to call for help: 1-877-782-6440 Enrollment website: www.Txmedicaidevents.

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