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Sony Xperia XZ3 Accessibility Settings

Video: Sony Xperia XZ3 Accessibility Settings


Hi everyone I'm Ricky from Tech Talk and today I want to go through the accessibility settings options on at your Sony Xperia x8 3 so let's get into the video first of all I just want to highlight the great amount of settings you've had at the beginning of your setup process with your brand new phone this is great and it is all thanks to Android 9 which is PI and Sony adding them features in themselves so if you want extra services right from the beginning make sure you have a look at Sony Xperia devices to go through all the accessibility settings what we need to do is go into our menu option scroll along then you need to go into settings in settings go all the way down to the bottom count to 4 from bottom so 1 2 3 4 it's called accessibility and you've got like a little man stretched out so inside here we're going to have a range of options to help people with a range of different disabilities making it easier for them to use and enjoy their brand new device so starting at the top you have volume key shortcuts there is a shortcut option for your settings and we'll show that in a second underneath is AVG Protection not too short white in here is great to protect your device I didn't actually have speech software options first one is select to speak we're going to toggle this on and then buried to the agreements you have to do inside here it gives you information how to use this so once toggled on you'll see this new icon down here at the bottom you've got a little accessibility man press this here and then press play selector speakers on you can tap specific items on your screen to hear them aloud so it will read through the display there is also another option we can tap again and then highlight a different area and it will start from there as you see there it started from the text field and didn't actually do the top base as it done in the first place and that also will work throughout your device the other option is talkback so talkback is another great feature here it works throughout the device works well thanks for the power performance inside the device so toggle this on so now talkback is on again touch and highlights when talkback is on it provides spoken feedback so that you can use your device without looking at this this can be helpful for people who are blind or have low vision this is a fantastic option and will talk all the way through your device this will talk everything you can even go into your navigation settings up here at the top Wi-Fi three bars battery 31% today we'll go through everything up here at the top as well as everything on your menu which is absolutely fantastic so if we go back as it says there you need to double tap your highlight once and then double tap so to move through your menu you need to use two fingers to scroll up and down which is a great option there and talkback is a great feature and as we discuss to start off with there is the shortcut option for talkback as well presetting to the device where you press both the volume keys together so if we press and hold the volume keys here it will come up with the option to use talkback right from the beginning so you don't have to go through the menu option to get to talkback so we're not actually going to use this now but we're going to carry on with the accessibility settings underneath these two options you have text-to-speech output so this will change your rate of speed they talk to you and your pitch underneath that you have font size font sizes set to large I think it could be a bit bigger underneath that is display size so we can change display size again we leave it here and we'll see how it works in the menu so as you can see everything is made a lot larger and a lot more easier to read underneath actually have magnification so magnify with triple taps and turn on one two three three quick taps will make the display lovely and big you can then pinch to zoom as well to get in even further and with a beautiful OLED panel you're gonna see great detail one two three to come back out on the third press just leave your finger on a display you can scrub around really quickly it means fluid lifting the finger will turn this off so there is that option as well there's also magnify with button to turn this on you can see a little accessibility man come back here down at the bottom tap this the box will highlight the whole display you tap where you want to zoom it press again and again this will go back to normal to to great magnification options on here coming up underneath that is color Corrections you can turn this on you have color inversion so this is color inversion you can use a mouse pointer and you can have a large mouse cursor so you can remove animations so if I do this then do this then do this you'll see it just toggles straight on and off and then in fact you have accessibility menu here this is where you can change and adjust your menu to what you need it to be so you can toggle this on it's just going to give you a larger option but personally if you go through all these details here it's gonna set the best possible device for you depending on your disability so switch access is available where you can use switches to use your device click after mouser pointer stops moving again as same as a large mouse cursor you've got your power button can end calls the power button is the one in the middle along the right hand side you have auto screen rotate again you can turn this on and when you turn the screen into landscape it will turn and then when it's off it won't LLL stay import right all the time touch and hold delay this is with dexterity and input issues you then have vibrate this has a new dynamic vibration mode which is actually great to listen to with music it actually vibrates to the beat which is really good underneath that you have some audio options to change you've got mono audio or you can use captions so inside captions here it will detail what you are seeing on your display and then finally at the bottom you've got high contrast text so if i turn this on and off you'll see there it's slightly different this is in an experiment mode as well so please bear that one in mind so coming home this device is full of accessibility options to use and change your device to make it accessible for you no matter your disability so you can enjoy this beautiful device has a lovely big screen and one thing with an OLED panel means it can offer such bright display so if I turn this up here you can see is very bright and very vivid if you need that so you can change and adjust all different settings and if you have any questions or queries you know what to do just drop me a comment down below and I'd be more than happy to help thanks always for watching if you enjoy the video please give it a like and if you're new to channel subscribe and ring the notification bell to get updates on all my latest videos from me Ricky I'll see you very soon bye for now.

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