/Sis Code at Work feat. Eisha Chopra, Parul Gulati & Khushbu Baid

Sis Code at Work feat. Eisha Chopra, Parul Gulati & Khushbu Baid

Video: Sis Code at Work feat. Eisha Chopra, Parul Gulati & Khushbu Baid


Come here. – Is that our client, Mr. Bateja? ?? – Yes, ma'am. So, what is he doing with an intern at 9 O'clock, when he's meant to be with Disha at… It's 9:15! Where the hell is Disha? Don't tell me she's late! If she is, then I'll turn into Salman Khan and she'll be Vivek Oberoi, and I'll destroy her career. She's too…! Here comes the princess. "Shit, man!" "These bosses are always on time when you're late." "She is so over.

" "I'm dead today." "Why is this Disha walking slowly?" – Disha, you know something? I… – Oh, thank God! You found the laptop. Ma'am, I actually checked your desk… I swear! My mother always told me not to swear so much, Or else there will be a deficiency of you finding stuff on time. That's what happened. Sorry, ma'am, if I'd found the laptop earlier, the client wouldn't have had to wait. I'm really sorry. I'm so sorry, ma'am. I'm really sorry. It's okay. But next time make sure your laptop is with you before the meeting. Yes, ma'am. Come on. I don't want any gold membership! Just tell me why you didn't send any dessert? Hello? Stupid phone with its stupid network! Will it ever work?! Yes, so don't you have an offer on your gold membership? Of course I want it. No, don't take me, take this pain away. I don't have time to die.

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I have a lot of work. Pee Safe Period roll-on for period cramps? Let's try it. All right. Back to work. That's amazing! Sir, we really look forward to working with you! Yeah, okay. Thank you! Thank you! We got the client **singing** Yes? – Who sent these? – Ma'am, no name Has anyone seen Disha? We've a presentation today, right? I get super nervous before it and I need to use the loo a lot, so I… Chill, haven't you worked hard? It will show. – Don't worry. – Listen… Can I give the presentation to you first? I'll get more confident. Sure! No, I can't use this! Use this. Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray. You should use this everytime you can't find a clean bathroom. In fact, it kills all the germs. Moreover, it even reduces the risk of a UTI infection. Within seconds. Give it to me…. Even I'm getting late. Nope! I need to use the loo first.

So basically, what you see on your screen is a summarised report that I have made You know what? I think the numbers are not right. What? Of course the numbers are right. – I have checked them with these reports. – Did you double-check them? You don't need to double-check them, these are… I would've double-checked them. Moving on… For your easier understanding, I have made charts – which will really explain… – There is no need of further explanation. These are just drawings. Anybody can explain that. So basically what I think is… You know what I think is? I can give a better presentation than you. Because I know more than you. And despite you taking so much time, – you know nothing. – Listen… – What the hell is this? – I think he's right. Listen, why don't you present this to the boss? Okay, guys. Let's start the presentation.


Okay. Sir, I've made this summarised report based on these reports. Which I've not only checked, but double- checked. Moving on… I've a question- where'd you get these reports from? Disha gave these to me. I got it from the Indian Government website. Guys, I don't understand this. Sir, for your better understanding, I have made this drawing. Very easy to understand. First of all, that's not a drawing, it's a bar graph. And it's a little difficult to understand. By the way, what's the X axis. The Y axis? Ok, explain the bar at least. Sir, this is the big one and this is the small one. I don't believe this, Rahul! Why'd you call me if you weren't ready for the presentation? Please don't waste my time.

Sir, actually Divya got mansplained. I'm so sorry, she explained it last time. I think she can take it from here. Please do… Guys! Look at Ravi! Guys, Ravi is adjusting his top button. Guys! His water bottle is empty. Guys, he is sweating! He's getting up, which means, he's going for…! Plan A activated! Go! Go! Go! Shit! Moving to Plan B. Ravi… I have a doubt in MIS. Will you please clear it for me? Sure, I'll just lessen the AC temperature and be back. I'll just be back. Guys, nothing can happen now. Get all your jackets out..