/Simple Matters DITTO Review: Deaf & Hard of Hearing Friendly Technology For Your iPhone/Android

Simple Matters DITTO Review: Deaf & Hard of Hearing Friendly Technology For Your iPhone/Android

Video: Simple Matters DITTO Review: Deaf & Hard of Hearing Friendly Technology For Your iPhone/Android


Today, I have a review for you. This little device here is called the Ditto and it’s from a company called Simple Matters. This is not to be confused with the Pokemon called Ditto, by the way. So, what exactly is the Ditto? Ditto is an electronic device that you can connect to your phone via Bluetooth to receive notifications. It’s a great way to “feel your phone” from 50 to 100 feet away! I can’t do that. I’m not good at doing that. You attach the device to your sleeve, bag strap, bra strap, or put it in your pocket. Or have it attached to the wrist strap that the company includes with the Ditto, and when you get a notification, it vibrates so it’s very discreet and you won’t really distract anyone by having your phone out on the table. Or, if you have your phone in your bag or in your pocket and you end up not feeling the vibration from that because of the material acting as a barrier, you would feel it from the Ditto.

You can get notifications for calls, texts, e-mails, when you accidentally leave your phone behind, third party apps such as Facebook Messenger, and you can use it as an alarm. They come in three different colours: black, white, and clear. One thing you need to know is that if you’re using an iPhone, it needs to be iPhone 5 and higher in order to use it. For Android Bluetooth-ready smartphones, 4.1 or BLE. And an operating system of 4.4 and higher. It’s all on the side of the box. The product gets a little more personal with the app itself. Just like with ringtones for your phone, you can change the style of vibration on your Ditto. So here is the Ditto app and here you have custom vibrations. You can have different vibrations for phone calls, texts, emails, tether, calendar and alarm as you see. I don't really pick and choose since I only do texting and emails, it doesn't really matter to me what kind of vibration it is, honestly, but if you're someone that wants to tell the difference when you're not looking at it, then by all means, here you go.

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Here is the vibrate now button and I am going to show you the vibration that this thing currently has. [TESTING 1, 2, 3] And you want to make sure that your firmware is always updated, I've had to update my firmware at least twice since I've received this thing The company contacted me because they felt that this was a very useful product for people who are d/Deaf and hard of hearing. They told me that a lot of d/Deaf and hard of hearing people tried this out and really liked it and had positive things to say about it. And since I often miss out on a very important text because of the vibration being muffled in my back pocket, I thought this would come in handy so I agreed to test it out. I’ll go ahead and get the things that I really didn’t care for out of the way. Now, this doesn’t mean that these things make it a bad product or that I’m not happy with it.

It just means that these things weren’t my personal taste or it just didn’t work for me. But they might work for other people. The Ditto comes with this wristband so you can wear it like a watch. I don’t care for the design or feel of this wristband, so I don’t wear it. The other thing is that the Ditto can work as an alarm clock; however, it didn’t work as an alarm clock for me. I’m not the heaviest sleeper, but when I used this to wake up at eight o’clock in the morning, It didn’t wake me up at all. I still need my trusty Sonic Boom to create a little earthquake underneath the mattress to wake me up. But the vibrations from the Ditto were strong enough to wake up my manager. So, like I said, it works differently for every person. What I do really like about the Ditto is that it does notify me whenever I get text messages. I also have it set to vibrate when I get Facebook and Messenger notifications, e-mails. My phone has been on the couch or on a different floor of the apartment – And this thing will vibrate to let me know when I received something.

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And it really does comes in handy when I don’t have the Facebook tab open or I’m away from the computer. If you’re someone that often misses out on phone calls and text messages because the vibration is muffled by your bag or your pocket, you might benefit from this. Or if you don’t want to leave your phone out on the table while you're at an outing, but you still want to get notified on things just in case, this is a less obnoxious way of doing that. If you are interested in this little thing, you can get them for $39.95 at simplematters.com. But… you can also get them a little cheaper. If you use my code “DITTO1”, you can get 25% off of your Ditto. Again, that’s on the electronic device, not the actual Pokemon. I never really liked Ditto the Pokemon anyway… If you’ve had one of these devices before, let me know in the comments what you think of them. And I will see you later.

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