/shareVR: turn your smartphone into a Virtual Reality Headset (Kickstarter)

shareVR: turn your smartphone into a Virtual Reality Headset (Kickstarter)

Video: shareVR: turn your smartphone into a Virtual Reality Headset (Kickstarter)


KICKSTARTER shareVR Please be reminded that this is a serious project, with serious potential. I always try to be creative no matter what project I am working on. I hope you enjoyed my sense of humour. Meet Marcin Grygiel, a bit eccentric computer engineer from London. Marcin, despite his numerous speculiariities, has two useful qualities He is a visionary and always finds the optimal solution to achieve his goal. You‘re probably wondering what would you need Marcin for? It may be hard to believe, but Marcin is the future of virtual reality. Part 1 Virtual Reality Hello! What is that? Can I try it? Yes..

. Marcin is the first person in the world, who in just three days and with a budget of $125 has managed to create a fully functioning, Android-based VR goggles. The headset provides excellent graphics, low latency, and what’s the most important it supports all PC games with DirectX versions 9 to 11 and head-tracking feature using an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) orientation sensor on your smartphone. Unfortunately, the complexity resulting from the necessity of using as many as five various programs at a time causes a system instability. Therefore we decided to develop a program that allows you to connect a PC with smartphones running Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems. To create goggles it takes a screen with resolution of at least High Definition 720p, support for hardware acceleration of video and an orientation sensor using gyroscope and accelerometer. Thank you for your support! My main objective is to develop an inexpensive software that anyone could use to create his own VR goggles Enjoy the awesome graphics offered by the latest PC games. Expected deadline for developing the software would be the end of 2014, and its price would be only £10! Thank you for your support! Part 2 The Dinner Hello! Finally.

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.. Spider! What's for dinner? It's me, enjoy! You first! No, after you. Go on! No, you. So… Who is she? Hello? Written & Directored by Cinematography Starring Voice Music & Sound FX Special thanks to all who translated this movie KICKSTARTER shareVR Find out more at shareVR.net.