/Seungjae & daddy go on a fun temple stay [The Return of Superman/2018.01.07]

Seungjae & daddy go on a fun temple stay [The Return of Superman/2018.01.07]

Video: Seungjae & daddy go on a fun temple stay [The Return of Superman/2018.01.07]


Hello. One adult and one child, please. (Where are they headed?) – Are you excited? / – Yes. – Hello. / – Hello. (They welcome Seungjae.) – Goodness. / – Gosh. – Give him a high-five. / – Give me a hive-five. (Ko Seungjae is quite a star.) – How adorable. / – Do we sit here? Passengers, for your safety, please fasten your seatbelts. We will be leaving momentarily. We should put on our seatbelts. – That's right. We should. / – The man told us to put them on.

Put on your seat belt too, Dad. It's comfortable, right? (Staring blankly) Grandma, why are you carrying a cane? – Umbrella. / – It's an umbrella. – How old are you? / – I'm four years old. Where are you from? – I came from home. / – Where's that? It's over there in Seoul. – Over there in Seoul? / – Yes. You're smart. I bought some corn. Would you like one? Yes. It's corn. – Corn? / – I want a white one. Do you want the white one? Thank you. – It's very good. / – Eat a lot, okay? Is it good? (It's good to see you enjoying it.) – It's a mountain. / – It is. There are many boulders next to the water, right? (Amazed) Didn't you say we were going to swim here? (Will Jiyong be taking a dip today?) I don't think I want to. There are so many boulders here at Seoraksan. Seoraksan is famous for its boulders.

(The bus arrives at its destination.) Let's go. Isn't it beautiful? – Yes. / – Take a look around. (Seoraksan is Korea's most famous mountain.) – It's beautiful. / – We're almost there. What kind of place do you think this is? – A temple. / – You're right. We're here. Imbued with Seoraksan's positive energy, Baekdamsa Temple gives off a serene and auspicious atmosphere. (It brings peace and rest to the soul.) (Baekdamsa Temple,) (where Seoraksan's energy permeates.) How will the Ko duo spend their time here today? Geumgang Gate. What is that? (Halting) What has brought Seungjae to a halt? (What has unfolded before his eyes?) (Their features are terrifying.) They are statues of the Four Heavenly Kings, gatekeepers of the temple. (He's frightened.) You can only enter by passing through.

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– But they are there. / – Hold my hand. I'm scared. I'm scared just looking at them. – Are they scary to see? / – Yes. How should I go? What do you mean? How will Seungjae overcome this challenge? (What will Seungjae do?) They're cute. (He tries his best to muster the courage.) (We're cute? Really?) This goblin over here is cute. This one's cute? (Gulping) (In reality, he is absolutely terrified.) (He hides behind his father.) Let's go. Hold my hand. I'm scared. If you stand before them and greet them with a bow, they won't take you. Let's greet them and head inside. I'll greet them from here. You're going to greet them from here? – Okay, then do it here. / – Hello, there. (He makes his best 90-degree bow.) – May I go in now? / – Enter. (Jiyong replies on their behalf.) – They said we may. / – Go in quietly. (He enters cautiously looking right to left.) I'll listen to my dad. (He makes a resolution.) He passes along safely with a new resolution.

(What has brought them to the temple today?) I find peace when I visit temples. My inner anger feels suppressed. To discipline our hearts and minds, I visited a temple with Seungjae. (They change into suitable outfits.) Seungjae transforms into a young boy monk. He looks quite dashing. Dad, I'm cleaning. Good job. First thing on the agenda is to attend service. Look towards Buddha. He's the department head? No, he's Buddha. Now, bow forward. (Please cure my dad's anger.) (I wish to have peace in my heart.) The duo attends service piously, then heads elsewhere after. You have friends here. Go sit on that empty mat. (It's time to learn about temple etiquette.) Since we're all meeting for the first time, we should introduce ourselves, right? Let's all take turns introducing ourselves. – Do you know my name? / – Yes. – I do not. / – How? What is my name? (Thinking over) – Sir monk. / – Sir monk? (He replies with his title.

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) My name is Seonil. – Seonil. / – Yes, Seonil. My name is Biseo. – Biseo? / – Yes. Applause. I'm Hyobin, and I'm an older brother. – Is that so? / – Yes. I'm an older brother too. – How old are you? / – I'm four years old. – My name is Ko Seungjae. / – Applause. The friend beside you seems to be from overseas. (A friend from overseas?) (She's foreign. English? Where is she from?) (Pausing) Hello. Hello. (I'm a global boy who can speak English.) What's your name? (Did she understand?) I'm Alice. Where are you from? Australia. You're from America? – I'm from Australia. / – From Australia? (Oh, so she knows Korean.) – I'm five years old. / – She says she's five. You two are the same age. She's the same age as you. (Kids settle seniority very fast these days.) – This is a temple, right? / – Yes.

Whenever you run into monks or other adults, you must greet them properly. Put your hands together. Bring your palms together. Then bow to make your greeting. When people are sad or have heavy hearts, they come to rest here. My dad is here to cure his anger. – What? / – His anger. – Pent-up anger? / – Yes. – His anger. / – Anger? Where do we cure that? Anger? (Seungjae lets everyone know.) (This is sad but hilarious.) Make sure to get some fresh air. Let's have a good time together, okay? – All right. / – Okay. See you soon, Brother. Okay, see you soon. I'll put down the heavy stones first. Put smaller rocks on top, okay? (The Kos head out to the stream.) Did people pile those up? Yes, they're wishing pagodas. Shall we make one together, Seungjae? – Shall we make a wish? / – Yes. Okay, let's make a wish. Dad, let's get huge rocks. Here. Make a wish as you place them on top. (What did Seungjae wish for?) What's your wish, Seungjae? I wished for a dinosaur. I'm going to become a dinosaur. (He's very pleased with his wish.

) Dad, get tiny stones now. (The water sounds nice.) (Now that he has heard the sound of nature…) I need to go pee. – What? / – I need to go pee. (So suddenly?) Come here. Let's go to the bathroom. (Jiyong races towards the bathroom.) (Gosh.) I'm super heavy, aren't I? Yes, you are. Gosh. Seungjae, you're really a big kid now. I'm all grown up now. But why do I still have to carry you around? Now, go. (It's peaceful for a moment.) (This is how big kids pee.) (His mind and body are considerably lighter.) – There are rocks here. / – Yes, you're right. But I'll get you some bigger rocks. This one too. (They're back to making their pagoda.) – That one's huge. / – Right? What's your wish this time? I'm going to become an animal.

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I'll be an animal. (What's the point in asking?) Here. There's a big one there. It's a big one. That big one there. (He brings larger rocks as directed.) Here. – I need to go poo. / – What? I have to go poo. (This time, it's really urgent.) Really? Let's go. Run. Dad. You have to run when you need to go poo. (Running awkwardly) Hurry, run. We have to hurry. Go inside. Now do your business. (Focusing intently) It's not coming out. Should I close the door? No, it's just not coming out. – Really? / – It's about to come out. It's about to come out? Push a bit. Close the door, Dad. Okay, I'll close it for you. – Tell me when you're done. / – Okay. – I'll be standing here. / – Close it tightly. Lock it tightly. Okay. I got it. (Another moment of serenity arrives.) Dad, I'm done. Okay, say bye. – Wow, you're leaping. / – There's so much water. Gosh. You feel light, don't you? There's a lot of water. – Put that one on top. / – Sounds good.

– Then, it'll be complete. / – Over here. This rock is the last one. Now say your wish. Please give me a little sibling. I'll try my best, Seungjae. – Okay? / – Okay. May we expect his wish to come true? I'll try after consulting with my wife. The rest is up to the will of the higher being..