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Search MLS From Our App

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Alright, so you’re searching for a home and you want to search on MLS from you’re home computer, your phone, or your iPad? Sure, you can use Zillow or Realtor.com, but we have an app that is a match to MLS. So it’s more straightforward without the ads and distractions of those other websites. You can also enter all the parameters you want, and get a much more specific search going than the other websites will allow. Add a bonus – you can have the app on your phone or your iPad, and you can look up homes as you’re driving around town. I have a link to the app on every email I send out, so you can click on that link. If you need the link just email me – holly@henbest.com – and I’ll get it right over to you. You can then have it on your iPad, your phone, wherever you go. Very nice and convenient for you.

So just give me an email and I’ll get it right over to you..

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