/Screencast – How do I arrange and manage my magazines on Yumpu.com?

Screencast – How do I arrange and manage my magazines on Yumpu.com?

Video: Screencast – How do I arrange and manage my magazines on Yumpu.com?


Welcome to the Screencast "How do I arrange and manage my magazines on Yumpu.com". Organize your online publications with the help of Collections and Sections. First we select the item "My Magazines" from the top right menu. All our magazines appear in the upper overview. Their order can be changed freely at anytime. And they can be assigned to the sections and collections in "My collections" in the lower section. How you utilize this structure is totally up to you. For example, you may create a collection for each year and then based on content, add seperate sections, for example "Manuals", "Magazines", "Folders" or "Catalogues".

In the WEBKiosk our current structure would look like this. The years, our collections, below one another. And within these years the different structured sections. In 2014 for example "Demo Magazines" and "Brochures". In order to create a new collection click on the button "Create a collection" below the magazine summary. Even users with a free account are able to create unlimited sections and collections, ensuring constant control over their documents. After creating a new collection with a section we can adjust the settings. Probably the most important feature is the naming feature for this section. By click on the edit button on the top right hand side, we reach the settings menu for the entire collection. Selecting "Rename collection" will open a window in which we can name or rename our collection.

We click "Rename collection" to save our changes and then start editing our section or create new sections. To create a new section, we open the menu at the collection and select "Create section". Another section appears in our collection. To edit these sections, click "Edit" below the desired section and select the desired option. You can edit, copy or simply delete the sections. By clickin "Edit sections settings" we can adjust various settings. The name, description aswell as the type of sorting within the section. Manual sorting is selected by default. However sorting by date or title is also possible. After saving our settings we can assign magazines to the new collections and sections. As usual, this process is very easy on Yumpu using Drag&Drop. Simply click on one of the magazins at the top and drag it to the desired section. See how easy it is to manage your documents with Yumpu? Yumpu – We change the way people read content.

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