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[♪♪♪] SHAGGY: Like, wait for me. [GRUNTS] Thanks. It won't happen again. Heh. Hey, you mind if I–? Got it. [SCREAMS] [ALL LAUGH] Have a nice trip, Shaggy? Ha-ha! Hey, yep, sure did. Just like, uh, yesterday and the day before that, and the day before that. Grow up, man. Hey, watch out! Sorry. Be careful. What do you got there? Trying to build a better mousetrap? This is the prototype of a ethanol-based, self-circulating nanoreactor. It filters negative energy through a quantum matrix by compressing relative density of atomic matter.

Which I know sounds highly unstable unless you invert the zirconium. "That which we call a rose "by any other name would smell as sweet "without that title. "Romeo, doth thy name and for that–" Uh, excuseth me. Do you just mind if I just, uh, get in there? Oh, sure. Just let me move my bag. Okay, perfect. Thanks. All right, I'm just gonna– I'm just gonna get in here. Oh, just move my bag and all will be fine. I know what I'm doing. I've done this before. Really? Because I don't think you do know. Made it. [LAUGHS] [SIGHS] "What's in a name? [SIGHS] What's in a name? What's–?" [SNIFFS] [SIGHS] Care for a bite? What is that? It's a PBJ and S. Peanut butter, jelly and sardines. Oh, oh, okay. I can scrape off the jelly. No, thanks. They scoffed Oppenheimer too. But when I realized the kinetic instability could be addressed by reversing the polarity of the cadmium core– Voilá, I knew everyone at the science fair would bow before me. Oh, hello.

What I was saying is this is the prototype of an ethanol-based, self-circulating nanoreactor. It filters negative energy through a quantum matrix by compressing relative density. [SIGHS] [♪♪♪] Come on, it's just Shaggy. Every day. BUS DRIVER: All right, have a good one, Velma. [SCREAMS] Ha! It's just so easy. Just go. [LAUGHING] GIRL [OVER PA]: Arriba, arriba, the Spanish club will be hosting a fiesta lunch next Tuesday. Come on. Must be the humidity. Oh, my God. Not interested? [SCREAMS] I hate this job. [SHAGGY YELLING] I never wanted to be a janitor. [SHAGGY SCREAMING] SHAGGY: Excuse me. Oh! SHAGGY: Coming through. Help me. [YELLING] Locker problems again, Mr. Rogers? Huh. Yeah, I, uh– I seem to get the squirrelly one every year. Heh.

I like to think I am pretty plugged in to the scene here at the "C.H." And if we're keeping it real, I can't help but notice that you've had a hard time finding a crew of homebuds to "kick it" with. [SIGHS] Um, say what now? Friends, Mr. Rogers. Do you have any? Uh, friends? Yeah. Like, I got– I got tons of those, you know. Just lots. They are always inviting me to this– We're going to the park and, uh, throwing and– Hey, is that a new bow tie? Right. Now, believe it or not, when I was your age, I had a hard time making connections with people. No. But you know what helped me? Philately. Bless you. No, philately. Stamp collecting. Oh, I know what you're thinking. Dweeb city, huh? But I have to tell you, it is more like thrill city.

I'm particularly excited about my latest find. One-eyed Jack. Here. Now, if you'll look closely, you'll notice that the jackrabbit has only one eye. It's a misprint. Those are the most valuable. Would you look at that? [SCHOOL BELL RINGS] So, Norville, I guess what I'm trying to say is don't give up. You'll find people you fit in with. They may not know it themselves, but they're out there, waiting to fit in with you too. And until that day… "Philately is Phun"? Oh, huh, thanks. Hey, hey. Right here, dog. [CHUCKLES] Yeah. That is what I am talking about. See you. [CHUCKLES] DEEDLE: Okay. [CHUCKLES] [SIGHS] MAN [OVER PA]: Welcome to the Coolsville Pet Adoption Fair. Open up your hearts to an adorable puppy, kitten or adult pet. They don't get any cuter than these little guys. [BARKING] Banjo here has a lot of personality. I think we're looking for something a little bit bigger.

Well, I think I know just the dog for you. Here he is. Meet our pet of the day. He's very affectionate. He'd bring joy to any family. WOMAN: Are you kidding? That thing looks like it would eat us out of house and home. SCOOBY-DOO: No, no, no. Uh-uh. No. No. [SCOOBY-DOO WHINES] Don't worry, Scoobert, I have a feeling that you're finally going to get adopted today. I just know it. [SIGHS] Hello. [GIGGLES] Hello. Hello. Hello. [SCATTING] Hey. [GIGGLES] [SCOOBY-DOO SIGHS] [SIGHS] [PLATES CLATTER] [WHINES] That one. Huh? I want that one, Daddy. This is the last time I tell you you can get anything you want. [SIGHS] [GIGGLES] Hiya, boy. Hi, we'll take that one. That, one? Really? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, gosh, you know, we're gonna be really sorry to see him go. I'll get the paperwork. Well, fella, you ready to meet your new family? Yeah! [BARKING] No, no, no! GIRL: Daddy! [SCREAMS] Scoobert, no! Daddy! Help! Someone, hey! Get him off me! This crazy mutt's out of control! MAN [OVER PA]: Thank you all for making this our most successful pet adoption fair ever.

[WHINING] Next month for sure, Scoobert. I just know it. All right, you're good. [SIGHS] [♪♪♪] [HOWLS] [GRUNTS] Huh? Hey. Hey. Hey, wait for me. Hey. Wait for– Wait for me! [PANTING] [SIGHS] [♪♪♪] [SIGHS] [SIGHS] Philately is Phun? Phooey. [♪♪♪] [WOLVES HOWLING DISTANTLY] [WHINES] [SHUDDERING] [TEETH CHATTERING] [THUNDER CRASHING] SCOOBY-DOO: Yipe! [WIND HOWLING] [GASPS] [LAUGHING] [SCREAMS] [♪♪♪] [WHIMPERING] MALE GHOST: Come, Prudence. We must serve our new master. [PANTING] [SCREAMS] [SCOOBY-DOO WHIMPERING] [SCREAMS] [GASPS] [SCREAMS] [SCREAMING] [SCREAMS] [BOTH SCREAM] [LAUGHING] Huh? [HAMMER BANGING] [DRILL WHIRRING] SHAGGY: What? Something out there got you spooked? Ghosts. Ghosts. A "roast"? Like, what's so scary about a delicious roast? Not "roast," ghosts. It's okay, boy. You're safe here with me. [SIGHS] My name's Norville. But most people call me Shaggy.

Shaggy. Let's see what your name is. Oh. Scoobert Doo. Hm. Like, I wonder if people call you Scooby. Kind of has a nice ring to it, don't you think? Yeah. Well, then it's nice to meet you, Scooby-Doo. Nice to meet you, Shaggy. [SIGHS] I don't see anything else on your tags. Who's your owner? Where do you belong, boy? Nowhere. Well, you're welcome to stay here with me. Really? We can be friends. How does that sound? Okay. [LAUGHING] Scoob. Scooby, buddy, okay. We'll be friends. We'll be friends. Okay. Okay. ♪ Without you there's No reason for my story ♪ ♪ And when I'm with you I can always act the same ♪ ♪ Forever Yeah, if we're together ♪ ♪ We can make it We can make it ♪ ♪ Without you there's No reason for my story ♪ Oh, yeah.

Who's a good Shaggy? ♪ Forever Yeah, if we're together ♪ ♪ We can make it We can make it ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh ♪ [BRAKES SQUEAL] [AIR HISSES] SCOOBY-DOO: Hello. Nice bus. I told you this would work. People barely even know that I'm– [SCREAMS] [LAUGHING] Neanderthals. What are you, 5? What are you, the fun police? [GROWLS] Calm down, boy. Happens all the time. Come on. Lousy son of a… I know we didn't have time for breakfast, so, uh, wanna go halfsies? Scooby? [SNIFFING] [GIGGLES] FRED: I just don't get what's so fun about doing that to somebody. Dude, if you don't know– [LOUD BITE] Oh! Hey, you, what are you doing down there, huh? Scooby, don't! That's enough! [GLASS SHATTERING] FRED: Bullying peo– My science project! Buddy, you're gonna get it.

Don't touch my dog! Oh! GIRL: All right, stop. BOY: Buddy– Hey! FRED: Ow! I said I'm– Ow! [BOTH SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY] [CAR ALARM BEEPS] BOY: Hey, yo, V.P. Grimes got himself a new car. [HUFFS] Oh, yeah. [♪♪♪] FRED: There's metal in the purse. Ow! Hey! Hey, you kids. Knock it off back there. Whoa! [TIRES SCREECH] [ALL SCREAM] [CAR ALARM WAILING] My new car. Who is responsible for this? SCOOBY-DOO: Huh? DAPHNE: Six weeks of detention? But Vice Principal Grimes, I was merely a victim of circumstance. As was I. And I was only trying to help. Oh, save it. Consider yourselves lucky I'm not suing your parents for damages. Uh, hey, I was just wondering, are snacks provided for us here or do we have to bring our own stuff from home–? You will spend two hours in this room every day starting at 3:00 sharp. Got it? FRED: Vice Principal Grimes, with state championships coming up, don't you think an athletic exemption might be in order? Athletic exemption? What about an exemption for the science fair? The destruction of my prototype is gonna set me back– Stop it! Just stop it.

I cannot believe what I'm hearing. Petty squabbling over athletics, science. Meanwhile, the school play is in jeopardy. Oh, my goodness. School play? Come on! Oh, "state championships." GRIMES: Enough! No exemptions. No exceptions. No excuses. You're going to be spending a lot of time together. Better get used to it. Maybe just a pass for today's pep rally? Gotcha. The rules for detention are the same as in the library. That means no talking, no texting, and no eating. No fair. So, like, what the heck are we supposed to do in a library for two hours? Try reading a book. [GROANS] Bad enough they cut my budget. Now I've gotta do double-duty with illiterates. [SIGHS] [SIGHS] Hey, like, look at that, you all like mysteries, huh? Yeah, I'm not so into them myself.

You know, they kind of freak me out. And, you know, you never know who did it until the end. But, uh, hey, I'm open-minded, I'll give them another chance. Anyone got an extra book? [LAUGHING] Oh, right. Thanks. But I'll just pretend I'm in class. Hey, I'm sorry about bumping into you like that on the bus. It really was an accident. It's okay, whatever. No, I didn't mean to– Okay, look. I really just wanna finish my book. I'm just getting to the good part. Okay, okay. No problem. What? Oh, nothing. I just find it interesting that you apologized to the pretty girl and not to the girl whose science project you destroyed. I didn't apologize because it wasn't my fault. Yeah, right, just like it's not your fault that he falls to the floor every morning. It's not. Well, you don't exactly do anything to stop it, so..

. He's my friend. What am I supposed to do? Some friend. He's not my "friend" friend. We just play on the same team, that's all. Yeah, the Coolsville Neanderthals. [LAUGHS] [SNICKERS] Okay, you know what? Forget all of you. I was just trying to be nice. Oh, and by the way, I already read that one. The old innkeeper did it. Oh, no, you didn't. I did. Hey, I was gonna read that one next. Sorry. [WHINES] [THUNDER RUMBLING] Huh? [♪♪♪] Oh! [SCREAMING] [ROPE SNAPS] [CHOKES] Oh, you've completely ruined everything. Oh, what's going on? [THUNDER CRASHES] Yipe! [♪♪♪] Oh, wow, brain freeze without the slushy. [EXHALES] Cool. Unusual climatic anomaly. There must be a logical explanation for this. [GRUNTS] Huh? Oh! Oh! Whoa! Oh! Like, I've heard of books flying off the shelves, but this is ridiculous. Ow! [SCREAMING] VELMA: Oh! Oh, no! Oh, boy! So much for a logical explanation. [BOTH GROWL] [DAPHNE AND VELMA SCREAM] FRED: Go, go! Go! Go! Go! [CACKLING] [ALL CHEERING] [PLAYING MARCHING MUSIC] And now, it is my great pleasure to introduce those crazy cats of Eerie County: the Coolsville Cougars! [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] ALL: Huh? Uh..

. Go, Cougars. FRED: Run! Everybody run! Run, children, run. [BOTH CACKLING] [GROWLING] [ELECTRICITY CRACKLING] [LIGHTS POPPING] [♪♪♪] [CACKLING] Students of Coolsville High, leave this place now, or pay for all eternity. Whoever chooses to remain here will be doomed. Hear me? Doomed! [LAUGHING] [EXPLOSION] [ALL SCREAMING] DEEDLE: Single file, please. Everyone– No! Fire drill procedures, please. Everyone, just calm down. The late buses will be here soon and, uh, well, I suppose we should consider canceling classes tomorrow. What? Cancel classes? With all due respect, sir, I strongly disagree. But I– It's obvious what's going on around here. Clearly, we've been made victims of some sort of prank. But why would ghosts pull a prank? There are no ghosts. This is all a hoax perpetrated by a group of students with an ax to grind. Them. But we were in detention. GRIMES: Exactly. You were the only ones not at the pep rally, giving you opportunity on top of motive. It gives me great pleasure to inform you that you no longer have detentions. Oh, I was freaking out.

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Oh! Because now you're all suspended. VELMA: Suspended? But won't that go on our permanent records? I'll make sure of it. Vice Principal Grimes, we must discuss this. GRIMES: No running. No running. Suspended? What am I gonna tell my parents? Hey, I'm gonna have to run away from home. Oh, no, Mother. I know you'll believe me when I tell you I did nothing wrong. It was ghosts. Ghosts. Ha! Ghosts. Like, that's what Scooby was saying. Not "roasts," "ghosts." Hey, wait up! Like, maybe we don't have to tell our parents. I know someone who can help us clear our names. [SHAGGY CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY] Scooby-Doo, where are you? Right here. SHAGGY: Ha-ha, there he is. Handsome devil, isn't he? Heh. [♪♪♪] [SNIFFING] DAPHNE: I can't believe this. Following a dog to find a ghost? I can't believe we're trying to find a ghost at all.

I mean, I don't even think I believe in ghosts. While I too am skeptical, there's volumes of anecdotal evidence supporting the existence of the supernatural. And historically, canines have been proven to be highly sensitive to paranormal activity. [SNORTING] [SNEEZES] [LAUGHING] Well, we have to try something if we wanna clear our names. Awesome. [OWL HOOTING] [METAL CREAKING] [BARKING] [SHAGGY STAMMERING] The cemetery? Okay, so now that we know where the ghosts came from, we can just go home and alert the authorities and leave. Oh, guys, you can't be serious about this. We're not actually going to a cemetery, are we? SHAGGY: You sure this is where you saw those ghosts, Scoob? Yeah. Sorry. [SNIFFING] Boo! [GASPS] You're not scared, are you? What? No. No. I'm a football player.

We have no fear. It's just… No. Some of these graves are over a hundred years old. That one dates all the way back to the great Coolsville flood. Coolsville flood? Right before the turn of the century, the Eerie Dam burst and all of Coolsville was washed away. A whole new town was built right on top of the old one. Looks like a lot of these people lost their lives on that fateful day. Zoinks. Like, we're not expecting rain, are we? Ow. [SCOOBY-DOO WHISTLES] Hey, I think your dog found something. SCOOBY-DOO: Over here, over here. "Prudence Prufrock." FRED: "Ezekial Gallows." "Keep off the grass." Ha, I made a funny. Who are they and why are they buried together? I mean, they don't seem to be related. I don't know. But there's something about these names that's very familiar. I just know I've seen them someplace before. Looks like following you wasn't a bad idea after all, was it, boy? Yeah. [GIGGLES] So– So if Scooby saw those ghosts come out of these graves, then that means they must be real.

Fake ghosts don't come from real graves, do they? I guess not. But hold on. There were three ghosts at the pep rally, right? Then why are there only two graves? Well, looks like we officially have a mystery on our hands. [ALL CHUCKLE] VELMA: Let's meet up tomorrow at– Wait. Where can we meet? We're not allowed back at school. Well, we can't go to my house. The staff would just love to rat me out. The staff? Oh, no, no, no. It– It's not a staff. Uh, it's just two maids, a butler, a groundskeeper– Oh, and my dad's valet. No, not a staff. Uh, hey, you can all come over to my place. My parents both work and I got the whole basement to myself. Yeah, wait till you see it. I mean, I got a TV, a CD, a DVD, an MP3, and I even have my own bathroom if you have to go– We all got it, Shaggy. See you there.

VELMA: See you tomorrow. [LAUGHS] How about that, Scoob? We're having company. Oh, boy. [LAUGHS] Hm. [SCATTING] WOMAN: Feel better, honey. There's extra chicken soup in the fridge. [SNORTS, SIGHS] Thanks, Ma. And don't worry about me. [COUGHING] I'll be on my cell phone all day if you need anything. [DOOR CLOSES] Huh? Hey, come on, Scoob. Let's get this place cleaned up. [♪♪♪] [LAUGHS] [SCOOBY-DOO GIGGLING] [PANTING] [KNOCKING] SCOOBY-DOO: Huh? Huh, perfect timing. Fred, Daphne. Hey, Shaggy. Welcome to the party. Party? Oh, like, yeah. It's always a party here at Shagwell Manor. Heh. May I take your coats? Um… Uh, I mean, please sit down. Make yourselves at home. Sweet pad, Shag. Thank you. Oh! Uh… Uh… I'm sorry. This is an old couch. Yeah. And legs. DAPHNE: Old. Yeah.

Bon appétit. Thanks. Wow, these are really good. Yeah. What are they? No, they don't have a name, just something I whipped up. You know, eggs, water, flour, cocoa, sugar, and a little dog kibble for texture. [SPITS] Mm, it was good. Mm, delicious. Oh, Scoob. [BURPS] You didn't save any for Velma. [SIGHS] Greetings. Hi. I found those names from the gravestones. [YAWNING] You are not gonna believe this. Oh, sorry. VELMA: Prudence Prufrock and Ezekial Gallows. The founding faculty of Coolsville Academy. And time capsule? What's that? It's a small container used to preserve historical artifacts in order to capture a certain time. Huh! What'll they think of next? VELMA: According to this article, Gallows and Prufrock were all set to open the doors to their new school when tragedy struck. The flood destroyed Coolsville Academy, and the two founding faculty were killed. [GULPS] [GULPS] Spooky, huh? It says here that just like the rest of the town, the new school was built right over the ruins of the old school.

This is great, Velma. That explains two of the ghosts, and if we figure out who the third one is, we'll be that much closer to clearing our names. You know what we need to do? Go back to the scene of the crime. But how? We can't be seen back on school grounds. Then we'll have to use the cover of night as our silent ally. Yes, it'll be just like in one of our mystery books. [ALL LAUGH] Have you been eating dog food? Yeah. Good for the coat. [CHUCKLES] Oh, yum. Hm. [♪♪♪] Okay. Let's do this. [ALL GIGGLING] [♪♪♪] Okay, gang, we can cover more ground if we split up and search for clues. Daphne, you come with me and– Whoa, whoa, whoa, why do I have to go with you? Yeah, who made you boss? Why can't we pick our own teams? Well, I just thought– You just wanted to go with the hottie.

[SHAGGY LAUGHS] I did not. And just for the record, I don't even think she's that hot. Oh, really? Well, just for the record– SHAGGY: Uh, guys, like, can we just get to it? Seriously, the school's scary enough during the day. Fine. How about we all just go together? Fine. Works for me. [SIGHS] Touchy bunch, huh? Uh-huh. Sheesh. SPECTER: Find out what they're up to, then get rid of them. [♪♪♪] [SNIFFING] Huh? Huh! [GROWLS] Hm. Hm. VELMA: All right, guys. Our objective here is to gather forensic evidence. SHAGGY: And keep an eye out for that tooth I lost playing dodge ball. Oh, hope you don't mind, I took the liberty of borrowing this for our investigation. Ha-ha! Look at that. Groovy and practical. Jinkies! Look at this. FRED: What is it? I'm not sure. But this is directly under where the spectral figure appeared and disappeared. Do you always carry slides with you? What good is a microscope without slides? Right.

Uh, you see anything? Shh! Shh. Shh. Shh. Ghost! Ghost! Boo. [ALL WHIMPERING] Going somewhere? Hey, how about playing a few downs with me? [GROWLING] DAPHNE: Go! Let's go! After them. [GRUNTS] Hey, come on. Care to play around? [GROWLING] You think we lost him? I don't think so. [GHOST CACKLING] Oh, too low, princess. Come on. Your luck just ran out. [GRUNTS] [GASPS] The Specter. Hi-yah! Costume? Come on, let's go. All right, no more playing around. Come at me. Come on. [GRUNTS] [GRUNTING] Come out, come out, wherever you are. Oh, no. I got it. Is that all you got? Come on. Let's try a different game. FRED: Uh-oh. [GHOST LAUGHING] [FRED GRUNTING] [GHOST GROWLING] [♪♪♪] Yeah. Now that's how a Cougar does it! SHAGGY: Follow me, Scoob. I know the perfect place to hide. [GROWLING] [♪♪♪] Next time, ladies. DAPHNE: Come on, Velma. Let's make tracks. VELMA: I'm right behind you.

[♪♪♪] Like, time for a nutrition break, eh, Scoob? Yeah. First, a grammar lesson. Never start a sentence with "like." Like, sorry. Let's go, Scoob. Okay. SHAGGY: Hey, Scoob. Where are we? SCOOBY-DOO: I don't know, Shaggy. Oh, no. How do you like that? Undone by the thing we love most. Irony. Yuck! VELMA: Giddy up, Daphne! Whoa! Never come back. Ha-ha! Hey, wait up. Wait up. Oh! Oh… You're okay. I was gonna call you but I didn't know your last name. Really? You were gonna call me? Yeah, I didn't– I thought if you got stuck in the school then we'd all get in more trouble, I didn't want that so– Yeah. That's why you were gonna call. My last name's Jones. Mine's Blake. Dinkley. Pardon? My surname. It's Dinkley. Oh.

Oh, cool. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, so Dinkley and Blake, you guys heard from Shaggy and Scooby? I was hoping they got out with you. SHAGGY: Help! SCOOBY-DOO: Help! SHAGGY: S-S-Someone help! SCOOBY-DOO: Help! SHAGGY: Help us! Oh, we're saved. [CHUCKLING] [TEETH CHATTERING] Oh, we're doomed. Doomed? [♪♪♪] FRED: Whoa, look at this place. DAPHNE: Wow. Extreme makeover, ghost edition. Plainly these paranormal poltergeists aren't pussyfooting around. What are we gonna do? Same thing they do in our mystery books. We have to examine the clues. VELMA: Way ahead of you, Freddie. I analyzed that green residue from the gym floor. And guess what it is. Magnesium chlorate. Can you believe it? [CHUCKLES] Of course. Magnesium chlorate is a highly-combustible substance that can be used to create an explosion identical to the third ghost's smoke screen. How did you–? I can read upside down.

That's great. But why would a ghost need a smoke screen? Because maybe… Maybe he's not a ghost at all. Remember, last night, we thought we saw the third ghost it was just one of the chorus costumes from Julius Caesar. I guess that would explain why there are only two graves, but I still don't understand how someone wearing a costume could fly. I do. The safety rigging. You know that thing they use for gymnastics? When I was facing off against the ghost, you know, head-to-head, football style. Unh! Shake and bake and just a little stiff-arm. We get it. Right, well, I used the gymnastics harness to escape. And I bet it sure looked like I was flying. Okay. So what we've deduced is that there's one sneaky human working with two real ghosts. Exactly. Come on, this has to be enough to clear our names.

Principal Deedle, we have some– Whoa! –information about the ghosts. The ghosts? Heh. What more information do we need except that they want us to leave? I was about to call the superintendent to insist on the immediate closure of– Nonsense. What? I've got your ghosts right here. I found these two in the freezer. Obviously, they'd been there all night. Oh! I'm out of here. Which would've given them ample time to do all this. What? Are you sure? Because this seems like an awful lot of damage for a couple of– Principal Deedle, I am more than familiar with the troublemaker's capacity for damage. That is why you put me in charge of discipline, remember? Now, Vice Principal Grimes, I really don't– I will handle it, Principal Deedle.

[SIGHS] Vice Principal Grimes, you have to believe me. We didn't do any of this. It really was the ghosts. They– They locked us in the freezer. Oh, and they ate all the ice cream too. Right. More ghost stories. So do we have all of you to thank for this? Or did, uh, Ben and Jerry here act alone this time? Well– Um… Uh, we were kind of– Well– Uh, no. No, it was just us. Fine. I wish I could say your cooperation would mitigate your punishment. But it won't. Hold on. It wasn't just them. I was there too. So was I. Yeah, mea culpa as well. But that doesn't mean we did any of this. Someone's working with the ghosts to close the school. We have evidence to prove it. Oh, really? Evidence? Mm-hm. Do tell. Who? Who is working with the ghosts? Is it Dracula? Frankenstein? The Wolf Man? Wow, this goes deeper than we thought. Uh, well, we're not exactly clear on who, or why, but the evidence is impressive nonetheless.

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What's impressive is the amount of damage you've done to this school. Well, I am pleased to inform you that your suspensions have been lifted. Ha-ha! Hallelujah! Ha-ha! Because now you're all expelled. Even better! Ha-ha! Oh, wait. And if you set one foot on school property ever again, I will have you all arrested for trespassing. [GRUNTS] Well, that went well. Hey, uh, thanks for not letting me go down alone back there. No one's ever stood up for me like that before. FRED: Shag, we're all in this together. VELMA: Yeah. Unless we figure out who would want the school closed and why, we'll all be flipping burgers together. [FRED SIGHS] [♪♪♪] [SIGHS] I hate this school. Never wanted to be a janitor. [♪♪♪] Bad enough they cut my budget, now I've gotta do double-duty with a bunch of illiterates. What are you looking at? Ha! Guys, we got suspects.

Hm. Well, thanks to Shaggy, now we have our suspects. But how are we gonna investigate them? We can't be seen anywhere near the school. Exactly. We can't be seen anywhere near the school. Ha. Cool. An invisibility serum? Actually, I was thinking of a more theatrical approach. [♪♪♪] [GRUNTS] Hold still. Ouch! Daphne, I don't know about this. Just stop squirming and trust me. Okay, let's just get this over with. Okay. Okay. Ow! Oh! Okay. This is just– Hey, hey, hey. Don't be such a baby. Okay? You'll be surprised with a little bit of blush and a simple pair of tweezers can do. Oh, please. Like, there'll actually be a noticeable. Metamorphosis. You see that? An extra 10 minutes a day and your phone would never stop ringing. An extra 10 minutes? Well, I'm not devoting enough time to my extra-curriculars and volunteer work as it is.

Oh, come on. There's always time for makeup. And boys. Heh. Well, it would be kind of nice to have someone to escort me to the chess club socials. That's the spirit. What about Fred? He's pretty cute, right? Do you think he would–? Ouch! Oh, sorry. It slipped. [CHUCKLES] [FLY BUZZING] So, uh, the Bears really slaughtered those Dolphins last night, huh? What? That's terrible. Who in their right mind would bring bears to the beach? No, not real– Look, you don't watch a lot of sports, do you, Shag? Sure I do. I'm a big fan of the MLE. Wait, what? Oh, the MLE. Major League Eating. You know, like that Japanese guy that ate 58 hot dogs in under three minutes. It's thrilling. That sounds pretty cool. Hey, if you want, I'll take you to the next match. Here's a tip, though. If you wanna sit in the front, bring a poncho. Ha-ha.

All right, I'm there. Now introducing the new and improved Velma Dinkley. [♪♪♪] Jinkies. Hubba, hubba. SHAGGY: You can say that again, Scoob. Hubba, hubba. What are you guys staring at? It's just a disguise. Mm-hm. So, what are we gonna go as? [SHAGGY & SCOOBY-DOO CHUCKLE] [♪♪♪] Look. Ooh. Uh, PDAs. Against the code of conduct. Break it up. And pull your pants up, droopy drawers. Good thinking. Thanks. What's wrong with you two? Nothing. Yeah. Ahem. Yo, let's do this. Like, wait for me. [♪♪♪] [THUD] [SIGHS] Nice job, guys. Now keep watch. Roger that. Shh. [DOOR CREAKS] Shh! [BEEPS] FRED [WHISPERING]: Look. It's him. Shh! Hi. I never wanted to be a janitor. I always wanted to be America's next dancing star. [FUNKY DANCE MUSIC PLAYING ON STEREO] [GRUNTING] [BOTH LAUGHING] [TOOLS THUD] Hey, what are you kids doing down here? Take two. [♪♪♪] Yes. Soon this school will vex me no more.

[SIGHS] "We are pleased to inform you "that Coolsville University Library would like to offer you a senior position on our staff." Huzzah! Books without pictures. Oh! Jinkies. What do we have here? I'd forget my bun if it wasn't attached to my head– What are you doing? Students aren't allowed back here. Uh… [RUSSIAN ACCENT] Exchange student. Very lost. Is that a Russian accent I detect? How wonderful. I spent a semester studying the language at the University of Moscow. [IN RUSSIAN] Uh… [IN RUSSIAN] [BOTH LAUGHING] [IN ENGLISH] How I miss the Russian sense of humor. That was a good one. Uh, uh, but– But– [SPEAKS IN RUSSIAN] I just can't believe the janitor checked out. I mean, I thought for sure that guy was dirty. [LAUGHS] I get it. Janitor. Dirty. [GIGGLES] Well, hopefully Velma found something. You bet your Bunsen burner I did. FRED: The librarian did it? No. How–? How did you–? She seems to be innocent.

But I did find something in a box of old books. Take a look at this. It's a three-volume set of books about the supernatural. "Volume One: Ghostly Hauntings, a History." Mm-hm. "Volume Two: Common Spells, Curses and Hexes." "Volume Three: "A Practical Guide to Raising the Dead and How to Use Them for Your Own Evil Purposes." That's the one we need to get our hands on. But it's missing. And look who checked it out last. Vice Principal Grimes? FRED: We gotta check him out. Velma, can you find out where he lives? Already on it, Freddie. [KEYBOARD CLACKING] Oh, no. He lives on top of Coolsville Mountain. It'd take us all night to ride our bikes up there. What other choice do we have? Wait until we get our licenses? [SIGHS] Like, I have my license. See? Heh. You do? How? Well, uh, it's complicated. See. I was born on a leap year, and I'm very tall for my age. It's because of a pituitary condition and, uh– Shaggy.

[SHAGGY GROANS] Like, all right. I got held back. Twice. [SIGHS] There, I said it. I just– I just get so hungry in class and I have a hard time concentrating, and– Hey, have you always worn glasses? Shaggy, focus. We need you to drive us. Well, like, I said I have my license, but I don't have a car. I do. Well, at least, my dad does. It's mine when I turn 16. We can use it, but we'll have to sneak it out. All right, gang. We'll meet at Daphne's after our parents go to sleep. Sound like a plan? Got it. Stack them up. Not quite a hands in moment. No. Sorry. Oh, but– [SIGHS] I thought it was opportune. Heh. [CACKLING] [♪♪♪] [SIGHS] Wow. Get a load of this place, eh, Scoob? [WHISTLES] Fancy-pants.

Okay. Here we go. Velma, you really don't– Just let her go, man. [♪♪♪] [WHISTLES] Check it out. Beemer. [SHAGGY GASPS] A Morgan? [PANTS] Oh, an MGA in British racing green? So which one's our ride? Right behind you. Huh? How groovy! Okay, look, just because my parents are well-off doesn't mean I get everything. Yeah, but– It's what the groundskeeper uses to haul stuff around. When I turn 16, they're buying him a new one. Shouldn't these things have treads? Three hundred thousand miles? It's a mystery this machine still runs. It's not so bad. All it needs is a makeover. Right? I was thinking, uh, maybe some blue and– Oh, and some big orange flowers, eh? That'd be cool, right? SCOOBY-DOO: Yeah.

I guess. All right, Shaggy, do your thing. Oh, heh. Right. Okay, step aside. Fully-licensed driver coming through. [♪♪♪] Shotgun. Okay, I'll sit in the back. All right. Ha. We'll just get going here. [CHUCKLES] Oh, good. Um, those are working. Heh. And now to just start us up. [LOUD MUSIC PLAYING ON STEREO] Shaggy, my parents. Sorry. [MUSIC STOPS] [SHAGGY PANTING] Shaggy, are you sure you know what you're doing? Uh, yeah, yeah. Just I– Just going through my checklist. Here goes. [ENGINE SPUTTERING] [ENGINE STARTS THEN BACKFIRES] [CHUCKLES] Oh, and, Shag. Go easy, all right? My dad says this van requires a very gentle touch. [CHUCKLES] [TIRES SQUEAL] VELMA: We're gonna die! [GASPS] You'll wake the entire neighborhood. It's just– I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I really just wanna do my part, but I just got my license last month, and I'm having a hard time concentrating. Hey, have you always worn glasses? Get it together, man! The State of Ohio issued you a license. Now show us you deserve it. Now put your hands on the 10:00 and 2:00 positions, just like the DMV recommends. Okay, okay.

I think I got it now. Okay, that's lovely. Now, let's hit the road. [ALL YELL] [HORN HONKS] SHAGGY: There we go. As smooth as syrup. Thanks, guys. ALL: No problem. [♪♪♪] Hey, Scoob, look what I got. Oh, those were supposed to last us all night. Sorry. What? Oh, nothing. It's just– Since we started this investigation so many of my theories have been disproved. What are you talking about? You were right about the chemical. And you found the name. No, no, not about that stuff. About you. You're just not at all the person I thought you were. Who did you think I was? VELMA: I don't know. Bubble-head, snob, spoiled princess with a daddy complex. [LAUGHS] But you're not. I was totally, indisputably wrong. Thanks. I think. Mm-hm. I have to admit, you're not the girl I thought would be behind those glasses. Really? Well, what did you expect? I don't know. Egghead, know-it-all, alpha nerd who enjoys throwing off the curve, making everyone else feel dumb.

Jinkies. I have to admit, there is something inside me that likes throwing off the curve. [GIGGLES] Well, what about me? You? FRED: Yeah. Fred, you're exactly what we thought you'd be. Right, Velma? To a T. Come on. Or make than an N. For Neanderthal. Sorry for ever saying that. In retrospect, it was an inaccurate classification. No problem. Do me. Do me. Ha. FRED: Uh… I don't think any of us have figured you out yet, Shaggy. Heh. Hey, yeah, me neither. Hear that, Scoob? We're in a class all our own. Yeah. Yup. [♪♪♪] FRED [WHISPERS]: This is bizarre. There's no lights on. Grimes must be asleep. Or he's out planning another one of his late-night creep-fests. Only one way to find out. Oh, wait. So, like, what's the plan? We can't just go breaking into Vice Principal Grimes' house. Then he really could have us arrested. It's not breaking in if the front door's wide open.

Come on. Guys, I think we should reconsider this. SCOOBY-DOO: Hey, wait for me. [♪♪♪] Yikes! Guys, it just a dummy. Phew! Unh. SHAGGY: Heh. Oh. Looks like Vice Principal Grimes is quite the World War II buff. All right, gang, I'm just throwing this out there, not trying to boss anyone around. But you think it might be a good idea if we split up and search for clues? I'm just saying. Well, mathematically, the odds of finding anything would increase if we were divided. Exactly. Works for me. Great. Velma, Daphne, we'll check upstairs. Shaggy, Scooby, you guys looks around down here. Look for that book and anything else suspicious. Yep. [CHUCKLES] Ha-ha. Like, look at this. Come on, Scoob. Let's see if it works. Aye, aye, captain. [FARTS] [GIGGLES] [BREATHING DEEPLY] Ha-ha. Fresh as a daisy. [BOTH GIGGLING] [SNIFFS] Oh, Scoob. Oh, come on, let's get to work. Hm.

SHAGGY: Oh. DAPHNE: "Discipline 101," "Getting in Touch with your Inner Disciplinarian" "The Complete Disciplinarian's Guide to Discipline." Tuesdays With Morrie. [CHUCKLES] [♪♪♪] Ah, books. Oh, Scoob, heh, quit crowding me. You're breathing right down my neck, man. I am? SHAGGY: Like, if that's not your breath– Zoinks! [♪♪♪] [GASPS] [WHIMPERING] [SHAGGY WHIMPERING] [GLASS SHATTERS] [CHUCKLES] [SCREAMS] [WHIMPERING] Jinkies! Look. DAPHNE: Looks like we were right about Grimes. We have the evidence we need to clear our names. And if we can find the right spell, we can break his control of the ghosts. But we still don't know why Grimes is doing any of this. Wait a second. Maybe we do, Freddie. What is it? Looks like some of Grimes' research.


And look. Time capsule? It's gotta be what he's after. Remember? They were going to bury it on the school's opening day, but they never did. That's right. Because of the Coolsville Flood. Exactly. DAPHNE: So that means that the time capsule is still inside the old school. Which is buried 200 feet under the new school. We did it. We solved the mystery. Hey, guys, we gotta get out of here. Shaggy, what's wrong? That! [ALL GASP] [♪♪♪] Jinkies! Scooby-Doo, where are you? Here, I'm coming. [WHIMPERING] [♪♪♪] SPECTER: Foolish children. You've fallen right into my trap. [LAUGHS] [ALL COUGHING] VELMA: I just remembered, magnesium chlorate has sulfur. Sulfur… …makes you sleepy. [BODIES THUD] SPECTER: Sweet dreams, kiddies. [EXPLOSION] [ALL COUGHING] FRED: Daphne, are you okay? Where are we? Looks like the gym. How did we get here? I don't know. I can't remember anything after that green spray.

Bet you this is the work of that phony specter. SPECTER: Bravo. Bravo, little puzzle masters. You put all the pieces together. The time capsule, it's all about the time capsule. But thanks to you, I can retrieve it without even getting my hands dirty. Ironic, isn't it? All you were trying to do is clear your names, but all you did was get yourselves in deeper. [SPECTER LAUGHS] Now, get down there and find me that time capsule. Like, we'd ever help you. SPECTER: Fine. But if you don't, you'll never see your little puppy dog again. [WHIMPERING] Scooby? You'll never get away with this, Vice Principal Grimes. SPECTER: Grimes? Ha-ha-ha! That was the one piece of the puzzle you never managed to put into place. [MUFFLED GRUNTING] Ghosts. Get these two out of my sight. SCOOBY-DOO: Oh! Help, Shaggy. Help! Scooby-Doo! SPECTER: Just remember, dogs don't have nine lives.

Ha-ha-ha! [FRED GROWLS] What are we gonna do? VELMA: I don't know. If we actually do what he wants being expelled would be the least of our worries. Shaggy, what are you doing? Scooby-Doo's my dog and I'd do anything to save him. He's right, guys. And Scooby's not just his dog. I feel like he's my dog too. I have to admit, he's really grown on me too. [SIGHS] Oh, jinkies. He's sloppy, he smells, and I'm really more of a cat person, but he's still the cutest dog I've ever seen. What do you say, gang? Do it for Scooby-Doo? ALL: For Scooby! [♪♪♪] [GRUNTS] Oh! Kind of musty down here. I sure hope my allergies don't start acting up. [SNEEZES] [ALL YELLING] [ALL GRUNT] Oh, Shaggy. Whoa! Whoa! [ALL GASP] [HISSING] Oh, wow. So long Coolsville, welcome to Creepsville. Like, I guess this is what they mean by a fixer-upper. No one has fixed this place up since the turn of the century.

Well, I guess we better start looking for the time capsule. Come on, this way. Yeah. [HISSING] [♪♪♪] Ugh, yuck. Now I know why he wanted us to come down here. Oh, so like, if the time capsule was never buried, then where would it be? I don't know. I guess we just have to search until we find it. What's this? Come on. All right, let me try. I'm good with these kinds of things. [GRUNTING] [GRUNTING LOUDLY] Heh. See? [WALL CREAKING] Jinkies! Get back! Velma! [YELLS] Are you okay? Never better. Heh. [DAPHNE CLEARS THROAT] Uh, hi. Don't mind us, but Scooby-Doo? Remember? [SHAGGY CHUCKLES] I don't know about you, but I don't know how many doors I wanna be opening here. VELMA: Yeah. And you know what? Even if we do manage to find the time capsule, he still can pin the whole thing on us. Maybe not. I have a plan. Huddle up. [♪♪♪] [BOTH CHUCKLING] SHAGGY: Um, excuse me, Mr.

Creepy Dude, sir? Uh, may we have a word with you? Just a quick– Yeah, hello? Hello? Aargh. What? What is it? Um, I think we found it. But the problem is– It's really heavy. Yeah, and, uh, we're gonna– Need some help. Yeah. Ha-ha. It's just like they always say, never work with children or animals. [♪♪♪] [GRUNTS] Well, all right. Where is it? Hey, where are you kids? All aboard. Huh? Whoa! [SPECTER GRUNTING] Here's for trying to frame us. I'll take that. Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle. Now, you just wait in here until the authorities arrive. [SPECTER YELLING] [ALL SCREAMING] [SCREAMING IN DISTANCE] Huh? BOTH: Huh? Aha, the time capsule. Mine at last. [ALL GRUNT] Thanks, kids. I really appreciate your help.

How can I ever thank you? Oh, I know. How about by burying you alive? Run! [GASPS] [SPECTER LAUGHING] This isn't the teacher's lounge. After them. [SIGHS] Do I have to think of everything around here? [♪♪♪] FRED: Velma, we need a spell to get rid of these ghosts. VELMA: I'm on it. I'm on it. [VELMA GRUNTS] My glasses! Oops! Sorry. Great. You're gonna have to find a spell. Come on! Wait for me. [GHOSTS LAUGHING] [WHISPERING] Okay, gang, in here. [SHAGGY WHIMPERING] Shh! All right. I think we're safe. [BATS SQUEAKING] [BATS SQUEAKING] [GHOSTS SCREECHING] [ALL SCREAMING] FRED: Go! [BATS SQUEAKING] [♪♪♪] Oh. no. Spiders! Spiders. FRED: Shaggy, come on. [ALL GRUNTING] [DAPHNE SCREAMS] Shaggy! Okay. Okay, I think I got one. [SPEAKING INCANTATION] Oh, man. [PANTING] [RUMBLING] Shaggy, wrong spell! [ALL WHIMPERING] Go! [♪♪♪] [GHOSTS LAUGHING] Yee-haw! MAN [ON FILM]: See the world in wax, improve your mind.

See the Chamber of Horrors, scare yourself out of a year's growth. [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING ON FILM] [CROWD SCREAMING] [♪♪♪] [CROWD SCREAMING] [GHOST LAUGHING] [CROWD SCREAMING] [GASPS] [SCREAMS] [♪♪♪] [DINGS] Anyone for chicken cordon boo? [GASPS] [♪♪♪] SPECTER: Ha-ha! There you are. Where did you kids run off to? Shaggy, we need a new spell. Will do. All right, all right, hold on. The fun's over. Get them! [♪♪♪] [SPEAKING INCANTATION] [GHOSTS GROANING] [♪♪♪] We're sorry. We were under his control. [GHOSTS YELLING] [GHOSTS GRUNTING] We did it. You think that changes anything? I'm still the only one getting out of here. [LAUGHING] [GROWLING] [YELLING] [SIGHS] [♪♪♪] [SCOOBY-DOO BARKING] Great job, Scoob. Ah. That's my boy. Now, let's see who this clown really is.

No, no, no! ALL: Principal Deedle? You ruined everything. I was so close. The time capsule was in my hands. This doesn't make any sense. What could be in the time capsule that's so valuable a principal would wanna close his own school? Only one way to find out. [GRUNTS] [♪♪♪] It's just a bunch of old letters and papers and stuff. Huh. Not just letters. Letters with stamps. And look at this one. It's a misprint. Yes. The Eerie stamp. The most valuable misprint in the entire world. It would have been all mine, if it weren't for you meddling kids and your dog. That's me. [ALL CHUCKLE] Scooby-Doo! Scoob, Scoob, come on, buddy. Come on. I know. I love you too, boy. I love you too. I know. We solved the mystery. It's okay.

I understand. And that is why all of Coolsville owes these students a debt of gratitude. [ALL CHEERING] And I want to personally apologize for wrongly accusing you. I just– I just love this school so much. So tell us, kids. How did you solve the mystery? Well, it was a combination of Fred's leadership. And Velma's brains. Daphne's resourcefulness. And the most important ingredient of all: our friendship. Thank you. [CROWD CHEERING] Aw. That was beautiful, Shaggy. [SOBS] And now, to mark the occasion, we are going to officially bury the Coolsville Academy time capsule. [ALL CHEERING] SHAGGY: Unh! Whoops. [♪♪♪] [CAR ALARM RINGING] Zoinks. Sorry. Accidents happen. [GIGGLES] [♪♪♪] I can't believe it. We solved an actual mystery. I have to admit, it's much more satisfying solving them than it is reading about them. Yeah, and this way, no one can ruin the ending for you. Ha-ha. Sorry.

So, like, what do we do now? Uh… Uh– I don't know. I guess we'll see each other on the bus. Yeah. Yeah. The bus. Yeah. VELMA: Okay. Hey, I'll see you around. I'll see you around. Okay. DAPHNE: Okay? Okay. [SIGHS] Bye. Come on, Scoob. [SCOOBY-DOO SIGHS] VELMA: Actually, wait. Hold on. SCOOBY-DOO: Huh? I hear there's been some strange goings-on at the Coolsville Museum. Anyone feel like checking it out? Sounds like another mystery. I'm in. Count me in too. What do you say, guys? Hey, I'd go anywhere with you all. How about it, Scoob? No way. Well, would you do it for a Scooby Snack? Scooby snack? SHAGGY: Yeah. I figure you love these so much, I'd name them after you. SCOOBY-DOO: Oh.

I'm in. Glad you're on board, Scoob. It wouldn't be the same without you. Scooby-Dooby-Doo! [ALL LAUGH] All right, come on, gang. Let's go. ♪ What's up, Scooby-Doo? We're coming after you ♪ ♪ We're gonna Solve that mystery ♪ ♪ I see you, Scooby-Doo The trail leads back to you ♪ ♪ What's up, Scooby-Doo? ♪ ♪ What's up, Scooby-Doo? We're gonna follow you ♪ ♪ You're gonna Solve that mystery ♪ ♪ We see you, Scooby-Doo We're coming after you ♪ ♪ What's up, Scooby-Doo? ♪ ♪ Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah ♪ ♪ Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah ♪ ♪ Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah Nah-nah ♪ ♪ Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah ♪ [GIGGLES] ♪ What's up, Scooby-Doo? ♪ [ANARBOR'S "YOU AND I" PLAYING] ♪ You and I ♪ ♪ We never get to sleep We're up all day ♪ ♪ We're overworked And underpaid ♪ ♪ You and I ♪ ♪ We're always stuck in repeat Day by day ♪ ♪ We're watching time Drift away ♪ ♪ As we burn away ♪ ♪ Without you there's No reason for my story ♪ ♪ And when I'm with you I can always act the same ♪ ♪ Forever Yeah, if we're together ♪ ♪ We can make it better ♪ ♪ You and I ♪ ♪ We've never felt so right ♪ ♪ That just might be Just what I need ♪ ♪ To get me through the night ♪ ♪ You and I ♪ ♪ We're the perfect fit You've got me hooked ♪ ♪ So then I could never quit ♪ ♪ I just burn away ♪ ♪ Without you there's No reason for my story ♪ ♪ And when I'm with you I can always act the same ♪ ♪ Forever Yeah, if we're together ♪ ♪ We can make it better ♪ ♪ You and I ♪ ♪ We never get to sleep We're up all day ♪ ♪ We're overworked And under paid ♪ ♪ You and I ♪ ♪ We're always stuck in repeat Day by day ♪ ♪ Watching time drift away ♪ ♪ As we burn away ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ Without you there's No reason for my story ♪ ♪ And when I'm with you I can always act the same ♪ ♪ Forever Yeah, if we're together ♪ ♪ We can make it We can make it ♪ ♪ Without you there's No reason for my story ♪ ♪ And when I'm with you I can always act the same ♪ ♪ Forever Yeah, if we're together ♪ ♪ We can make it We can make it ♪ ♪ Without you there's No reason for my story ♪ ♪ And when I'm with you I can always act the same ♪ ♪ Forever Yeah, if we're together ♪ ♪ We can make it better ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh ♪.