/School Students Get Financial Education

School Students Get Financial Education

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Hi, my name is Maheen, they call me Maheen the Machine, and we're in Santa Ana, CA at MacArthur Intermediate School, teaching these young eighth graders at a ripe young age of how to play cash-flow. My good friend Keith Weinhold graciously donated his top-selling book "7 Money Myths That Are Killing Our Wealth Potential." Just wanted to give a shoutout to Keith. Thanks, Keith. 71% of Americans aren't saving enough for retirement. It's going to get worse as people live longer and you need to start thinking differently but you can't lose your time. Real estate is the investment vehicle that's made more ordinary people wealthy than anything else.

Keith Weinhold of "Get Rich Education" hosts one of America's top investing shows, disrupting Wall Street. He's an international best-selling author, a writer for Rich Dad Advisors, and has been an active income property investor since 2002. He has created thousands in passive monthly income for countless followers. Now he has a free book – the 7 principles for creating wealth in your life. Get your copy now at getricheducation.com/book That's getricheducation.com/book because investing in what produces income for you now and later, Keith Weinhold is your guy. Sign up now at getricheducation.com/book.

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