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Hello. I'm going to show you one way to scan a written test to save it as a PDF on your computer. This uses a Android phone and Google Drive. So this assumes you already have Google Drive which is free with… (Pause) So using my android I will go over to… If I have a spot on my home screen I can hold on a spot for it and go down to widgets right here. And there's a lot of widgets here and the one I'm gonna use here is (trying really hard to get this to be on your camera and still be able to see).

There's a lot of widgets here but if I scroll through and I find the one that says drive, there's three for drive, and the one I'm gonna use right now is this drive scan. It's a little one-by-one widget. So if I just hold that down it appears on my home screen. Except it's gonna ask me where does it want to upload? So what its gonna do is when I take a picture using this widget it will save the picture as a PDF in my drive. And I want to tell it where to save it. So I could just save it in my drive and it'll just come up in my drive. But if I want to automatically go into a file, then I can choose that file. So I have a file called training file "training" file. Alright, so then I'm gonna, after I pick where I want my pictures to go I'm gonna click select folder and then I have this fancy little widget there. When I click that widget it gives me a camera screen. So now I can take a picture and the picture that I take is going to end up being a PDF saved in my Google Drive. So, I'm gonna back up the camera a little bit so I can get a picture video of, (um I can see my mess my messy desk).

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So here's my test that I did. So say I had a three page test that I needed a turn in. Page one, two, three, of course all my work is nice and neat my answers are boxed so that my teacher is happy when she grades it and I want to try to submit it as one file. So here's my handy widget that I just bought. Or got, I didn't buy it. And here's my test. So I want to take a picture of the test and make sure to get the whole whole page in there. It's going to cut out the border that's not the page anyway so try to get all four corners in the screen. You can tap on the screen to help it focus. Or when you hit the blue dot it also will, hopefully, focus. Okay, so I hit the blue dot. And it shows me what it got if it's something didn't come up right or if it's really blurry I can hit this redo button, right here. If it looks good then I can go to the set page two.

So I want to record page two so to get page two I'm going to hit this plus sign. Because this is going to be more than one page tests. So now I'm going to go to page two of my test and take a picture of that. Get all four corners in the screen and then hit the blue dot. And it shows me a preview of what it got. And that looks good so I'm gonna hit the plus to get my page three. Now say I don't get all four corners into the screen. And I get it, I don't know, let's say I get like this. And then I look at my preview and that's not the whole test. I want the bottom of the page too So that's no good. So I need to redo that page which means I'm going to hit that redo button. Okay well let me try that again get all four corners of the page into the shot. Hit the blue button. Look at it. Make sure it's focused and it's the whole page. It is.

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So I'm done. This was a three page test I took picture three pictures and now I can hit this check mark to say that I'm done this is what I want to save. Check. And now it says your one file is being saved to drive. So now I'm going to go to my computer and open up drive. okay so here's my screen and if I go to drive I have a link to drive here. If you don't have that link but you're logged into your Google account you can also go to this little Google Apps button and click drive to get to your drive. And you can do that from your Gmail if you have a gmail account. And I saved everything to training. So there's my training folder. And my scan is right here. And there's my test.

And you can see it's three pages. So one, two, three. And now I have a PDF file so I can send that to my teacher. Download it to my computer. There's a pdf file that's saved on my computer for me to upload to my class. And that's all..