/Samsung Galaxy S7 vs HTC 10 Camera Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs HTC 10 Camera Comparison

Video: Samsung Galaxy S7 vs HTC 10 Camera Comparison


Hi everybody I’m Melyssa from Android Central and I'm back for another camera comparison. I have the Samsung Galaxy S7 with me again and this time I'm gonna put it up against the HTC 10. We picked this beautiful windy day to go out and test these cameras side by side. For starters, the specs are almost the same. Both have 12 MP Rear facing camera and 5 MP front facing camera. Very close in aperture and sensor size. So at first glance, things look pretty similar. Colour is almost identical. However, when you look a little bit closer, the S7 is just a bit sharper than the HTC 10.

When we got a bit closer, the sharpness of the plants in the foreground look pretty similar, this seems to have been the case for most of our camera comparisons with the S7. The photos are a bit richer in colour and saturation but some people find it to be almost too rich and prefer the more natural looking less saturated colours. The panoramic photos are very similar, with the S7 just slightly more saturated and sharper. One of the big differences between the HTC 10 and S7 when doing a panoramic is the distance that you can go with the S7 I was able to turn around in a full circle. Low light photos are really where you’re going to see the difference between these two cameras. As has been the case in many comparisons, the S7 comes out on top yet again for taking the best low light photos I practiced my selfies with natures wind machine and again, there’s not much difference in colour and saturation. The feature that smooths skin tone is a bit more evident in the S7 though. I'm not even sure that's my actual skin tone… The HTC 10 doesn’t have a wide angle option for your selfies but the S7 has you and all of your friends covered! When it comes to a the stabilization of the devices while taking a video, I had a really hard time picking one over the other.

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They’re pretty similar. and both pretty good. You can catch a little bump every here and there when I take a step but for the most part they’re both pretty smooth. If you’re a fan of the slo mo videos, this could be a deciding factor for you. The S7 shoots slo mo in 240 frames per second while the HTC 10 shoots slow mo in 120. That means, what you capture on the S7 will end up being twice as slow as the HTC10 On the other hand, when doing a time lapse, or hyper lapse, the HTC 10 actually has adjustable speed so you can choose from twice as fast to 12 times as fast. Ultimately The Samsung Galaxy has a few more filters and special features as well as few more pro settings and editing tools for after you've taken your photos. But if you’ve been considering the HTC 10 and the camera is something you’ve been wondering about, it appears to hold it’s own up against one of the top smartphone cameras available. I hope this helped Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe to android central to see all the other great videos we’ve got in coming up.