/Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks Ep. 81: How to Use S Beam

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks Ep. 81: How to Use S Beam

Video: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks Ep. 81: How to Use S Beam


hello everyone Michael here with the daily note 2 YouTube channel and today I want to show you how to use S Beam on the Samsung galaxy note 2 now Samsung made it seem super easy to transfer features back and forth you just push two devices together and you just send the picture that all sounds easy but it took me a little bit of time to know or to figure out how to use this feature so I thought I'd share those insights with you now I have two devices here one the Samsung galaxy note 2 and the galaxy S4 and here's a shameless plug if you're interested in more galaxy S4 specific content please check out my galaxy S4 channel called the daily S4 I'll leave a link in the comments but anyway it helps to know where the NFC tags or NFC antenna is on both devices so for example the galaxy note 2 the NFC tag is towards the upper part of the phone right towards the camera you could actually see that on the cover whereas the galaxy S3 and the S4 they have it on the battery drain see that there is no NFC tag here it is built into the battery also you need to make a note that if you're using a generic battery without the NFC tag inside it will not work so anyway let's also make sure we had this feature S Beam on both phones so this is running android 4.

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2 you could see that S Beam is on and when you turn S Beam on the tag or the feature NFC turns on as well on here I have S Beam on now if you don't have this part in your menus it is in your wireless and network settings and then you need to make sure you have both of these on and the next step is you need to have gallery open so the phone, the receiver doesn't really need to do anything other than just have the phone on and unlocked that is important so make sure it is unlocked but on the sender you need to open up the gallery app. I have the gallery app open and view the photo that you want to send I'll put the receiver on it's back here and then we know that the sensor is here so you could see that once I start approaching the battery with the sensor you get that thing that shows up there we go, and it says touch to beam and that's all there is and could see that it's transferring or it's getting ready to transfer it is transferring and it just got the file so there we go that's all that you need to know about the feature so anyway that's my short tip for today so I just wanted to see this once so that once that moment comes and you finally meet a person with the S3 or another note 2 that you want to share pictures with and try s beam, you will know how this works and will work smoothly rather than trying to figure out on the spot anyway if you haven't been to my channel please come to my channel and check out my 150+ videos on the Samsung galaxy note 2 and if you haven't subscribed yet please subscribe so you could get the most out of your something galaxy note 2 once again thank you for watching.

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