/Salon Billing Software Demo | Hair Salon Management Software Demo [English] Call- 9999999364

Salon Billing Software Demo | Hair Salon Management Software Demo [English] Call- 9999999364

Video: Salon Billing Software Demo | Hair Salon Management Software Demo [English] Call- 9999999364


Hello friends and welcome to this video in which we are going to take a look at the Marg Spa and Salon Software. firstly lets understand through a flowchart that how is Marg 'Spa and Salon" software used and how can it be implemented So this is the salon and spa software process flow, where first the appointment process takes place. The customer visits your parlour or requests for an appoint over phone. & the operator notes it down or saves the appointment in their system.

Then the client visits at the appointment date and takes the treatment. and then does the payment. Marg spa and salon software cover these 3 main modules plus there more advanced features and options to which we take a look at in this video. Firstly lets take a look at some of the benefits of Marg "salon and spa" software. are Marg Salon and Spa Management Software has a user friendly interface user can enter information quicker as compare to manual system Marg Salon & Spa Software eliminates the stress of processing all the records manually and saves the time Marg Salon & Spa Software maintains and tracks all the required information on a single click now let me tell you about some features of Marg "Spa and Salon" software you can print company logo in receipt printing you can Maintain shift detail of Beauticians or Employees you can prepare weekly duty schedule for Beauticians you can Maintain Appointment Process you can Maintain Expert Now lets briefly understand the working procees in marg spa and salon software. This is basically the procees of mainianting your spa & salon in marg software.

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So the first step is to prepare a setup so this is how the setup is prepared. Like here certain detials have to be filled. Which you can get printed on your receipt. You can even browse your company logo. Next is Miscellaneous Master In miscellaneous master you can create certain masters like :-Degree Course Master, Specialization Master , Treatment Master and Department Master. These masters are created for further setups. Next is Beautician Master. In beautician master you can fill complete details of your beauticians or you can say employees, who work in your salon. And then in shift details you can set particular shifts for your beautician between which they will be on duty. then is duty schedule. In duty schedule you can organize your beauticians duty schedule. Like for our employee Gopal Sharma we have set two shifts for him on Thursday.

one is from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and the other is from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. on Thursday he’ll be coming on the 2nd shift so we’ll tick on that shift and on friday he wont be coming so we haven’t ticked on any shift. Then on Saturday he’ll be attending on the first shift, so we have ticked on the first shift. So in this way you can manage your beauticians availability, days off, leaves, etc. So there wont be any complications on the floor. Next step is Client Detail, In client detials you can fill the details of your client and directly by clicking on new appointment you can book appointment for this client. and fill the details of your appointment like the appointment date, the beautician name who’ll be attending the client, in which shift will the beautician be attending the client and at which time will the client arrive. Next is Appointment Process this is the appointment entry window which will be on.


So whenever you receive appointment request from your client, you can click here on new appointment, then this window appear where you feed the details of the client, the time slot between which the client wants to visit and the appointment time. Then accordingly which ever beautician will be available in that time slot those beautician will be shown. So in this way you can maintain a proper registered of appointments. Plus you can organize your staff effectively and also the clients will not have to wait for their turn when they visit the parlour because through aapointment process you have pre-planned the appointments. Next we have a Module Expert Advice. if Beauty Experts or Spa Specialist work in your parlour and your clients take beauty advises from them. So through expert advice module your beauty experts can write down expert advises. In Marg Software inventory can also be maintained. Like if you provide products to your clients and want to maintain inventory of it so you can easily maintain it through Marg Software So if you are providing products to your clients so you can select those products and mention any remark if required. Then you can take a print out of this and provide it your client.

Next step is Receipt Printing. after the client is done with his or her treatment, then he goes to the reception where his receipt is printed. So the receptionist will select the client whose receipt has to printed and in this format the receipt will be printed. and accordingly the charges and other details will also be generated in the receipt Next we also have Expert Advice Report. Like i said that whatever expert advice will be given by the beauty experts or Spa Specialist, can be printed and provided to the client. So in this format this report is printed. If charges have been defined for expert advice & products have been provided then automatiaclly the charges will show here. Then there is Beautician wise Report. So this is the beautician wise report. which shows the Beautician Name, the Date,Shift and between this shift,which all clients was she assisting. and what treatment was the client taking. So you can view this report date wise. Next is Daily Collection Report. which shows your daily collection. like here its shows that is on this date this much amount was received in cash, this much amount in debit card, and this much in credit card.

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Next report is Facility Charge Report. In this report you can take a quick look at the charges that you have set, for the facilities or treatment that you offer. In your Salon & Salon. So friends this was the Marg Spa & Salon Software, that we took a look at. & saw that how easily you can orgnize your staff, you can organize appointment, maintain proper floor utilization ,generate report etc. "Thanks for Watching".