/RTSP Streaming Inputs with OBS + PTZ Camera Controls

RTSP Streaming Inputs with OBS + PTZ Camera Controls

Video: RTSP Streaming Inputs with OBS + PTZ Camera Controls


hey everybody paul richards here with ptzoptics and in this video i'm gonna show you how to bring in RTSP IP streams into your OBS open broadcaster software so the first thing we're gonna look at is how to bring in an RTSP feed this is an IP feed meaning you can plug your camera into Ethernet and bring it directly into OBS then we're gonna talk a little bit about our PTZ plugin so not only can you control the camera or see video from the camera using ethernet in OBS but you can also control it with our new plugin we're looking for beta testers the new version is coming up very soon and then finally keep in mind it is still in beta we have Windows and Mac versions as well so we'd love your feedback on this but let's dig into the presentation so I'm gonna show you my screen here this has an RTSP feed already pulled in and i'm going to show you how to do it it's very simple so actually I'm gonna I have a 12X camera here already pulled in and I'm gonna go ahead down to in the sources area I am going to go ahead and hit add media source and so when we add a media source I know I have a 20x SDI camera over there I want to connect to I'm gonna go ahead and click OK and I'm gonna unclick all of the settings I don't need any of these I don't need to restart my playback it's not a local file and what we're gonna do is the only thing we need is the static IP address for the camera so I'm going to type in RTSP:// IP address of the camera so 192.


168.1.60 is where I have a camera and then /1 for the first stream that's an HD stream or / 2 or the second stream and the reason why that's important is because each camera has an IP address and a settings tool so one of the things I want to show you here is that if I go to the IP address of the camera I can type in admin admin as the default sign in and this is where I can actually see what the camera does I can actually control the camera from here and I can set up the RTSP streams now I'm not gonna go into what all this detail means because we had a whole back to basics episode on it just a few weeks ago that I'll link to below but this is where you can set up the frame rate and the key interval the constant bit rate which is what I highly recommend for keeping in a constant feed and then you can actually look at some of these detailed settings for encode protocol and frame rate which might be important to you especially if you're dealing with latency so there we go click OK I'm gonna go with stream 1 which we know is an HD 1080p 60 frames per second stream so I actually have here two cameras I've got a 12x and a 20x so there is my 12x camera and then I also have a 20 now I could do these picture in picture for example I had someone ask about that earlier on today so let's go ahead and just put that one up above a layer and now I've got a picture in picture the last thing I'm going to show you these are two RTSP camera feeds they are very low latency as you can see depending on your network and the last thing I'm going to show you is the PTZ control so I have already installed the PTZ plugin for obs and i can click my camera controller here and I can type in the IP address of the camera this is still in beta we're adding a lot more features you're going to be able to control up to 8 cameras when I hit connect there now I can actually control this camera as well remotely so that just gives you an idea of how this works you can see I can zoom in and out I have auto focus setup and I can even call presets now I'm not going to give you a full demonstration of how this application works today we're just going over how the RTSP functionality works and a little bit of pan tilt zoom so just keep in mind our or stay tuned for our next video where we're going to show you how to do multiple PTZ cameras multiple RTSP cameras in OBS you can download our plugin for obs at PTC optics.

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com/OBS and hopefully that was a good tutorial to get you started on how to use RTSP IP connections in your OBS settings the last thing I want to show you there is one thing I don't want to forget and that is in the software here in the microphone settings there is a cog and in that microphone settings you can do a whole bunch of Advanced Audio properties but one of the things that you might want to think about is actually putting a sync offset and the reason why is with RTSP sometimes there can be some latency on your network in fact really quickly I want to show you I've got actually a 20x camera zoomed in on this one here I want to show you this camera really quickly as well so you main if you're having some audio latency issues you can see this camera it's just plugged in via ethernet this is the new tech NDI camera so you can upgrade your cameras to the NDI version and NDI is supported in PTZ optics cameras and it'll give you a much lower latency higher-quality video connection but like I said you can also tweak your RTSP settings to get it just right depends on how technical you want to get the NDI versions already come preset to be really great so that's a great option for you but stay tuned for we're gonna have more videos I don't want to give you too much techie stuff right away this is how you connect your RTSP cameras to OBS and control them remotely which is the thing that a lot of our customers wanted to do take care don't forget to subscribe you don't become a video production expert overnight so subscribing to our channel joining our Facebook user group and becoming part of our a community will help you really boost up your skills to create amazing live streams.

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