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[KAMIJO] The Daihasei Sports Festival has Academy City bustling. Which gives the Catholic Church the perfect chance to conduct a transaction involving a powerful relic. [KAMIJO] To obtain the Stab Sword, they are using a courier named Oriana Thomson. And I may have just accidentally come into contact with her. ♪ [Opening Song] ♪ [beeping] [dial tone] Kami, hey. How's it goin'? [TSUCHIMIKADO] As we speak, I've got eyes on a spot Oriana is likely to use for the dea– [KAMIJO] Tsuchimikado…

I just shook hands with a woman… and when I did, I felt my Imagine Breaker do something. For now I can't tell you who she is, exactly… [KAMIJO] but I think it's safe to say that she's not a student. [TSUCHIMIKADO] This woman… is she carrying a large package? [KAMIJO] Yeah… She's got what looks to be a signboard. [TSUCHIMIKADO] Okay, where are you right now? Right now? I'm following her, of course… I'm going to send you my GPS coordinates so you'll be able to see where we are, kay? She saw me! [KAMIJO breathing heavy] Where is she? Which one? Over there… wearing a work uniform… Woman with the blonde hair. [ORIANA] Looks like we've got two pros on the scene. My instructions were not to engage anybody, but something tells me they won't make it easy. ♪ I'm not sure why, but her behavior feels off.

[TSUCHIMIKADO] I wonder if she's changed her mind? [heavy breathing] She's in the bus terminal? Nah, this's just a servicing station. It's a trap…! Get down, Kami! [STIYL] Actually, you're up. [KAMIJO] You screwing with me? Nope… In fact, I think that was an excellent example of teamwork. Having a clear division of labor makes things go more smoothly. Ehhh. If you're playing games with me…! Well I'm not, kid. So go ahead and finish your job, already! And what exactly is my job here?! ♪ Okay, Stiyl… You post the necessary runes and stand by here… As for me… I'll pin down the courier. Roger that. Well…? What are you gonna do now, Kami? [TSUCHIMIKADO] I think it's probably safer for you to stay here. I don't know..

. I agree with him… I think it'll definitely be safer for you to remain here… But I'm talking about my safety, not yours. Aghhh. These are decoys. She's just buying time. If you take on all of them, she's going to get away. Yeah? Well what else do you expect me to do? Ah! Euhhh… [KAMIJO] Got her! [rumbling] [TSUCHIMIKADO] Whenever you're ready, Kami… Huh…? What am I supposed to do? [grunts] [power yell] ♪ [grunts] A note from Oriana Thomson, also known as "Route Disturb." Now she's toying with us! [chuckles] Ah! [BOY STUDENT 9A] Oh…! Excuse me! Are you alright, miss? Ah… Oh, no… I should be the one apologizing to you. [TSUCHIMIKADO] This spell is called "Four Ways to Truth." Using this, we'll be able to pinpoint Oriana's location. But, won't it hurt you? I thought you weren't supposed to use magic.

[TSUCHIMIKADO] And that is why… I'm gonna' go get some help. Hm? [STIYL] Traveling on the wind… conveying not air but will to the specified location. ♪ Uh. "Traveling on the wind… conveying not air but will to the specified location." Right? [screaming] Stiyl! [TSUCHIMIKADO] Kami! Go give Stiyl a pat on the back. [STIYL screaming] [STIYL heavy exhale] [breathing heavy] That hurt…! What did she just do to me…? Some kind of trace prevention spell or something…? Just as general protection? [TSUCHIMIKADO] Nope… I don't think it's something that simple. What I think… is that there's a specialized interception spell… One that has been specifically designed to react automatically to Stiyl's personal magic. So what does that mean…? Stiyl's been singled out so he can no longer direct any magic towards Oriana? [STIYL] This is serious… That's a hell of a thing to have prepared.

It's a pretty big deal for one person to be able to detect a specific life force, trace it back… and then apply a counterattack… But I guess that's Route Disturb for you, huh? Sorry? Route Disturb? The other name that Oriana Thomson goes by. [STIYL] This may sound crazy, but there's something about her particular method that strikes me as familiar. I must be wrong though, don't you think…? There's no way she could be in possession of one. [TSUCHIMIKADO] Well… oddly enough… I was just thinking that there's no other possible explanation. [STIYL] Are you serious…? But if it's really true, that would mean Oriana's a sorceress, not a magician like we thought. What are you guys talking about? What is this thing she has? Something that is a receptacle for magical knowledge. It can function on its own as a magical array. It works independently of the magician's will. An original grimoire. [STIYL] You think so.

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..? Creating a grimoire to fit these exact circumstances. That would be quite difficult. [TSUCHIMIKADO] The original text could just be a scribbled note. It would have limited effectiveness… and it would break down quickly. Let's call it "Shorthand." That should be accurate enough. Okay, fine. But what does that mean we should do? First thing… we have to take out the automatic intercept spell. For that, we're going to need to be able to use Stiyl's magic. And what are the chances of her fleeing the search area while we're doing that? [TSUCHIMIKADO] If she was so sure that she could get away cleanly, I don't think she'd go to the trouble of setting up an intercept spell, do you? [STIYL] Hmm… Okay, Stiyl… You need to try using your magic on something. [TSUCHIMIKADO] A divination circle. This is a yet-unused magical array, and it doesn't employ anyone's magic.

[TSUCHIMIKADO] It will activate in response to the power of the intercept spell, providing us with the direction and distance. Now then… [KAMIJO] Hold on, Tsuchimikado… To make it work, won't he have to use his magic one more time? [TSUCHIMIKADO] Are you kidding? Who said anything about one time…? If we don't find the Shorthand's location the first time around, we'll have to keep trying over and over. [KAMIJO] You bastard! Easy… You seem to have forgotten something, so let me remind you… There are many lives at stake in this battle. [TSUCHIMIKADO] It's that serious… The entire world may even be at risk. [STIYL] Let's get on with it. [gasps] No, Stiyl you can't! Now is not the time to worry about me… If I can put a stop to all this, it's a small price to pay. But if I do it, you had damn well better pinpoint the location of the intercept spell.

I know your terms. We must preserve the life Index leads here in Academy City… That was your stipulation, wasn't it? [STIYL] Toma Kamijo… I am not entirely pleased with the fact that you are here right now… It seems like you ought to be at her side. If this ends in sadness for her… It will be your fault. [STIYL screaming] ♪ [INDEX] Oooh… I was really hoping that this would work… That changing clothes would get Toma's attention! But it looks like he just wandered off somewhere without me. [KOMOE] Oh, come on now, sister! There's no need to be so disheartened…! I'm sure he must've had some important reason for running off like he did! Errr. [sighs] [FUKIYOSE] That guy's getting on my last nerve! I take my eyes off him for one second, and he disappears. I mean, honestly! Uh. [FUKIYOSE] What's the matter? Oh, hi, Fukiyose! Is there something wrong with that girl? Does she need some first aid? If she's feeling mentally overwhelmed.

.. a little of this ought to help snap her out of it… It's a powdered herb that ca– [KOMOE] No! I mean, thank you…! But I think this is something I can handle on my own. [FUKIYOSE] Okay, if you're sure. [INDEX] Where's Toma? All I want to know is where he could've gone? [TSUCHIMIKADO] Here it comes. The divination circle is beginning to respond now… Hey, Kami! [TSUCHIMIKADO] You have a map don't you? [TSUCHIMIKADO] Yeah… you know… that GPS map on your cell phone? Well, come on. Bring it here. [KAMIJO] Tsuchimikado! How can you be so calm about all of this?! Stiyl is being tormented repeatedly all because of you! Stay cool… He is a professional magician, you know. He's got enough attack resistance to handle this spell, and he knows it.

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[shaky exhale] [KAMIJO] What's going on? You're bleeding! The divination circle… responds to the magic power of incoming spells, allowing us to determine their distance and direction. [TSUCHIMIKADO] Obviously, such a handy little tool can't be activated without the expenditure of some magical effort. [TSUCHIMIKADO] Of course, if my ability to use magic wasn't so handicapped… Stiyl wouldn't have to go through this. That much is true… So you can go ahead and blame me. Although… I will not be stopped from finding the Shorthand and destroying it. [TSUCHIMIKADO] I also intend to catch Oriana and personally see to it that the Stab Sword deal is off for good… Now, Kami… Your map. I want to know what's three hundred and two meters northwest of here… Because that's where we can find the Shorthand grimoire. Uh… okay..

. [KAMIJO] Looks like… [gasps] [TSUCHIMIKADO] It's a middle school?! [TSUCHIMIKADO] Great, a festival! And the event's about to start…! All of the spectators and cameras are already there by now. Guess sneaking around isn't going to do us any good this time. Okay then, what's the plan…? We're not gonna sit back and do nothing, right? I suppose we'll just have to pretend to be contestants. [KAMIJO] Don't you have a better idea…? We're in high school, man! How're we gonna pass for middle schoolers? [KAMIJO] Damn! We need to get in there, and quickly. There's a decent risk that the intercept spell might turn on others, too. [KAMIJO] Huh? Do you know what the easiest and most common way of triggering a magic ritual is, Kami? [TSUCHIMIKADO] By touching.

A regular person with no knowledge of magic still has a chance of activating the intercept spell by touching it. Now, they don't have the kind of defenses a magician has, so if that happens, they'll be in real danger. At any rate, let's hurry… We've gotta get to that intercept spell before it hurts anyone. [KAMIJO] All right! [TSUCHIMIKADO] And to help us with that… [lauhging] Egh! Cannon ball! Uuhhh. [TSUCHIMIKADO] I'm sorry, sir. Excuse me… Our event is the next one up, but were kinda' hopin' we wouldn't have to go into on to the field lookin' like this, ya know what I mean? [TSUCHIMIKADO] My mom wants pictures and stuff… Doesn't everyone's? And I suppose that you're hoping to change your gym clothes. [TSUCHIMIKADO] Ahhh Yes, sir..

.! We are…! But obviously, they're in the locker room. Yeah… you can go in, just make it quick. But rules are still rules… I'll need to check your IDs before you pass. You know, I– [TSUCHIMIKADO chuckles] Okay…! Here ya go, sir! Ugh…! Come on, kid…! Would it have killed you to wipe off your muddy hand? Oh, well… Go on… They usually don't let students enter late. [TSUCHIMIKADO] Thank you so much, man! Well…? We're not exactly gonna blend in looking like this, you know. Yep… I'm guessing there are changes of clothing in the nurse's office. We'll look there. [FEMALE ANNOUNCER 9A] The next event will be the ball toss competition. This event will see two hundred students from Minamizawa Middle School pitted against twenty students from Tokiwadai Middle School. [crowd cheering] [GIRL lauhging] You can smell fear radiating from them like a fine perfume.

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.. I like your scent, gentlemen. [GIRLS giggle] [MIKOTO] What exactly is the meaning of this…? What is he doing?! [MIKOTO] He doesn't even belong in this event…! Jeez! No…! Tokiwadai? You're kidding me! They've got some serious espers over there! Oh, do they…? Well, I guess we should watch out for stray shots, then, shouldn't we? If the Shorthand is here, where would it be? Where should we look? I'd say the baskets are the most likely place. [TSUCHIMIKADO] They probably borrowed some from elsewhere, so they could have been rigged before they were even brought here. I'm going to go through and check each basket in order. [TSUCHIMIKADO] As for you, your work begins once I find the Shorthand. [crowd cheering] Everybody ready…? Get set! And, go! [BOYS yelling] What're you standing there for? Get moving, Kami! Oh.

.. Right! ♪ [KAMIJO] Is that the one? [TSUCHIMIKADO] No, this isn't it… Let's keep on moving. Huh? [TSUCHIMIKADO] Not that one, either… C'mon! [KAMIJO] Ah! [BOYS yelling] [KAMIJO] Watch out! Hey, Kami! You can use my back to jump! [KAMIJO] Quick, you need to move! [STUDENTS gasping] [rumble] [crowd cheering] [breathing heavy] You know, I really can't believe this! [MIKOTO] That you would take it this far! Just so I would lose our bet and have to play your dumb penalty game! [GIRL screams] [MIKOTO] Honestly! I had to do something, you jerk, or you were gonna get yourself hurt. [KAMIJO] Misaka! Don't touch that! Huh…? What's wrong? [KAMIJO] Listen to me, okay…? I'll explain everything, I promise. Just move away from there! What…? Move away? Why? What are you talking about…? I still don't know what you're doing competing in a middle school event… How about you explain yourself and then– [KAMIJO] You stay out of this, kid! [KAMIJO] Don't argue! Just come over here, please.

Uh? You're in danger standing there! [MIKOTO] What…? You're being stupid! Please…! You don't really think I needed you to defend me from that guy? I can take care of myself! Now, how about that explanation you offered? Like I said, I'll tell you later! [KAMIJO] That spot is dangerous. I don't want you getting hurt. It's that simple! [MIKOTO] Me? Get hurt? I don't need you protecting me… I don't care how sweet you're being. I'm fine… That's it! You startled me and now I'm babbling. Just leave me alone already, will you? Uh–What the–? [KAMIJO] Just keep quiet… Hold still for a second. [MIKOTO] Um… I, uh… I'm too late…! C'mon! Talk to me, Misaka. Do you have a fever? Does it hurt? Ugh! What do you mean?! I'm fine! Hey, Tsuchimikado…! It's over here on this pole! [KAMIJO] I was wrong! [wistle blows] You again, Kamijo.

..? This is ridiculous! Why are you even here? I was wondering why you ran off in such a hurry before, but I didn't expect this! Explain yourself! Now we'll have to restart the whole event! [screams] Fukiyose! Whoa… What happened? Hurry up. You need to go and touch her. She's got no magical defense. She won't last… Get over there, now! Please, Fukiyose…! You have to wake up! [KAMIJO] Just open your eyes! ♪ Fine, Oriana Thomson… I've had enough of this. You're not gonna be dictating the terms of this fight anymore. You lost that privilege when you started involving innocent people… If you think I'm going to stand around and let you keep hurting them, then… [KAMIJO] I'll show you just how wrong you are. I hope you're ready… 'cause I won't be showing any mercy when I come for you.

♪ [Ending Song] ♪ [KAMIJO] Fukiyose has collapsed… Stiyl and Tsuchimikado are in the line of fire, too. If the Stab Sword is the reason for all this… I swear I'm gonna destroy it. Next time, "Shorthand." When science and magic cross paths, a story is born..