/[Roblox] Free BC (Builders Club) & Robux 2019 [Legit] (No Inspect)

[Roblox] Free BC (Builders Club) & Robux 2019 [Legit] (No Inspect)

Video: [Roblox] Free BC (Builders Club) & Robux 2019 [Legit] (No Inspect)


What's up YouTube! You may be wondering, How do I get free builder's club or robux? Well, you're in luck! With Microsoft Rewards you can easily earn free robux or Builders Club. You also may be thinking, OH NO, NOT A REWARDS PROGRAM. But this rewards program has no surveys. You get points just by searching using Bing. So first off, join Microsoft rewards. Once you join, you should change your default search engine to Bing.

After that, you can set a goal On Microsoft Rewards set it to any Microsoft gift card of your choice. I personally choose five or ten because I buy Builders Club. You'll be able to earn points by doing searches, offers, and playing games. But they never have surveys. Once you've earned the Microsoft gift card, it is easily redeemable. So first you're gonna scroll down and find the microsoft gift card. You're gonna click redeem now. So you will redeem it for your points. Click it, and then it will send it to your Microsoft account then you can click on the link that says here. Then you can check your balance so it will probably ask you for your password so press enter your password and go in to it. So, as you can see I have 522 available and it'll expire in a few months. So to redeem it on roblox you'll have to download the roblox app from the Microsoft *stutter* Store, which the link for it will be in the description.

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You kind of need Windows 10 for it so so you're just gonna click the roblox app and it'll load up You'll understand the rest. Subscribe.