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Ring4 – App tutorial

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Welcome to the tutorial It is Courtney here. First thing you want to do with Ring4 is to generate a phone number. You can get a local number or a number from a different country. You can even select an area code for U.S. and Canadian number Let's try it with a U.S. number and a random area code. One tap, that's it! Once generated you will label the numbers, this label can be for example 'Business line', 'Dating' or "Classified ads'. Let's use this number as a second business line.

By default the numbers will expire after seven days you can change the expiration date with the add time button. You can also make the number permanent and unlock the unlimited text and call plans by activating the subscription. You call and text with Ring4 directly from your contact list. Don't forget to select the ring for number you want to call them before you hit the call button. The other option is to start a conversation with the compose button. Tap the credits button to reload your credits. You can either purchase the package using your iTunes account or earn free credits with our ad partners by completing a mission, watching a video for example. You can dial any number in the country supported by the app the call is processed over IP so make sure you are connected to a good Wi-Fi, 4G, or LTE networks. You can check all your conversations history, missed calls and voicemails and the messages screen, but also in answer your texts.

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Ah! It's ringing and I know which number is ringing, it is for my eBay ad. Let's add this person into my contacts. I also have the option to block an undesirable contact at all times Got it? Enjoy using Ring4 and contact us with any questions..