/RIDE COMMAND: Connecting your Phone – Bluetooth for iOS | Polaris RZR®

RIDE COMMAND: Connecting your Phone – Bluetooth for iOS | Polaris RZR®

Video: RIDE COMMAND: Connecting your Phone – Bluetooth for iOS | Polaris RZR®


IOS users, you now can stream your music and get call and text alerts while out on the trail without even having to look at your phone. And that’s thanks to the revolutionary technology called RIDE COMMAND. You connect via Bluetooth, then, store your phone away to protect it from the elements. It’s as easy as that. So, how do we pair our device Kenny? So, first we need to get to the Bluetooth menu. So let’s select the phone button underneath the hard buttons and select the Bluetooth menu underneath the phone. Here you’ll see that the device prompts you to make sure that your phone is discoverable.

So make sure the phones discoverable and select okay. Once your phone pops up on the list, go ahead and select it. Pairing. So once you have the code on both devices, go ahead and select okay both on the display and your phone. Connected. Once your device is connected we can go back to the Bluetooth menu. And here you’ll see that we have a couple options. Let’s select the phone icon. Here you’ll see that your contact list is loaded. With a compatible Bluetooth headset, you can make and receive phone calls right from the device. Very cool. And so you can also text as well? You can. You can. You’ll receive text message notifications as a text appears. And here’s your text message alert. Jared says, “hey Lindsey”. If you hit that quick reply button, you can send him a message. Let’s go ahead and tell him you can’t talk right now. That’s right, I’m busy.

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There you go. It’s as easy as that. And everything you need is all on the display. You don’t even need to take off your riding gloves to be able to use it. Time to put the phone away, and enjoy the ride..