/Revivir Xiaomi MI A2 | Instalar una ROM Oficial

Revivir Xiaomi MI A2 | Instalar una ROM Oficial

Video: Revivir Xiaomi MI A2 | Instalar una ROM Oficial


welcome to a new video in which I'm going to tell my experience about how to relive this xiaomi that you are seeing that is a xiaomi my to 2 that there is no way to start then always stays in the boot sequence and from there it does not happen, to fix this phone we will need a pc with windows and we are going to install a rom official that we are going to download from the web from Xiaomi so we chose the phone model my a2, click where it says flashing guide and then we choose the fastboot update mode which is a through the pc because we have no other choice If you do not start the phone well the first thing is to download the tool xiaomi miflash so we click where it says miflash tool and download the installation file that I'm going to download it to the desktop for example well now we went to download the rom asi that on this same page we go back and click where it says download full rom and we see that it's a compressed file that weighs something more than one and a half giga and download it to the pc once it has been downloaded unzip the rom with winrar for example and here he asks us that we select a destination folder myself I'm going to put the unzipped file in the adb folder for example well now there are two options that your device have the bootloader unlocked or what have blocked that by default it usually comes factory locked and in most phones xiaomi does not allow you to flash rom by fastboot if you have the bootloader blocked so If you have it blocked, we will download some drivers that are called minimal adb fastboot that are installed on the pc and at the end of install if you notice a window opens of msdos that will help us to unlock the bootloader of the phone so we started in fastboot mode that is achieved by pressing power and volume less at the same time although the phone that you see is in bootloop state in that should we wait for the screen to turn off and release the power button and leave less volume pressed and already appears in fastboot mode so we connect it to the pc and in the window of commands we write fastboot oem unlock and when you press the enter key automatically The phone offers us two options, with the volume buttons we select the one that says unlock bootloader and confirm with the button power and we would have the phone unlocked, this will erase all the data we have on the phone, photos, applications and others, unlocking the bootloader on its own we fix the bootloop that is the problem of restart but we can use miflash to flash a rom we installed the application my flash on the pc and we should create a shortcut on the desktop to access the application so we went into the miflash application and we see that it gives us the option to install the drivers, but as I have installed the drivers to unlock the bootloader puts reinstall since they are already installed so it would not be necessary to reinstall them new now let's find where we have the rom already decompressed so to the folder adb and we position ourselves as you see without entering the images folder, that is, the folder that it's called jasmine global images, well we have 3 types of flashing, one that you erase all the phone and it blocks you again the bootloader, another that does not erase the data user simply flashes the rom and the terero who is the same as the first but Do not block the bootloader, which is the one I'm going to choose because I do not want to be blocked the bootloader and as a rule when the phone does not start you're going to have to erase user data, so if you do not delete the user data maybe, the safest thing is that the restart problem is not fixed we put the phone back in fastboot mode as explained before and we connect to the pc, we click on refresh and see that it has detected the phone and pulse in flash, this process can take an average of about 3, 4 minutes It also depends on the pc that we are using so I'm going to advance the video and as you can see, the phone with the xiaomi rom and reniniciandose as factory asking for all the data, so it's a method quite fast and easy because if you have the downloaded rom and all the necessary files already downloaded in the pc the whole process can last 5 minutes 10 as much, and well I hope This tutorial is useful if it is like this, you press like I say goodbye until a next video.

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