/Review Sony Bravia XE9005 Nueva Television 4K UHD HDR Android TV 2017

Review Sony Bravia XE9005 Nueva Television 4K UHD HDR Android TV 2017

Video: Review Sony Bravia XE9005 Nueva Television 4K UHD HDR Android TV 2017


hello everyone and welcome to my channel in this video I bring you the first 2017 tv model from Sony xe9005 is one of the high end models from Sony for this year it is available in 49, 55, 65 and 75 inches with pricing starting from 1699 for the 49 inchmodel 1999 for the 55 inch model 2799 for the 65 inch model and 4999 for the 75 inch model these are the starting prices, as the year goes by, prices will drop design wise it hasn't changed much it has a slim aluminum bezel and the stand is small and compact but there are some changes from last year models the stand comes in 3 pieces.

it has 2 metal feet ready for cable management the central piece is plastic, with nice finish but for this kind of tv, it should be all metal another change is that the tv thickens very close to the bezel for a good reason, instead of edge lightning, this model has direct backlight much better for local dimming the tv is quite slim, it's only 6 cm thick the 75 inch model grows up to 6,6 cm due to the fact that this model doesn't need the giant ac adaptor i'd rather add those 6mm to all models instead of having that external ac adaptor it has a rca and component input, the optical audio output and an hdmi port in the back on one side it has 3 usb ports, the number 3 is 3.0 the audio output, 3 hdmi ports, number 3 is ARC instead of scart it comes with a jack input for rca the ethernet port, the antenna input and 2 satellite inputs all hdmi ports are hdcp 2.2 compatible in the picture department, this is a 4k tv with the x1 4k hdr processor the evolution for this year it comes with 2 new technologies the first one is object based hdr remaster the colour in individual objects on screen is analysed and the contrast adjusted for each one Because objects are remastered individually, this TV can reproduce greater depth, textures and more real pictures.

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the other new feature is super bit mapping 4k hdr 14-bit signal processing breaks up the solid bands of colour, effectively smoothing out the gradation between shades when we watch the sky for example it uses 4k x-reality pro image processing with Advanced noise reduction techniques to refine and perfect the image and a special pattern database to find the best hue, saturation and brightness for each pixel every scene becomes clear, smoother and more natural it has motionflow xr 1000hz that gives smooth and sharp details in fast-moving sequences inserting extra frames between the original ones. for a more natural motion it has a VA panel with triluminos with a wider palette of colours than a traditional tv also it produces more precise colors and better lightning this creates richer and more natural colors it uses x-tended dynamic range pro precisely balancing the light output across the screen, dimming some areas and boosting others filling every scene with extraordinary contrast for true-to-life viewing.

it is hdr compatible. in this case hdr 10 there is no information about if it is a 10 or 8-bit panel, so i think it is an 8-bit panel for gamers, this model has game mode both normal and hdr and 32ms of input lag in the audio department, this tv has 2 10w speakers facing downwards with s-master amplifier with S-Force Front Surround that mimics the way the brain correlates sound sources for a more realistic audio with clear audio+ you can hear music, dialogue and surround effects with greater clarity and separation, with digital sound enhancement engine technology lost frequency components are restored for natural sound with a more spacious feel. it also uses clear phase that uses a powerful computer model to analyse and compensate for inaccuracies in speaker response. resulting in pure and natural audio the optical audio output is compatible with dts, dolby digital, dolby digital plus and dolby pulse for a greater audio quality connected to a home cinema or soundbar you can choose if the tv speakers are silenced when connecting headphones or not, which will make some people happy the volume bar is located on the bottom instead of on one side but as usual, the sound has good quality but lacks volume I reccomend a sound bar or home cinema if you want to enjoy movies sony continues using android for their smart tvs for me the best system, it gets updates and more apps every day this model comes with 16gb of internal storage for apps it has google voice search, thanks to the microphone in the remote control you can connect it with ethernet or wifi, and it has wifi-direct and screen mirroring, to clone the screen of your phone it also has chromecast built in, if our phone is not miracast compatible it has wifi AC for maximum speed and coverage the tv has dual dvb2 tunner and it has 2 sattelite inputs if you have 2 sattelite dishes in the usb number 3, you can plug a hard disk up to 2 tb and record the tv signal other functions are sleep and screen on timer, parental control, bravic sync and i-manual the remote is the same as last year, the only difference is the microphone button that is white now it is a very good tv, as the time passes and prices drop, it will be a tv to consider specially the 55 inch model, that already has good pricing as pros, it has the picture quality, thanks to the direct backlight the biggest difference between this and last year models also as is ussual in Sony, the android smart tv, the best for me as cons not too much, maybe the stand could be all metal, but you can't notice at first sight in the description below i will leave the link to the sony website for this model, if you want to check the specs if you like the video, you can subscribe, it is for free see you next time, bye.

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