/ReST Performance Bed Review (+ vs Sleep Number Comparison)!

ReST Performance Bed Review (+ vs Sleep Number Comparison)!

Video: ReST Performance Bed Review (+ vs Sleep Number Comparison)!


[background music] Logan Block: What's up, everybody? I'm Logan from sleepopolis.com. Today, I'll be reviewing the ReST Bed. I'll go over the feel of the ReST, run some tests, compare it against the Sleep Number i10 and Saatva Solaire. I'll even given my pros and cons, but first I want to start out by talking about the functionality of the ReST. Usually, during this portion of the review, I would tell you how firm I find a mattress, the support level on a scale of 1 to 10. Because this is an adjustable bed, it will change depending on how far you fill the air chambers that are used as support layers in the mattress.

Generally, I would say that it goes from a four on the soft descend all the way up to like a seven-and-a-half or an eight when you fully fill it up to be a firm mattress regardless of the level of fill you put into the air chambers, though there is a memory foam fill, thanks to three inches of gel memory foam on top that is used for pressure relief and comfort. The ReST Bed has five different support zones. It's the legs, hips, lumbar, shoulders, and heads. You can manually choose how much fill is in each of those sections. It'll get firmer or softer depending on where you need more pressure relief and support. For back sleepers, I would say you should go a little bit firmer across the board so you get a little bit more support. Your spine align in a better position. If you are a side sleeper, you're probably going to like it a bit softer.

You can play around and find the correct settings for you. In general, I don't think stomach sleepers are going to be great on this mattress because of the three inches of memory foam. You are going to sink a little bit in on top. If you are a stomach sleeper that is on a rest, I would definitely say go for a little bit of a firmer feel. Once you have found your perfect settings here by searching around on manual mode, there is a position mode that you can set when you're a back sleeper. If you hit the back button, it will automatically adjust to those levels for you. Then when you're on your shoulders on your side, you can hit this side button. It will automatically adjust to those pre-settings as well. All of this is controlled via the ReST app. It's on the tablet that ReST sends you. It is a downloadable application on any Android device. It's pretty simple to use. You can swipe up or down depending on how much fill you want in a given section.

You'll also see a pressure readout on there, showing you where you need more pressure relief, more support because of the sensors underneath the ReST cover. If you're not exactly sure what support level you need in different sections, there is an automatic function on the ReST's system, which is pretty nice. If you put it in automatic, you just choose whether you want a softer or firmer feel. The ReST application will then read where you're pressing into the mattress more or things to those sensors underneath the cover and automatically adjust each of those five settings to more efficiently give you the feel you're looking for. While you're rolling around and changing positions during the middle of the night, the ReST will adjust while you're in automatic mode.

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It's pretty quiet, actually. I was impressed by how soft the air pump was in terms of the sound it created as it was automatically adjusting while I changed positions. [background music] Logan: To give you a better idea of what makes up the ReST, I've unzipped the cover so you can take a look at the materials used and the layers of it. First up, the cover is a pretty thin, breathable, stretchy cover. It's not going to interfere with the feel of the mattress at all. I should note though that it is removable and machine-washable. Underneath that cover is the thick comfort layer of gel memory foam. It's about three inches thick. You see that classic slow response to pressure from memory foam. You're going to sink into that good contouring around your body. It's going to be great for pressure relief. One thing to note is that memory foam can sleep a little bit hot. They've included a gel infusion to help draw heat away from the sleeper and help you sleep a little bit cooler.

Underneath that, there is about an inch of polyfoam to act as a bit of a transition from the soft memory foam on top into the support layer of the mattress, which are these air chambers and the base here. These are the areas that are going to deflate or inflate depending on what kind of feel you're looking for. They're pretty inflated right now. This is going to give you bit of a firm feel. As you can see, they are split into two sides, which is going to mean that you're going to get a different firmness for you and your partner if you decide that you like different levels of firmness in the mattress. Wrapped around the entirety of the air chamber support is a firm, high density polyfoam. It's going to give you a bit of edge support. I was really impressed with the edge support here on the ReST mattress.

This is going to allow you to sleep all the way to the end of the bed without worrying about collapsing and rolling out of bed in the middle of the night. Something else of note are these blue areas here. These cover up the pressure map portions of the mattress. When you lay on the ReST, you're going to see a readout on the ReST app that shows you where causing you the largest pressure points on your body. These are the areas of the mattress that are giving those readings. They're connected directly to the ReST app. Instead of just giving you my opinion on the feel of the ReST, I'd like to run a few tests to give you a more objective look at what's going on with this mattress. I usually start with a pressure map test. Because a pressure map is literally built into this mattress, I'm going to skip it today because you have seen that during the fill portion of the review.

Another test that I did run though is a bounce test. I got to say there is not a lot of bounce here to the ReST. There's a thick layer of memory foam on top. Memory foam has a slow response to pressure. You may feel a little bit stuck in the mattress as you're rolling around changing positions, especially when you're on the softer settings on the ReST. I found that I was sunken into the mattress. There's not a ton of mobility here on the ReST mattress. Another test that I run that goes in line with that bounce test is the motion transfer test. Basically, I take a 10-pound steel ball, drop it from heights of 4, 8, and 12 inches to simulate someone getting into and out of bed, rolling around in the middle of the night. On the other side of the mattress, I put a seismometer down that tracks the disturbance with each of those drops. That's to tell you if you do share your bed with somebody, if they move around, roll around during the middle of the night, if you're going to feel it on your side of the bed. I got to say I was impressed with the ReST's ability to isolate motion transfer.

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It was impressive result. That thick layer of memory foam helps with that. While it does cut down on the bounce, it might make you feel a little bit stuck in the mattress. It does help when you have a restless partner in bed. One big benefit with that is that it's good for couples out there. I do think that the ReST is a great choice for the couples out there for a couple of reasons. One, it's got great edge support. Two, it's good at isolating motion transfer. Three, it does have dual chambers. If you and your partner like different firmness of your bed, you can make your own choice. If you're watching this review of the ReST Bed, I'm assuming you're also checking out a few other mattresses. I want to give you some information on some of ReST's biggest competitors. First up is Sleep Number. I'm going to speak specifically on the i10 version of the mattress. It has a pretty similar build to the ReST Bed with foam layers over the air chamber support.

You will adjust it manually via a remote control. However, there is also a SleepIQ app which will do some sleep tracking for you. I believe you can change the firmness from that app as well. The Smart Series for the i10 does have a responsive air technology, which is what they call it. It's pretty much the automatic function for the ReST Bed here today. The i10 only comes in queen, king, and California king sizes, and ranges in price from $5,099 up to $5,799. Next up is the Solaire Mattress from Saatva. This is a bit more of a low-tech option with no automatic adjustability. It is a manually adjusted firmness via a remote control that is attached to the air pumps in the bed. It will adjust from 0-50, with 50 being the firmness option. It only also has one air chamber where the ReST Bed does have the five different zones.

You will not get the kind of variable adjustability that you get on the ReST. It does have a similar build in terms of the memory foam over the air chamber support. However, the Solaire is also a bit more of a value option coming in between $1,995 and $3,195. Before I end the review, I want to give you some of my pros and cons for the ReST Bed. First up, reasons I would recommend it to you is that if you are looking for an adjustable mattress, this has everything you're looking for. It has the five zones, which is a nice function that not all adjustable mattresses have. It also has the automatic adjustability that you might be looking for. It's a nice function if you change positions throughout the night. That can automatically adjust where you need more pressure relief or support. I was impressed with how intuitive the app is. It' simple to use if you just need to quickly adjust the firmness at your hips or your lumbar region for a little bit more support. It's really nice.

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I would also recommend it to the couples out there. There's a few reasons I covered before. I thought that it did a great job on the motion transfer portion of the review. I was impressed with the edge support on the ReST Bed. Finally, the two chambers that are available in the queen and king-sized versions is really nice. If you and your partner disagree on how firmer mattress should be, you can pick your own firmness and support level. I would also recommend it to those looking for a memory foam feel regardless of how firm you have the ReST Bed set to. It has a thick layer of memory foam on top, so you're going to get that nice contouring feeling around your body. If you are someone that likes memory foam, this is going to be a good choice for you. There's some cons or complaints with the ReST Bed, that it does lack bounce. Most of that is due to the fact that there's a thick layer of memory foam on top of the mattress. That's just the nature of the material.

There's not a lot of bounce to it. If you'd like more of a traditional inner spring that's going to give you a little bit more springiness, you're not going to get that here. I would say if you're a strict stomach sleeper, I didn't think that it got firm enough to support my hips in that position. That's mostly, again, due to the thick layer of memory foam on top so I was sinking in it a little bit. If you are someone who needs a traditional inner spring or a strict stomach sleeper, the ReST probably isn't going to be the good choice for you. If you're interested in purchasing a ReST Bed, I want to give you a little bit of information on that process. First up, there's a 90-day trial period. It's going to be in your home for about three months deciding whether you want to keep it or send it back. There is a 10-year warranty on the ReST Bed. It's pretty interesting. You want to check out exactly what that covers on their website. In terms of shipping, it will cost $199, but it is white-glove delivery. They'll bring it, take it out of the box, set it up for you, show you how it works.

In terms of price, it ranges from $2,799 up to $5,598. That is the cost before the $199 shipping, so it will be about $200 on top of that. [background music] Logan: That's it for my review of the ReST Bed. If there's anything I didn't cover, just leave a comment below. If your mattress search continues, google, "Sleepopolis and best mattress" to see my top picks there. Be sure to follow us on social media so you don't miss any of our sleep news or giveaway announcements. Check out sleepopolis.com for all of your sleep needs..