/Recensione Dell Venue 11 Pro – Review [eng subtitles]

Recensione Dell Venue 11 Pro – Review [eng subtitles]

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Hi, we're on Eeevolution.it with a Dell Venue 11 Pro. This is the latest 10.8-inch tablet mostly for business and pro users, but also for everyone else. It's the real and valid competitor of Microsoft Surface 2, though it has some exclusive technical features and functionalities you can found only on this model. The first and most important is the chance to remove the back panel, this way, and access battery, SSD disk and other components like the wireless and Bluetooth card. The RAM is welded, anyway this upgrade is unique in the market. There are three configurations available in Italy for this Dell Venue 11 Pro.

The first and cheapest starts from 479 Euros, powered by Intel Atom Bay Trail and 2 GB of RAM. This is the medium, starting from 699 Euros, powered by CORE I3, 4 GB of RAM, real SSD disk with 128 GB and some other cool stuff, for example four microphones, dual band Wi-Fi, HD 4600 graphic card and so on… for details visit the Dell site. Every model has 10.8-inch Full-HD display, standard USB port, mini HDMI, another micro-USB, SD slot and many built-in sensors, like NFC here on the rear. Every model can match with some accessories… here I have the most important and useful: the mobile keyboard dock, which besides touchpad, keyboard and this hinge to use it just like a netbook, packs another built-in battery to have 10 hours of extra battery life. We'll talk about the keyboard later, 'cause though build quality is great it has one big fault… I'll show you later. Let's go back to the tablet, talking about build quality, to see how this Venue 11 Pro is made. The frame is all metallic, only the rear is plastic designed like Dell's XPS line or the 8-inch Venue: smudge-proof, you can touch it every time you want and it stays clean, with a soft texture that creates a firm hold, it doesn't crackle or flex.

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.. the build quality is great. The 10.8-inch screen makes it a little larger than average, here in the middle there's the Home button (with vibration), it can comfortably fit in one hand, anyway. Weight is a little too much: 790 grams, mostly due to components and upgrades. Tablet and keyboard together weigh about 1.5 Kg, which is a lot… but just think you have two batteries and this metal hinge increasing its weight. Screen is Full HD, brightness is almost 400 nits, very high. From this point of view it's worse than Surface 2 though, just to say its main competitor, but actually brightness and display are good, you can use it outdoor too with high settings, mostly because contrast and colors are good… It's well made. Moreover, don't forget Venue 11 Pro integrates the Synaptic digitizer, just like Venue 8 Pro, so you can buy the stylus (about 30 Euros) and have palm and pressure rejection, or write, add notes and draw.

Well, it isn't a Wacom, but actually it's cheaper and this is the only tablet that allows to buy and add the stylus functions afterwards. Nothing bad to say about performance… this configuration with the fourth generation CORE I3, SSD disk and 4 GB of RAM can do almost everything: HD, gaming, a comfortable multitasking. Full HD resolution creates some problems sometimes with desktop mode, because not all programs are customized for this kind of resolution yet… but maybe it's something Windows will fix in the next update of 8.1, in a few days. Performances are great, also the Atom-powered model, the cheaper one, is surely compatible with business apps, home productivity and all contexts you like better to use a tablet like this than a laptop. Battery life is good as well: with Web playback, Wi-Fi, auto brightness, the built-in 36 VH battery lasted more than 8 hours and a half.

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.. adding the keyboard dock it lasted 15 hours and a half… the best result at this moment. Moreover the two batteries are well managed: tablet's battery is the most important, so if you attach tablet and keyboard, keyboard's battery drains first, and that's really nice. The keyboard has its USB port to recharge it alone, and that's a good point. Well, I liked Venue 11 Pro, it doesn't show big faults… I had some software issues and I just updated drivers (it's easy with Windows 8.1 and its update program) I suggest you have a deeper look, 'cause Dell really cares about BIOS, patches, new firmware and there's always a new release. The big fault about the keyboard for me is this: the very little play to tilt the tablet backward. This is the max angle, 117 degree, and I really think it isn't enough..

. that's really limiting when you write and put the tablet on a desk or such… really uncomfortable. That's a shame for sure, because the keyboard is great, with this larger multi-touch trackpad, it also has many dedicated buttons for Windows 8 gestures. It's solid, comfortable and it adds many hours of battery life, but with this fault I can't really suggest you this keyboard because it's really uncomfortable sometimes and you'd end up using maybe a Bluetooth keyboard. To sum up, at 699 Euros (200 Euros less than Surface 2 Pro, more powerful but less complete and versatile) this Dell's tablet worth it, I suggest you buy it if you need a real replacement for your laptop. Moreover, buying tablet and keyboard the price is the same of Surface 2 Pro… with plus the keyboard and the extra battery. For more technical details and info, please visit Eeevoluton.it Bye!.

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