/Read Girlfriend’s Messages without seen (Whatsapp ,Facebbok) English Sustitles Sikho Sikhao

Read Girlfriend’s Messages without seen (Whatsapp ,Facebbok) English Sustitles Sikho Sikhao

Video: Read Girlfriend’s Messages without seen (Whatsapp ,Facebbok) English Sustitles Sikho Sikhao


Hello Friends Welcome to my channel Sikho Sikhao in today's video i am going to tell you Facebook ,Whatsapp, Viber , Telegram if you got any msg. on these social apps then how to read without seen first we need to talk about WhatsApp In Whatsapp if we send a msg to anyone if msg. delivered it show double tick if he/she reads that msg. our whatsapp shows that blue tick on that msg if we talking about facebook there is also a feature that show someone seen your msg , in the right side of msg.

there is a small round profile pic logo in today's trick i am going to tell you about if your friends or relatives msg. you then you can read that msg without seen no one knows that First You need to open your google play store then search in the bar "Unseen" in the first result you can see this app you can watch it left side of your screen unseen no last read now download it this app score approx more than 1 million and its rating 4.4 its really great rating maintain in 1 million Downloads its a startup interface you just need to skip it to clicking on next icon now be sure marks on all app which you want to use the unseen feature now enable the accessbility allow and click on back key its install in your phone now now if you got any msg. on these apps just read from this app let me back to home screen now i am going to to send a msg from my another phone i am just sending "HI" Boom we got that msg on another phone now i am opening unseen app you can see "my voda old" i saved my no to this name msg is showing up there which is sent to me let me send another check it I sent two messages and i seen both of that from this app and its still not showing double tick Same process for Facebook Telegram ,Viber you can use all i don't have multi accounts of these socail service so i can't show right now for all service but its working 100% when my friends msg .

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it shows there i checked all features its really works then i make this video for You it is still not seen let me open the Whatsapp , when i saw through whatsapp as quick as it goes to blue you can see there blue tick was so quickly appear if you have any questions realated to this video then comment below and plz subscribe my channel , Thanks for watching Sikho Sikhao.