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Welcome to another video from explaining computers dot com, and to a special extra episode about the Raspberry Pi 4 model B. Yes, in late June 2019, the Raspberry Pi foundation have surprised us with a new pi, and I'm very grateful the've sent me one to take a look at. Now, you'll be very pleased to hear that the Raspberry Pi 4 B is a very significant upgrade, while still maintaining backwards compatibility with previous models. So, let's go and take a closer look. So, this is going to be a video full of surpises, and the first one is this.

This is a very large box isn't it? This is the Raspberry Pi 4B desktop kit and this contains all the things you need to start using a Raspberry Pi 4B as your desktop computer. And this costs one hundred and five pounds or one hundred and twenty dollars but do not fear you can still buy an individual Raspberry Pi 4B. But because I've been sent this rather nice desktop kit obviously we'll start by looking at this. So let's open it up, and here we are — nice and easy to get inside — and there we are and straight away we can see Raspberry Pi stuff. Here we have in the middle a Raspberry Pi official case which contains the Raspberry Pi 4B which we'll look at that a lot more depth obviously a bit later in the video.

And in addition to that we have a Raspberry Pi mouse, and we have a new Raspberry Pi USB C power supply. Yes the Raspberry Pi 4B uses a USB C power supply — there's one of the first changes to the Pi. And beneath here this lifts out I'm sure — it does something like, like this. Come out! Come out! There we are. And under here we've got a Raspberry Pi keyboard and hub. That looks rather nice. And also down here we've got some connection leads, so lots of exciting things in this desktop kit. But I'm sure initially at least I think the thing you're most interested in is the Raspberry Pi 4B itself would you be inside this case ,which I think just clicks apart. There it is. There is the Raspberry Pi 4B. So let's take a closer look at this new Pi.

So I've now put the accessories safely to one side so we can take a closer look at the star of our show, the brand new Raspberry Pi 4 B. And the second surprise to reveal here is that you can buy a Raspberry Pi 4B in one of three different versions. Because you can buy a Raspberry Pi for B with either 1, 2 or 4 gigabyte of RAM. And to give you the prices, the 1GB gigabyte 2 Raspberry Pi 4 B costs £33 or $35. The 2GB Raspberry Pi 4D costs £43 or $45. Snd the 4GB Raspberry Pi 4B costs £53 or $55. So you can make your choice in terms of price in terms of how much RAM you have on your Raspberry Pi 4B. Now as you probably noticed already things have changed a bit on the top of the Pi, the components are slightly different in some cases so let's compare this to the previous Raspberry Pi 3 B+.

And there we are the new PI is now sitting next to its a older comrade. And straight away you can see that they've switched over the position of the USB ports and there if that socket which is now a mirror of the previous PI and we can see we've got our USB C power connector here compared to the microUSB power connector on previous pies and other changes down here which I'll get to in a second and what all this means is whilst the PI is compatible with previous models of rust with PI 4 P it's got the same form factor it won't go in the same cases we need new cases for the the rapid pipe 4 bit so let's take a bit of a closer look at the specs of this board and the raspberry pi 4 B is based on a Broadcom BCM 2711 system on a chip with a 64-bit quad-core arm cortex a7 t2 cpu running at 1.5 gigahertz it's just noted this is paired with 1 2 or 4 gigabytes of RAM that's a low-power ddr4 Ram and the board also good wireless connectivity specifically it's got dual band 802 1-1 B G and an AC Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.

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0 and as you probably noticed if you're into your PI's we still have the camera connect to and display connector on top of the board in exactly the same positions they were previously the myth pcs I and DSi connectors are just we found them on previous PI's if we turn to the first short edge things get very exciting because for the first time on a PI we've got Gigabit Ethernet and then our four type a USB ports as you can see here two of them as you probably noticed already are USB 3 so yes we've got 2 USB 3 port and Gigabit Ethernet on a PI so if for example you want to use a PI to build an AZ that's very good news indeed rotating around to the first long gauge we find a familiar 3.5 millimeter jack for audio and composite video output and then at the other end of this edge we have our USB C power connector and the Raspberry Pi 4 B requires 5 volts at at least 3 amps which can be delivered either through the USBC connector or via GPO or using a power over ethernet hat and then in the middle of those connectors we find to count them two micro HDMI connectors yes the full-sized HDMI connector has gone to be replaced with these 2 micro HDMI ports and so if you are wondering why there were two leads in their desktop kit this is why we now have dual display support on a Raspberry Pi and these micro HDMI connectors support resolutions up to 4k and in this context it's also worth noting that the Raspberry Pi 4 be offers hardware decoding at both 1080p and 4k video at up to 60 frames a second turning to the second short edge we find that nothing has changed we still have a display connector where it was on previous PI's and similarly if we turn to the second long edge we find those changes again we've got our familiar 40 pin Raspberry Pi GPIO connector and also the four pin power over ethernet or p OE connector first introduced on the Raspberry Pi 3 b+ if we move back to the top of the board and I'll just show you underneath because of course we do have underneath via microSD card slot which obviously we're putting a card in very soon to a boot up the PI but other than that nothing of great excitement underneath and so there we are that is the spec of our new Raspberry Pi 4b and just to give you a summary this is a Raspberry Pi with 1 2 or 4 gigabytes of RAM 2 USB 3 ports Gigabit Ethernet USB C power and dual 4k output and so I think by anybody's measure this is a very significant upgrade to the Raspberry Pi so let's take a brief look at the Raspberry Pi for the accessories and the first of these is the power supply which we have here already removed it from its little box and this provides the 5 volts at 3 are necessary to run the rush to PI 4 be with it's a USBC connector on the end and the thing I like about this it's got a very very long lead which is great to say on a power supply so often I have to put an extension lead on a power supply for a single board computer I won't have to do that for this one it's got a nice long lean and talking of leads these are the two HDMI leads that came in the box they've got the microwaves do you might well then to go into the PI and full-size a steam like the other to go into a monitor or a record or whatever else you're putting them into and here again is the case which we saw earlier the pie came in the case a standard Raspberry Pi case but obviously we designed to take the Raspberry Pi for the different cutouts to two previous cases and very easy to put the pie in here you just literally drop it in like this and then you drop SIA the cover on the top and it all clips down the phone clip right there we are and the PI's now easily in the case and you can just put your microSD card in the back and that just goes in there I think like that so the PI is all ready for action but of course to use the PI's has to have a key more than a mouse and as we saw in the raspy pie kit that was the Raspberry Pi Mouse this was released earlier I think in 2019 need to bring in a sternly of an eye to let us in there never seen around a fire mouse before in there in the flesh of plastic although it is this could have a red scroll with us rather nicer looking mouse and finally we have the Raspberry Pi keyboard and ER hub which we will open up by the magic of filmmaking and it's actually a rather nice keyboard it's very similar to the keyboard I use a lot over time nice soft keys very good if you've got arthritis or eyesight things like that good spacebar action and as you can see here it has got the hub at the back it's got three USB type a ports there and it plugs into the PI using a this red lead which goes in life curve that into microUSB that will go into the PI and it gives you the extra USB port either hub at the back so there we are it's now time to put all of this together and to boot up the Raspberry Pi for model B so here we are booting into raspbian on the Raspberry Pi 4b and this is a new version of raspbian released concurrently with the Raspberry Pi 4p to support other states new hardware and in fact what I'm running here is probably a pre-release because I've been supplied this before release date and I don't necessarily have everything here I don't think and if we look into programming stuff is there internet we don't have for example Libre Office installed here so this might not be final software I don't know so I don't want to judge it too much on that and because of that and therefore not going to do significant performance tests in this video I will leave those to future videos but it's interesting I think to look here we go to accessories and a task manager and you'll see that we've got our well three seven three one megabytes of RAM there this is a 4 gigabyte raspberry pi 4 B the other memory is being used by the GPU here go to preferences and PI configuration you'll see my GPU allocated 256 megabytes which we can do on a pie with a 4 gigabytes of RAM I've still got to get my head around the fact we can now buy raspberry pies with 1 2 or 4 gigabytes of RAM and talking of the GPU will make you start to think about graphical performance letters have a little bit look at that let's go into the chromium web browser and here we are we can clearly do normal web browsing very well indeed I have to upgrade Maya SVC page here won't I put the Raspberry Pi for be at the top of that paisa and we get to say YouTube and play a sample clip I know that's what you all want to see me do well just to fullscreen that and a hopefully it'll catch up there we are this will be playing in there 1080p I think FS is 1080p and this looks pretty good this is much better than we'd normally see on a Raspberry Pi isn't it which is rather good playback and that's clearly a very good thing raspberry PI's have struggled a bit with the media playback for a while now and this clearly with this latest upgrade we are going to have that problem anymore so that's a that's very good to see and I think for now I'm going to leave this because I've got to come back into all sorts of tests in future videos tests of cooling and performance and all that type of thing but the one thing I would say is that the desktop experience here is just very nice it's very fluid and the Raspberry Pi foundation in their marketing for the Raspberry Pi 4b suggests it has performance comparable to entry-level x86 systems and I think that's a fair comparison to make and that's not to suggest that a raspy PI 4 B is the same as the average desktop PC it obviously isn't but if you want to do basic computing on a Raspberry Pi for B things like web browsing with a media playback email or bit of office work that's obviously it's very much well up to that task and I'm sure that's why they now sell via Raspberry Pi for the desktop kit as we'll previously looking at so there we are this is raspbian on the Raspberry Pi for B it's always great to see where as been running regardless I think it's just a nice operating system to use and I'll be testing it out a lot more in future videos last beep i4b is a very significant upgrade that will have a very large impact on the SBC marketplace why well because for a few years now if you've wanted to buy a pipe priced single board computer you've had a trade off to make on the one hand you could have bought a Raspberry Pi a three be a three-beat plus with fantastic software support great support for the GPU in in the software not least and fantastic community support or you could have bought a competitor board with far worse software support for worse community support but competitor boards have increasingly had features not found on the PI things like a USB 3 ports gigabit ethernet more memory and 4k output and so now we've got on a Raspberry Pi USB 3 port Gigabit Ethernet more memory for Kate output there were far fewer reasons to buy a competitive board and so the Raspberry Pi 4b could blow many of its competitors out of the market I very much look forward to testing out to recipe pie for B in future videos using it in projects running performance tests probably doing a new cooling video and I'd be very interested to hear what you think in the new raspberry pi 4 be what you plan to do with it please let us all know down in the comments section but now that's it for another video if you enjoyed but you see no please press the like button if you haven't subscribed please subscribe and hope to talk to you again that will be soon you.

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