/Quad Feed with Every Gun! (Call of Duty: Black Ops 3)

Quad Feed with Every Gun! (Call of Duty: Black Ops 3)

Video: Quad Feed with Every Gun! (Call of Duty: Black Ops 3)


We go with the veteran from the US Merc What's up guys This is M3RKMUS1C and welcome to a quad feed with every gun in black ops 3 before this video gets started I just want to let you guys know that this video is only going to include the primary and secondary Weapons in the game and it's not going to include the specialist weapons, but I might cover that in a separate video I think it's also worth mentioning that since Treyarch has already started adding DLC weapons like the brass knuckles wrench and butterfly knife to black ops 3 I'm only going to be including quad feeds with the original weapons that have been in the game since Day one but with that being said, let's start off with the assault rifles We're gonna be starting off here with the AR K 7, which is actually now known as the kn-44 I'm not exactly sure why Jarek decided to change the name since the beta and that clip was actually from the beta I do want To point out that I am playing on multiple platforms like on Xbox one My gamer tag is Merc music, but during the beta I couldn't play it because there was constant crashing So I also made another account called boost master and on ps4.

I'm known as booster. Yo, oh And even though I didn't hit any quad feed when I was playing black ops 3 on the PC means chlorophyll Yo and every so often as you guys have probably noticed by now I'll be cutting off the commentaries audio because I had a reaction in game It's not gonna happen too much and it shouldn't be too loud Just kidding that was a total fuckin lie, I'll be screaming my prepubescent ass off this entire video. Just clicking It's not that bad all the time. Oh My keep making music and I got more but in all honesty This is the fastest I've ever gotten any Quad feed video out in any Call of Duty and that's not to say that black ops 3 is super easy or that I'm insanely Good at it because clearly I'm not I'm spawn trapping and fucking demolition with a Shiva to get the Quadra But that was also in the beta and on the ps4 and I wasn't really used to the controller I could make up a million excuses But all I'm trying to say is that I had a really great time hitting quad feeds in this game But now we're moving on to s energies and just like all the other quad feed videos in the past I want to give you guys my personal advice on how to hit quad feeds and clips because everyone should be able to have awesome Moments like this Oh In fairness when I watch that clip back, I realize I could have had like a 5 or 6 man feed instead So obviously not every single clip is perfect But there are definitely some things that you can do to adjust your play style and to do in general for the game That can help you be better and get better clips So I'll start off simple the best advice I can give you is to play ground war and chaos.

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Mosh pit They're by far my favorite modes for being aggressive getting a lot of kills and hitting clips the next piece of advice I have is actually advice that I gave in the Call of Duty ghost quad feed video and I think I might've even mentioned it in advanced warfare But I think universally it's just great advice for doing well in any First-person shooter and that advice is to kill as many people as possible It doesn't matter if you're going for a feed a quad feed a lot of kills in the game a nuclear in black ops 3 Whatever it might be the best way to go about doing it is to kill as many people as you can, you know They're in that Farrow clip. I tried to do it even though I already hit the quad feed. It didn't matter to me I was just trying to fuck their shit up but again If you don't play this game risky if you don't take those risks go for those chances and make the best out of those opportunities It's just not going to work Anyway, we're moving on to the LMGs and I wanted to take this time to talk about the maps in black ops 3 I'm gonna be honest There's not a lot of maps that I really like consistently playing on there are certain maps that work Well with certain game modes like hunted safeguard, but then when you play like hunted domination It's kind of like what the fuck in other Cod games there have been maps that I will play absolutely Any game mode on it does not matter I love the maps so much that it doesn't matter what the game mode is But in this game, it seems like maps are made for certain modes and like with other modes They just don't work at all again This is just my opinion But it's not even necessarily a bad thing because when a mode is made for a certain map and it plays incredibly Well, it's an awesome experience the only thing that could be kind of Problematic about this in black ops 3 is that since you can vote for the same map and mode over and over and over again? You start to get really bored of that awesome experience faster Sorry, if that was kind of loud.

I just up on the squirrel. But anyway, we're moving on to the boom sticks the shotguns But before I talk about them I just realized that I didn't even say like what my favorite maps are in this game Or at least the ones that I think are good for hitting quad feeds are just feeds in general. I think infection hunted evac Nuketown and combine are pretty solid Maps for hitting clips and in general I just think they're pretty good Maps as a whole speaking of things that are good as a whole the shotguns in black ops 3 They're kind of amazing And it reminds me of modern warfare 2 and it makes me happy but it seems like a lot of people are not happy with the shotgun balance like some people want them to be even more powerful than they Are right now and some people hate them so fucking much They just want them to be rendered useless and I think they're kind of okay where they're at, right? Oh I'm sorry for interrupting myself me. I'll be more fucking considerate next time but anyway we're moving on to the sniper rifles, and I've got to say I'm very disappointed with them in black ops 3 you're about to listen to the opinion of someone who uses the thermal on the sniper and I don't really proclaim to be a sniper all that much and I don't snipe that much in black ops 3 But I think they need to be better or at least difference than they are now because if this keeps happening I'm going to die Very soon.

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Fuck I Could really use the Snickers because he gets a little angry when he sucks dick at sniping at black ops 3 But I think we here are my suggestions on what I think Trek should do to snipers and black ops 3 Please don't freak out. That was just my reaction. Here are my suggestions I think that putting uh suppressor on a silencer should make it weaker just like it did in black ops 2 because people who use Suppressors had to go for headshots and it made for really awesome and unique Clips and it showed a much higher level of skill and in turn I think that the sniper rifles should all be given a little bit of a misis on consoles because they're at a much bigger disadvantage than people who use every other weapon in the game because every other weapon in the game has a misis it least on the Console versions.

Anyway, if charg added amos sister sniper rifles and I had them on my snipers. This would be my real Yes, I got it. Oh my god my fucking god I understand that a lot of snipers have already adjusted and adapted to the new changes and they might not want them to change again This is just my opinion. So please don't freak out if you don't agree with this But anyway, we've been on the pistol Clips for a little bit and even though the pistols are pretty decent in black ops 3 we don't have like a super fun pistol to use like the Executioner in black ops 2 or something badass like the desert eagle It's just kind of a letdown in my opinion a lot like the launchers in this game If you've been watching my black ops 3 videos for a while now, you'd know that I fucking despise the X and 53's blast radius I'm about to play against a fucking out of seven.

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I'm done. I'm done yo-yo. I'm done. I'm done. I'm done I'm absolutely done. This game hates me. This game fucking hates me after tons and tons of quad fails I actually went into a private match to see if it was even possible and it is so I Kept trying for it and eventually I got this. Oh my God One on hunted safeguard I realized that I could do something very similar with the black cell at the start of the rounds Except all I was really getting was like triple car bombs and stuff like that Oh so every time we got a hunted safeguard and we were defending I decided to try to go for this black cell quad and eventually This happened. Oh Shit yeah, I was really happy to hit a quad with both of the launchers But anyway, we're gonna be finishing up the video here with the combat knife. We're gonna be honest I find knifing with the combat knife in black ops 3 to be kind of difficult. It's very slow and there's nothing quite as awesome as the ballistic knife like in black ops 1 on black ops 2 And really the specialist category should have the ballistic knife in the crossbow I'm still wondering why they didn't add it into this game with that said I was only able to hit a split quad and a Really awesome streak with the combat knife and I wasn't able to get a clean quad feed But I think I might make it up here with a quad wrench I'm pretty sure that if I had a combat knife in my hands instead of the wrench I still would have hit this quad feed.

Oh my god. Oh my god Yes, no I did I knew it was gonna happen I knew it Christmas noobs, but seriously All of the melee weapons in black ops are just way too slow And it's really the only way to hit a quad feed is to be hitting people in the back or rather stunned or other heat weights they basically had to be clueless potatoes with guns in their hands like the people in this clip because realistically you're not going to Hit a quad feet with a wrench or even do well with the wrench against players that are half decent It's just the way it is But yeah I hope you guys enjoyed the quad feet with every gun in black ops 3 if you guys did I would greatly appreciate It if you could like this video subscribe and share this video around to help get it some exposure This is the first time since modern warfare 3 that I did this video on my own with no help whatsoever So I would really greatly appreciate it. If you guys could support this video in any way you can but yeah Thank you very much for watching and I'll see.