/PS4 NAT Type Fix – Get Your Open NAT Back

PS4 NAT Type Fix – Get Your Open NAT Back

Video: PS4 NAT Type Fix – Get Your Open NAT Back


hello sim here so the ps4 it's got a problem it's a bit flaky when it comes to UPnP which means you can't get an open nat regardless that you've got UPnP enabled on your router you powered off your ps4 you powered off your modems and routers and whatever you do you still can't get an open NAT it still gives you a moderate NAT now originally the wah so it did occur into a system update had occurred that ah I'd put it down to that they're fix in the next one or whatever or is it black ops 3 in it hadn't been gaming for a little while well no it's definitely to do with the ps4 so I've managed to figure out how to get it to work so I'm going to step you through why did so the nice simple one first off is close the application so in this case black ops 3 go over to the settings menu and go to network and do test network connection this does it like Network handshaking and opens up UPN ports now if you've got a Router such as a Netduma you can look at your UPnP table and see whether it's opening ports and if you're lucky enough for open ports like 9308 and the magic port 3074 which is what COD traditionally uses but if your ps4 is a bit ill this won't work so what I ended up having to do well it sort of works and it might not work it was it was a bit flaky so what I had to do was I had to go and do a good old ps4 recovery mode job that means you know switch off your ps4 as per usual and then hold down the power button physically up on the front of the ps4 for a good 7 to 10 seconds and you'll hear one beep go off and then another beep a few seconds later and it shuts itself off now what you need to do is connect your ps4 controller to your ps4 via the USB cable then switch it on via the you know the controller it will come up saying oh please connect your controller you press the power button on the controller again and then you go to the rebuild database option and let it do its job now on my particular case I was still having a few problems after that and I thought I'll reboot the machine again and I saw another rebuild database so it's like oh okay so you got a little bit of a problem so it sorted itself out then I eventually got back to doing the traditional fix that had worked previously prior to me recording the video when it decided no I'm not going to play ball sim I'm not going to work so you then go back to the settings network do the test connection thingy majiggy again and it still didn't work properly for me now the final thing that I did and this may be the trick but I want to go through all the steps that I did so you guys can go through it if you need to is I then turned off the console again but this time I physically removed power to the console for a good 10 seconds even though it was shut down to let anything else that had got itself in a bit of a pickle unpickled then physically powered you know connected back to electricity then switched on the ps4 still didn't want to work but then I went back to good old network settings test test the internet connection and I can see on my Netduma that the UPnP port nine three zero eight for the ps4 had opened up such like ah this is good it's working again fired up the game and hey presto port three zero seven four open up I got an Open NAT so I wanted to put this video out there to share with you guys so those of you who are experiencing these issues and I know a few of you are um if this helps anybody out you know it's always good to always like to help people out as much as I can obviously you know I have a life I can't be 24/7 tech support but that was the method that I went through to get my games to become open again from an Open NAT perspective so the UPnP is buggy you can google it on the web and you'll see the ps4 got some flaky stuff so to do a quick recap if your ps4 is not that sick close your game of interest go to the network settings and do a test internet connection then relaunch your game and hey presto all works if it doesn't use the recovery menu to rebuild your database and maybe then after it's done that reboot your ps4 again just confirm there's no other things going on then actually shut down your ps4 full power off and remove it electricity's there is no physical power going to it there leave that for a good 10 seconds switch it back on then boot up the ps4 as per usual go back over to the network settings do the test internet connection and then launch the game and you will get an Open NAT and I can confirm now that I am completely stable the behavior is back where it was before because the ps4 always all certainly black ops 3 always wants port 3074 and it won't use 3075 3076 or anything like that on a ps4 it should do but it doesn't so I confirm that it's back to its good working behavior like it has been because I fired up my xbox to deliberately grab port 3074 and get itself confused on the ps4 when I launch it again and did my standard clearing of UPnP tables and stuff on my router just to confirm it have have I got a permanent fix is my ps4 back to normality so to speak and yes it is I've now got an Open NAT permanently so that's good news so I wanted to share this video with you guys so if you found this video useful I appreciate a thumbs up if you're new here and want to stay in touch with my latest videos consider touching that avatar and hitting you know subscribing to my channel and until next time this has been sim.

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