/Progressive App Builder Review [How To Convert Website into a Mobile App]

Progressive App Builder Review [How To Convert Website into a Mobile App]

Video: Progressive App Builder Review [How To Convert Website into a Mobile App]


Hi there it's Mark Gossage of best bonus king.com Do you want to be able to convert your existing website into a lightning-fast future-ready mobile app with just one easy click of your mouse well as of today you can now do that easily the progressive app builder it's going to let you do this and more with no techie knowledge needed no app store approval and it's going to all be ready within five minutes it's now easy to convert your website into a powerful lightning fast future app your websites will now open up in a blink of the eye and you'll now be able to send push notifications with no extra cost its future ready technology and it's preferred by both Microsoft and Google it's also PWA where they say you're already ahead of your competition in search engine results you'll also be able to use push notifications to bring your visitors back at the right time which will in turn increase sales as you'll be able to send out the right message to the right people at the right time using the progressive apps builder really is as easy as step one enter the URL of your website Shopify store or blog step to upload the generated files to your website step 3 that sees your sites now being converted into a lightning-fast progressive mobile app and all in a few minutes you know you're going to be able to create any type of app in minutes marketing apps econ apps lead gen apps video sharing apps local business apps or learning apps community apps new sharing apps blog apps and although more a lot of small businesses are going to benefit from these progressive apps as they're an existing website can easily be converted into an app and their customers can then direct the install the app easily Shopify type stores can use the progressive app to keep in touch using push notifications and offline businesses will love the progressive app as small shops like the flourish the barbershop can use it to take bookings reserve a seat simply use a progressive app builder on the website the benefits of push notifications are massive oh the present moment iPhones are not supported but Apple is working on this and it won't be long before iPhone users can benefit from push notifications when the push notification system first came out many people did not fully understand this easy-to-use system and started paying monthly fees to a middleman that is no longer necessary as these progressive apps take care of everything the front end it's priced at 47 to $97 and you'll be able to create progressive or web apps convert a website into a mobile app instantly it will work without an internet connection in offline mode send push notifications in Android apps and you'll be able to send push notifications in iOS apps soon will be activated by Apple in the coming months no Google Play Store or Apple's App Store approval required and you won't need to visit the Play Store or the App Store to install your app you'll be able to install the app by directly visiting the website on a mobile or tablet browser the app is supported on Chrome Firefox and opera uh nandroid and safari browsers on iOS you can send the install link to users via email or SMS convert your Shopify site into an Android iOS app and send push notifications to your customers and never mess with any drag-and-drop website builder again worst of all kind of mobile responsive web sites with HTTPS enabled completely auto updating apps they'll automatically update with your website and if your website is gdpr compliant yet apps will automatically become gdpr compliance as well one-time offer one it's priced at sixty seven to ninety seven dollars and it's a powerful or one-time offer as you'll also beginning or to respond to push notifications but push notification scheduling splash advertisements splash offers customizable push notifications with 15 high converting push notification templates in welcome push notification a customizable menu bar and translate into 15 + or angry jizz your one-time offer – it's a progressive apps builder consultant talking and it's priced at 197 – 297 dollars your personalized ready to go marble app agency website with your own custom animated video commercials killer PowerPoint presentation and proposals ready to mail or to respond the series and pimp to sell telemarketing scripts one-time offer phrase the agency license at 297 to 497 dollars and this is where your clients will have access to features of the progressive apps builder create accounts for your clients using your own dashboard in one easy click charge of monthly yearly order one time one-off high free create accounts with one easy click and a low one-time investment on the untap new technology or where you really have the first mover advantage so make sure to click on the link that's right below this video over there and check out all the new high-quality bonuses and click on any other link summer bonus page and check out the progressive app builder today your bonuses that are already there waiting for you in the download area.

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