/Powerful Mobile Mediacenter for Videos and Music with Smartphone Control

Powerful Mobile Mediacenter for Videos and Music with Smartphone Control

Video: Powerful Mobile Mediacenter for Videos and Music with Smartphone Control


Today we will explore a specific application of the Max2Play Image together with the Raspberry Pi a WiFi stick and the HiFiBerry Amp+ With these components, we can create a powerful and easy to use media center that we can control from our smartphones or tablets. The first step to do this with our Max2Play HiFiBerry Image is to select our HiFiBerry card which in this case is the HiFiBerry Amp+. We just click "save" and in just a few seconds our system is set up for the Amp+. All we have to do now is restart the system and we can get started on our few steps to set up our media center.

While this reboot is happening, I am going to go into detail about this media center. We want to make a simple media center with which we can play music and videos from our Amp+ with the audio and from a monitor connected via HDMI and our preferred software for that is of course the Kodi media center which comes preinstalled on Max2Play. No matter if you have a premium license or not. The premium addon we need for the control from our smartphone and tablets is the Accesspoint Setup; which comes, if we have the email address typed in and the premium license activated, preinstalled on our menu All we have to do is enable it. We can do that in the "Settings/Reboot" menu Here we have the overview of all the available plugins. The Accesspoint Setup is right here, we just have to put it into the active plugins section and it will show up in our menu.

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This is pretty much the easiest extension we have to date. Once we have the WiFi Stick connected to our Raspberry, all we have to do is click "install" and Max2play automatically sets up an access point that will install a DHCP server and all the necessary functions to work with control from other devices in the local area. While this access point is set up, we will make a quick cut and come back to the Kodi interface which we can see right here. We just click "start" and are able to access our Kodi interface from the screen we have connected via HDMI. So I am going to switch over to that screen now. Now we are in the Kodi media center interface. Here we need just a few more options to set up our control via smartphone. For that we go to System -> Settings and here we go to "Services" In the Services section we have the "Remote control" options. Where we have to allow programs on other systems to control Kodi.

Also we need to allow control of Kodi via HTTP. Now we can also set up AirPlay functionality on Kodi if we want to. That is all, if we now go back to the start and open up one of the great apps for Kodi media center on our smartphone or tablet, we are able to control it easily and smoothly from there We have a perfectly working media center at our finger tips. That's it for the new Max2Play video, I hope you enjoyed it Please subscribe and I'll see you..