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Plex Install with Seedbox Dashboard

Video: Plex Install with Seedbox Dashboard


Alright guys, I'm gonna go over how to install Plex on your Seedbox What we're gonna do now is you're gonna open up your Seedbox dashboard And you're gonna see all this stuff: the chat would be over here but I removed that for the video From here you're gonna want to hit. Go ahead and click Plex icon. What that's gonna do and I'll show that in the write-up is It will open a new little window here That's going to ask you for your pre-existing Plex login information. So if you don't have a Plex account you need to go to Plex.tv and go ahead And sign up for an account there before doing this. So once you're done doing that or if you already have an account Go ahead and click this button right here It's gonna pop up the installation.

It's gonna ask you for that login information. And again, this isn't the login information that you would use for like let's say BITSync or other things that you sign up for here That will use your normal like ruTorrent login information. But here it's gonna be your actual account that you set up. Alright so once you're done doing that you're gonna click OK And then from there it's gonna pop up another box which you can close And it's gonna open up a new window in your browser whichever one you have set down here. And also just know: make sure if you do already have an account or just set up an account with Plex Go ahead and log out of it now that way it will take you to the proper page to setup your server. Alright so when that's done your windows gonna pop up here (I'm gonna disable that) Ok and now you're gonna be in whichever browser you have. Either it's Chrome,Firefox, IE whatever your setup is. You're gonna get this screen here And from here you want to go ahead and and select "Got it" That's gonna go through here and you need to go ahead and set up What you would like this server named.

So it doesn't matter what the name is it's not important other than when you're sharing it with other people Or using it yourself it's just a name to differentiate between if you have A personal at home server and then this server. So I'm gonna go ahead and just set mine up as Seedbox You want to make sure this is ticked right here So that you can view stuff remotely. You're gonna go ahead and hit Next and you don't have to add a library at this point in time. You can skip this step, but we're gonna go ahead and do it for the sake of the video. You're gonna Add a library And then you're gonna pick the type of things that you would like that library to show So when you do Movies it's going to use different (I forget what they're called for Plex) Searchers that are gonna get the content for the movies that you're wanting to use. Versus where TV shows will get things from like the TVDB Where this is gonna get it from the Movie DB (or like IMDB) the information for the shows.

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So for here I'm gonna set up They set up the same way. So from here you're gonna hit in my instance TV shows. Okay. You can name it whatever you like from here, doesn't matter You're gonna hit the Next button. Now you're gonna have to browse for a folder And right here you're gonna click Downloads And then this is your file layout for ruTorrent. So normally it's a manual you could have other things setup Like mine I have "Auto movie". And then we'll go ahead and add this (Here we go, let's do that one more time cuz that. Here, okay) So "Auto movie" From here I have some TV shows. So I'm going to hit "Add" (so you've already got that) So add this library. It's going to show up here. You can add other libraries at this time if you'd like. Go ahead and hit Next. That's up to you to send anonymous usage data.

I personally don't but I don't think it's a big deal either way You don't need to mess with the Plex apps And if you see here down at the bottom it was starting to add content Alright you're gonna hit "Done". And from there here you go you're in your Plex So on mine I can go into my actual personal server that I run from home As well as the Seedbox we just set up Alright, now you're gonna have to set up at this point Port forwarding. What that does is it allows remote devices not located on your Seedbox server to access it. So we're gonna go to settings Let this do whatever it's doing. Log in here. You might not have to do that but if you do So after you click settings, you're gonna go to remote access here You want to click manually specify public port (Sorry I'm stuttering a little bit) And we're gonna go ahead and hit "Retry". Now this may take a couple times And just wait for it to detect it. Alright, it didn't yet.

So we're gonna go ahead and it enable it And just wait here. Alright, it is fully accessible outside of your network. So from now you don't actually need to use your (right here) you don't need to use Any of this to access anymore because you can still click that and it would Open the same page we're on the home page for it. So you don't actually need that. From here you can actually just go ahead and use this link And from here you would sign in like you did when you created your account if you have this feature set up for users you do that And then here's my personal account And then you would go now this is only if you have more than one Plex server running So if this is your only one it's on the Seedbox – you will not see this And you want to have to do this step right here But if you do have to let's say it one at home and one remotely You're gonna click your default and then go to the server that you named There you are.

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You're all set up. Let's try running a show Works fine! And let's say you want to go ahead and do that Extra library from here. To do that you'll see the Libraries. And you're going to hit this Plus sign right here. And it's gonna bring up that same menu you saw when we first installed. And then from here we can do Movies. And you can name it whatever you'd like. Let's go ahead and hit Next. We're gonna browse the way we did before which you will go to Downloads right here. And then you'll go into the folders you've either created specifically for Plex or just wherever your ruTorrent goes. So we're gonna go here and here we happen to have two movies in the main folder For our ruTorrent so I'm gonna go ahead and hit Add. You can also go to Advanced here if there's extra settings you would like to use.

Like how you would like it scanned what Agent (That's the word I was looking for – Agent) you would like it to use. So Plex. If you're a Plex Pass premium user you get access to the Plex movies Which has a little bit extra content I personally I have premium But I personally don't actually use it. I prefer the Movie Database. So you can set that up from there and you can go through these. You don't need to set up any special things. You don't actually have to do any of the advanced So from here we're gonna go ahead and "Add the library" And this has a little bit from another Gundam Wing installed. but here are the two movies. So this stuff wouldn't show up. And then you can actually exit these individually by clicking on Shows or clicking on Movies And we'll go ahead and do a movie right here I think this one's fully downloaded.

But we'll see anyways. Yep, it's good to go and that's all you need to do There's nothing else you need to mess with We can go to status here just to show it this is what it's doing and get your your log There's also a sync feature which you can sync to other devices that you store here. It'll send it to those. You can actually do conversions. So let's say you don't want to have to transcode this every time To whoever is wanting to watch it, the file. You can go to optimize which will transcode it one time and create a new file But from then there on, you can go ahead and it will direct stream without Actually using the server's processor and RAM and stuff like that to do it For other users (which is a good feature). From there you can access your actual settings Here, for the player: what you would like streaming quality to be for users outside of the server.

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So you're gonna be remote if you're viewing it from anywhere else but on the server And since we don't have direct access to the server, you're gonna want go ahead and switch up How you'd like everything to stream. So for me for instance I would just do original – I wouldn't be sharing this with other people So bandwidth wouldn't be an issue And so you would go ahead and set that up there You can do "Show advanced options", which will get you into what I As talking about the direct streaming and direct playing. So direct stream has to do with audio if it's in a proper format that HTML 5 or whatever viewer you're watching can directly play. So if it's a an Xbox or Roku something like that. Here you can pick what type of audio you would like Because some systems like mp3 over AAC And you might want to use that From here you can set up your subtitles If you have subtitles it's going to always have to transcode the video Because it's going to put those inside the video like they're hard-coded But that's only during the duration of the stream.

It won't permanently change the file. So once you're done with this you can go ahead and save it or move on If you go into server here you will also have a lot more information of If you really want to kind of tweak what you're doing. Here you can show how you like your Assets set up from where it will pull information from. And this will be basically the order of preference. So top is is preferred better than the lower one. You can go in here and mess with everything. Channels. Basically channels are like if you would like to add YouTube to your Plex Where it will it won't download anything from, YouTube but you can access YouTube. You can do that from here as well. Users: this would be where you set up anyone you want to share this with And that'll be something I can't show you So you'll have to figure that out one that one out on your own or go somewhere else and actually learn that.

So hopefully this has helped you guys out getting started. (I'm not sure if this is set up or not, it is not, okay) There's a setting you can have which enables Delete. So let's say you're done watching that and you want to free up some space. You could go in here and hit Delete and would just Delete the whole folder and all the content. So that you get rid of that and it'll remove it from your library But other than that that's it and if you guys have any questions Hit us up on the client chat and we'll help you out Thanks for watching.