/Play Ms. Pac-Man in Google Maps Now! (April Fools Day 2017)

Play Ms. Pac-Man in Google Maps Now! (April Fools Day 2017)

Video: Play Ms. Pac-Man in Google Maps Now! (April Fools Day 2017)


Do you know what day it is today? That's right it's April Fools day. Maybe. Depending where in the world you are right now. Either way. Point is you're gonna be seeing a lot of weird crap over the next 24 hours or so. Including on Google Maps. So Google has historically been one the cooler companies when it comes to April Fools day Because they actually do some fun stuff. Like a couple of years ago where they worked with Nintendo to make basically an early version of Pokemon Go. Which actually inspired Pokemon Go which is kinda nuts.

Umm Now this year what they're doing is they did something Uhh involving Ms. Pac-Man So if you go to Umm Google Maps either in your browser or in the app on IOS or Android You're gonna see a new icon in the corner which in the browser version is right down here And when you highlight it you'll see it forms it puts like a screen over a portion of the Google Map And that is your player area that's what's gonna turn into a Ms. Pac-Man arena So let's go and start it up and check it out and y'know check out what's it's all about That's Right! So depending where in the world you are you can make your own y'know I mean the actual arena based on where in the world you are So if you want to change the map just change where on Google Maps you have selected And otherwise it's basically just Ms. Pac-Man AWW WHAT?! I just got killed already? Aww that's some BS right there Uhh but yes it's Ms. Pac-Man just wherever you want which is super cool! And you get all these like weird wavy streets in this case since I'm in San Francisco right now Umm So yeah y'know depending on where you are it might look more typical like a more standard map a standard grid basically And Yeah! It got the classic sound effects it is awesome! Now if you know your Ms.

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Pac-Man history y'know this game basically started out as a ROM hack Which is actually really fitting considering this is basically a hack of Google Maps Umm so yeah Definitely recommend reading about on the history of Ms. Pac-Man it's super interesting I got killed again! Those warp points. Those teleportation things are tricky in this version You don't quite know where you're gonna end up Oh no no no no Wait ca–Aww Pinky! Oh No! They're screwing me! Man! I'm definitely I'm usually better at Pac-Man or Ms. Pac-Man than I am here This arena is tricky I wanna go in that Cul-de-sac that looks fun Weee! Oh, Wee! There we go Let's do that again Yeah! That was definitely Wee worthy Alright we're about I think maybe two-thirds done now right–Woah! orange almost got me there Those teleportations are brutal! I think does this move you around randomly? Whoa gosh See when I go back I don't know if I'll pop out oh Ok, what if we go over here? Oh! Wow! One life left it's down to the wire here guys Alright, I really should stop teleporting That is what's killing me I have no more power pellets? This is bad news for me Alright, maybe I will teleport here Where the hell? Oh my Gosh! I couldn't find myself for a second Uhhh! Alright I think we're good! Alright! I think this is going better than it was before at least Haha! Red is stuck in the Cul-de-sac! Take that idiot! That's pretty awesome.

That's like a little ghost zone for him there Nailed it! And then we're going to level two! Ah well, I mean based on how bad I did that time actually I don't know if I should do this Anyways! It's way for fun to try it out for yourselves than watch me fail at Ms. Pac-Man So definitely go check it out again you can do it in either the browser or in the app and I'm in some weird area right down here Umm Yeah! It's pretty cool again you can change wherever y'know you can change the arena by moving your map to wherever you want You don't have to play in your own city if you don't want to. You can go wherever you want so it is pretty neat Anyways guys! Thanks for watching of course stay tune to Game Explain for y'know if there is any more cool April Fools stuff we might cover it Otherwise, of course we'll be there for all your Nintendo Switch coverage as well! Alright guys! Catch you later! Bye You know let's go ahead and die real quick so we can see what that sounds like *Dying Sound Effect* Yeah! Actually should we get a game over? Oh that is my game over! Alright there you go! Alright I'm out for real this time.

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