/🔏Pin de desbloqueo de RED de tarjeta SIM 👉2019 Código de desbloqueo de red de TARJETA SIM SAMSUNG.

🔏Pin de desbloqueo de RED de tarjeta SIM 👉2019 Código de desbloqueo de red de TARJETA SIM SAMSUNG.

Video: 🔏Pin de desbloqueo de RED de tarjeta SIM 👉2019 Código de desbloqueo de red de TARJETA SIM SAMSUNG.


hello that such friends welcome to the channel tricks and something else this time I bring a video of how to unlock your device's network by example i have a samsung galaxy s 5 I bought it on ebay in the USA and here in ecuador when putting a card I get that I have to put the locking pin on sim networks that is to say that has locked on the card and could not use this phone supposedly with this card then I bring you today how to unlock these phones cell phone for free so that you can you see I'm going to take a moment discard and we will enter the phone let's enter the phone and if we go here for example to make a call go you to see what that I'm going to get a message of no registered in the network, but this trick will work for you if It is the first time that you are going to use a new card from another network because if we say that we have already used a card we could make calls normally in this case, that this card is clear and suddenly it came to us that when we called says he is not registered in the network that's another case that I'm going to leave you also a video here below this or at the end of this you will find a video of how to solve that problem if it is that the phone I was working normally and suddenly you get that message that is not registered in the network if we go here you see that here I get a message that says card without invalid, blocked network card without inserting this as I said will serve you for this and for Any company first we have to detect with what company originally was this phone .

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this phone, at the moment that you turn it on and turn it off we're going to see what after the logo that we comes out of the samsung brand does not know how to get out company logo for example this phone was initially with A & t well I do not know if I pronounce it well but that was the original company of this phone after that also in some companies inside the phone comes a application that says device unlock then with that application you could follow the steps that say the application and unlock your phone for free and in the moment, if you have the case and they have blocked with A & t and I'm going to leave the link and it will take you to this page then what what I I have done is this morning and to tell you that the unlocking code has arrived in less than six minutes it was very fast What I did was enter this page and here and here where it says is a client wireless from A & t and I have put that not because I do not have now, a line I'm in another country, I'm not in the USA then here I could not have a card and not I could put the number so I put it on no, then here is going to give me the option to put my imei number, this number how we got it right here tells us that if we go to the call application and and we write asterisk numerals 0 6 numeral and we give in calling us going to leave us is going to leave a 15-digit numbering is the number of imei that we need put here good also comes where is the battery also knows how to come that number then once you do not we have let's write our number of imei here below we are going to unfold a window pair with our model and our brand of device there after that let's give here a click that I'm not the robot and we have to leave here a one seen in green because this is going to put in green let's give here that yes we have read the terms and conditions we are going to click here what is next and the next page will come also a couple of windows that we have to fill and it will be our name our last name and any email address electronic after that that I did this morning I got a message that he had to confirm and after that he tells us that we have to go to our mail and give here to confirm request and give us our number request and all that and we confirm the six minutes of doing that I received the following mail from A & t with my code with my code unlocking that we are going to now use it here to see if it works and the unlocking instructions then that I wanted to tell you if you have let's say that your phone comes with another company I'm going to leave the links for you you find out the requirements that they need to be able to unlock your phone then some companies ask you have three months others others less others just days here I wanted to indicate the moment we turn on our phone after this the logo with what was originally our A & t This is my original company phone then so are you going to see what it is and now I get the unlock message like you can see there we are going to introduce that code that has arrived in the message what is this here to see if our network she would be unlocked we'll see this is this is the phone we are going to mark here the code that you sent us A & T let's see is the 60 9570 47 let's give in unlock Let's see, let's see what correctly the computer code at this moment we have entered our phone and let's see if not if it allows us make the call let's call customer service asterisk 282 and let's call we'll see this is a new line and you can see that the network is unlocked for free for free if it will not work we would have to buy a code from blockage that is between 20 and 30 dollars then this line is already unlocked now I have to activate the phone no longer came out I have to what to activate this chip because this chip is new I have have to register it with my data in order to make my calls but then you can see that I can already I call and unlock my phone yo I'm going to leave the links of other companies for you to find out and ask and ask for your code unlocking that would be all if this video It worked for you Leave it in the comments and I also want you to tell me what company has unlocked your phone and see you in the next video I do not know forget after signing up to activate the notification bell so that our next videos will arrive goodbye.

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