/phonepe customer care number toll free | find genuine phonepe customer care number on android app

phonepe customer care number toll free | find genuine phonepe customer care number on android app

Video: phonepe customer care number toll free | find genuine phonepe customer care number on android app


In this video i will show how to contact phonepe customer care through phone number, email, twitter page and phonepe app. If you have any issue regarding sending payment or receiving payment or any complain regarding balance deducted from bank account like mobile number is not recharged or cashback issue, money debited not credited, referral problem, transaction pending or any other issue then you can call phonepe customer care. So lets get started. The first method is to contact phonepe customer care through phonepe app. So if you have installed the app before then just open the phonepe app.

Now you will see question mark icon on the top left corner. Just click on it. The help Section of phonepe app will appear. Now you will find related topics here. If you do not find related topics then click on issue with the transaction. A new window will appear in front of you. Here you will find your recent transactions. You can also choose CATEGORIES for example cashback, merchant payments, merchant refunds, recharge and bill payments and wallet topup etc Choose the transaction which is having problem. A new chat window will be opened here. Phonepe gives you relevant option which clearly defines your problem. So choose the option which is more relevant to your problem. Some times they will give you more option after one another. Just select the one which is more relevant to you. After selecting the option a new Ticket will be generated for the problem.

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You can MONITOR your Ticket id by going to Question Mark icon and clicking on VIEW TICKETS option on the upper right corner. If you like online banking transaction because it happens in seconds then click the like button below. Lets move on the second method. The second method is to contact phonepe customer care through email. Emailing phonepe customer care makes things much simpler. So open Your Gmail. Now Compose an email by clicking on the Plus Icon on the bottom. A new window will appear in front of you. Type in the email which is support@phonepe.com. Enter the Subject which clearly defines the issue. Now describe the issue in detail with Transaction id number. You can also attach the screenshot if needed. Now send the email and thats it. Lets move on the third one. The third method is to contact phonepe customer care through official phonepe phone number. In order to do that, just open the Chrome Browser Now Type in www.phonepe.

com in web address bar of the google chrome browser. The official phonepe Website will be opened in a few seconds. Now scroll down a little. You will see A Hamburger Icon Menu in top left corner. Click on it. Now Scroll down a little and Click on Contact Us. You will see option called Customer Support. Just Click on it You will see option like Call Phonepe. Click on it. The Option will be expanded. You will see Call option. Click on it The Phonepe official Number will be dispayed in front of you. The number is 0124 678 9345. Now you can call this number and describe you issue. This number is from official phonepe website so it is original. You can also click on Email Phonepe option on the website and click on Send button. Now you can see the original email of phonepe customer care which we have discussed earlier. That is support@phonepe.com. Here you can describe your issue. If customer care is taking to much time in receiving your phone then you can also try contacting them on Twitter. Lets move on the fourth method.

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Fourth method is to contact phonepe customer care through offical phonepe twitter page Now Click on Search icon on the bottom. A new window will be opened. At the top you will see Search bar of twitter platform. Now type in the word phonepe and search. You can see two phonepe accounts 1st one is phonepe and the second one is phonepe support. Click on Phonepe support. Phonepe twitter page will be opened in front of you. Here you can see a verified badge of blue tick which means it is offical account of phonepe support. You can also check the User name is Phonepe Support. You can see a message icon on the top, Click on it A new window will appear, hear write your issue with transaction id number and add an attachment like mobile screenshot of transaction etc by clicking the image icon. You can find Transaction id in Phonepe app. Attachment of screenshot is optional but it will help customer care employee to clearly understand the problem. By messaging private in twitter, your personal details will remain safe and will be only visible to you and phonepe customer care employee.

If you think this video can help your friends or family members than share this video with them. I hope this video helpful Which Phonepe contact method you like is it simple calling phonpe customer care through phonepe phone number, or contacting them through official email address, or contacting them through official twitter page. put your answer in the comment below we would love that and others will too. Hey if you enjoyed this video that's cool We got more stuff on our youtube channel so click the red color subscribe button below. thank you so much guys for watching the video till the end..