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Peugeot 308 (2007 – 2014) buying advice

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Peugeot introduced the 307's successor, the 308, in June 2007. In the meantime we got used to the latest generation, which is called 308 as well. It was introduced in 2014, the year in which production of this generation 308 stopped. The 308 was built in four different flavors: hatchback (the most common one), SW wagon (also common in the Netherlands), and the coupe convertible. There was also a sedan, but that one has never been sold in the Netherlands, so we won't discuss it in this video. The Peugeot 308 got a facelift in 2011. More importantly, it was nominated for Car of the Year in 2008.

The 1.6 THP got the Engine of the Year Award in 2009. You got to choose from gasoline and diesel engines. Gasoline engines range from 94-197 hp, the diesel engines have 89-138 hp. ENGINES gasoline ENGINES diesel At the moment, about 840 Peugeot 308 of this generation are for sale on Marktplaats.nl A lot are hatchbacks. 415 vs 365 SW. The rest is a coupe convertible. Gasoline vs diesel is about 2/3 vs 1/3. About 1 in 9 cars has an automatic gearbox. Moreover, 15 cars run on LPG. Prices for the 308 are high. It starts at 4,000 euros and goes up 'til 20,000 euros for the most luxurious cars. Some 308 CC are more expensive, but those are the exceptions. Reasons to buy a 308… First, they're comfortable cars. More so, they're soft when looking at the suspension in standard trim. Second, they're safe. Back then, the 308 received five NCAP stars without problems. Moreover, they're reliable.

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It goes against the image we have of French cars. The 308 is a reliable car, just like its little brother, the 207. The 308 came in a lot of flavors, so there are some things to watch out for. To start with, something which hasn't got much to do with reliability but you do need to watch out for. You need to lift things up high to put in the trunk. That's because they tried to stiffen the chassis there. Even so, it's not a very stiff car, but they needed it. Keep in mind that when you have a lot of luggage, you'll have to lift higher than with the average car. Another thing with the 308 is that it has a sturdy build, which makes it heavy. It's not the lightest car in its class. That's why I advice to skip the smallest engines. Those engines are stressed and probably have had a hard life, so I'd choose the 1.

6 THP gasoline engine. The 1.6 HDI has a number of things to watch out for. To start, if you hear a rattling sound, that's probably the rear engine mount. It is dying and needs replacing. Speaking of the engine mount, the wire harness may tear right above it. This causes electrical problems, so if that happens… It's not the most expensive fix, but it's annoying. Another thing with the 1.6 HDI is that the clutch's pressure group may die. Those things happen. For the gasoline engines goes that they have an electronically controlled water pump. The control may fail, so the water pump stops working. This may overheat the engine. When that happens, everything can break, which is annoying. The only problem is that it isn't easy to find out if something's wrong.

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Just keep an eye on the temperature gauge. Speaking of temperature, there may be a leakage near the temperature sensor. You loose cooling liquid, causing the engine to stutter. Also, the temperature gauge acts weird, so when this happens you know what's going on. There's also a problem with the Peugeot 308's keys. They simply break. This is a problem with almost every Peugeot. The folding keys aren't that well made. Another problem for all Peugeot 308 is that the headlight brackets are made of plastic. It's not the best of plastic, so it gets soft over the years and breaks off, causing the headlights to slide. When looking for a car, pop the hood (always do that) and check for cracks in the headlight units. The Peugeot 308 eats lightbulbs. It's a Peugeot. I've had one myself, so I get to complain about this. Especially the bulbs in the tail lights burn out. Always bring spares, because it happens more often than you'd like to.

Speaking of electronics, the dashboard may die. Sometimes the ignition doesn't recognize the key. This is usually caused by a blown fuse. When something like this happens, check the fuse box before panicking and taking out the dashboard. Usually, that's not necessary. A final thing to watch out for in all Peugeot 308: the 4-speed automatic gearbox isn't that good. Just skip that one. A thing to watch out for in the 308 CC are windows and a roof that don't close properly. Check if everything works as it should; if all electronics work and everything closes when the roof is supposed to be closed. The car we're driving today is a nice 1.6 THP. We borrowed it at Autohuis Landeweerd in Apeldoorn. It's a fancy edition with pretty red leather and a greenish grey paint. A pretty car. It's for sale for a little under 10,000 euros in Apeldoorn.

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