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Panda Tutorial \u0026 Review – Antivirus Software

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This in-depth Panda Antivirus Review is brought to you by Thetop10sites. Panda is offering Antivirus solutions for all your devices and has marked highest AV Test scores for 2015, compared to some of the biggest names in the industry. Panda is offering 3 packs- Basic Protection for about 20usd yearly, Advanced Protection for about 30usd yearly and Complete Protection for about 40usd yearly. Choosing the Basic pack, your devices are protected from any kind of thread and you can download and share files safely. With the Advanced pack you get in addition safe online banking and shopping and Wi-Fi network protection. The Complete pack covers all that plus encrypting your confidential data and optimizing your devices for peak performance.

All packs are covered with a 30 days money-back guarantee. Installing Panda Antivirus Software is very easy, and the only thing you need to do is enter your verification code from your order info. Creating a web-based account is also a necessary step and you will be asked to provide some personal info. After the installation is done, Panda will automatically check your PC for any malwares and make sure everything is secure. The program interface is modern and clean and even a newbie can use it. The main section notifies you if your PC is currently protected and you can Scan it for additional security anytime you want. You can process Full, Critical Areas or Custom scan. The Critical Areas is the recommended one, and it only takes a few minutes to figure if there are some serious threads. If you want to protect more devices like mobile or tablet, click on Other devices section. You will be re-directed to your profile page to choose the device protection type you need. As promised, Panda offers you secure Wi-Fi protection and you need to manually turn on that feature. Clicking the Settings will lead you to more options like adding devices that are not allowed to connect your PC. Make sure to check the rest of settings.

You have Antivirus settings where you can set the Protection Behavior of the program to suspicious threads. The USB Protection Settings lets you scan any USB connected, or turn that feature off. Firewall settings are for advanced users, and if you are not one of them just make sure that this feature is turned on. With Safe Browsing control you can manually add or delete addresses and domains. And in order to use Application control and get additional protection for your programs , you need to install it manually. Going back to the next page of the Main Interface, you have more sections to discover. Safe Browsing shows you any malwares, phishing pages or unsafe URLs trying to connect with you. Make sure that your Firewall is always turned on and if you are using a public connection, you can notify Panda so it can determinate the level of security needed. If you think your PC is seriously infected with a thread, you might need to check the Rescue Kit. You can create a rescue USB drive to boot your infected PC or Detect Advanced Viruses with Panda Cloud Cleaner.

If you have any additional question you can go to Support section and Submit a Customer Ticket, but it might need some time to receive an answer. Here are the main pros: • Easy to use UI • Quick Install • Effective malware protection • Money back guarantee But there are also some cons: • Technical support is limited • High false positive score Overall Panda covers all requirements for a safer PC. Check out Thetop10sites for more Antivirus Reviews..