/Package Guard: How it Works To Stop Package Thieves

Package Guard: How it Works To Stop Package Thieves

Video: Package Guard: How it Works To Stop Package Thieves


Hello. My name is Mike, and I'm the founder of the Package Guard. I'm here today to show you how the Package Guard actually works. Here it is. Here's the Package Guard. It's very simple. It's about the size of a Frisbee, so it's about 11 inches in diameter. It is placed wherever you get packages front door, back door, wherever that may be. And, when UPS or FedEx drops off a package, the second they drop that package off, you get an alert through a Smartphone app and text message that says, Hey, "you have a package". You could also alert your neighbors or your friends in that circle, as well, in case you happen to be out of town. And, if someone would walk by and steal the package that doesn't have the app to disarm it, the second that happens, there a very loud alarm in here that goes off about 100 decibels.

It's quite loud. It alerts the neighborhood. It alerts you via text, etc. via your phone that something's gone wrong, you have a package stolen. So, here's some features or details you probably want to know about. It is water resistant. It can set and be affixed to whatever your material is. We've got some pads that can do that. And, we have an activation that's actually a delay so a cat or dog or yourself can't step on it and activate the alarm. That's the Package Guard. Very simple. To get more information about the Package Guard, go to our blog at ThePackageGuard.com/blog. And, of course, follow us on YouTube. Thanks for watching. Have an amazing day. Package Guard: How It Works.

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