/OK Google Setup for Sesame voice commands

OK Google Setup for Sesame voice commands

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In order to setup the Sesame voice commands, First setup OK Google Go to the "Phone Settings", scroll down to "Google" Next, scroll down to "Search" and click on "Voice" Begin by making sure that the default language for the voice is English. You can choose that language by long clicking on "English (US)" and saving the settings Now choose "OK Google detection" and turn on "From any screen" Teach Ok Google your voice by saying "OK Google" three times Then finish the setup Now OK Google will work from any screen, as well as a closed screen You can try this out, by going back to the home screen, and saying "OK Google" "Ok Google" "Open Sesame" Face tracking starts The rest of the Sesame voice commands will work with "OK Google" as well by saying: "Ok Google" "Sesame turn off" (for example) If OK Google does not work from a closed screen you can go into Sesame settings->General and click on "Enable Open Sesame from a closed screen" Now, Ok Google will not work from a closed screen but when you say "Open Sesame" from a closed screen face tracking will start "Open Sesame" Once the tracking has started the other voice commands will work as before by saying "OK Google" "Sesame lock pointer", for example or "OK Google" "Sesame unlock pointer" or "OK Google" "Sesame turn off".

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