/NuCam Wifi Dash Camera with Accident Sensor | Product Review | Video Record Every Time You Drive

NuCam Wifi Dash Camera with Accident Sensor | Product Review | Video Record Every Time You Drive

Video: NuCam Wifi Dash Camera with Accident Sensor | Product Review | Video Record Every Time You Drive


hey everyone welcome to Road gear reviews i'm tom from mortons on the move and today we're taking a look at the Nu Cam Wi-Fi dash camera from NU vending this is a dash cameras designed to be mounted to the windshield of your vehicle and record every single time the vehicle moves we really wanted one of these to record our experiences where we've been and use it in our travel videos a lot of people also installed a dashcam just to record everything so that if you're in an accident or you see something that happens on the road you have proof of what happened in the box you get the camera about a 12-foot long car charging cable a suction cup mount a regular sticky mount and a USB power cable this to the camera is a high-definition camera it can record up to 2k at 30 frames per second or 1080p at 60 frames per second is a very lightweight camera is designed to mount to a suction cup or a sticky mount on the windshield of the car and then it can rotate you can easily get it pointed forward which is a great feature because we've known to people that have very flat windshield like on a GPS suction cups on and still get a nice a forward-facing I guess it would be like on the front of a camera you have a microphone port this does pick up audio as well as video on the side here you've got your microSD for it comes with a 32 gig card already installed in it this is your Wi-Fi connectivity you can turn it on and off and use Wi-Fi to log into the camera and change all the settings on the right-hand side of the camera you'll see it's not a micro-hdmi port i'm not exactly sure what you do that for but it can output the video live via HDMI stream also your USB power port and the power button to actually shut it off and the video to video button to turn on and off the video this cameras designed however to start recording every single time the power comes on when you plug in the USB when the auxiliary port in your car becomes live this immediately starts recording so it always record what you're seeing when driving your vehicle the lens of the camera is about a hundred sixty degree field of view so it captures a really nice a wide angle in front of your vehicle I neat feature this dash cam as well is that it records short snippets of video the files you can set it at one minute to five minute intervals and after it reaches the end of its storage capacity it goes on over to the beginning and start deleting the original filed and recording over them again so that you never miss out on what has you've seen in the car back to it about eight hours it will record 32 gigs when recording a 1080p because the file system of this camera is designed to write over the original files .

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..you always have the footage and it never runs out of space …..you could accidentally right over an instance like an accident or something if it continued recording after an accident and to prevent that this has A "G" sensor built into it and if it senses a large impact in the vehicle it takes that section of file and stores it into an events folder that it will not write over so you will not lose those files ….this camera does not have a battery built into its not intended to function on its own but for the sake of this review i plugged it into a little portable battery bank using a USB cable I've actually found this to be a really neat way to use this camera as well I just took a little sticky mount and stuck it right to this little battery bank here this battery bank.

…. it sold by new vending as well, I'm not going to do a review specifically on this today but i will put a link in the description below for it we keep one of these in the car as well because then we can easily just take the camera off the dash plug it into here and now we can run around with an action camera type camera because we found the video quality to be pretty good for the sake of the video quality i'm going to show you a comparison between this camera and the well-known gopro hero4 footage side by side right now in the footage you will notice the time stamp on the footage from the dashcam it's designed to let you know when and where that footage was taken however that is an option you can turn off in the settings the camera is advertised as having low light capability i'll show you some night footage from us driving the other night I wouldn't say that it doesn't have night vision or but it does pick up low-light quite well it can see from the headlights pretty well but it definitely doesn't have any IR it's not really intended for use at night but it still captures what's in front of you their headlights quite well so now we've got this camera powered up and the Wi-Fi switch is in the on position so now i can connect to using any Wi-Fi enabled device before connecting the camera you need to install the Lincoln eyes app which is available on both iOS and Android operating system once the cameras on you'll see it's Wi-Fi network available on device selected and enter the password for the device to connect to it then go back and select the app the App will connected the camera and show a live feed of what the camera seeing however there is a little bit of a delay between the camera and app the app is primarily used to access the settings in the settings you can select the video resolution photo resolution whether you want the timestamp on or off and a whole bunch of other settings like the g sensor sensitivity microphone and a whole bunch more.

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….. so installing this dash cam was really easy i use the suction cup mount and installed it behind the rear view mirror I like installing it there because it's out of the way you can't see it when you're in the car we use the long car power cable and ran it along the molding of the truck from a 12 volt port that is activated when the car is on…..it was easie to hide the wires along the molding so that you didn't see them at all ……even in our big truck this cable was plenty long to install it without seeing the cable…… with the power wire plugs into the auxiliary port it comes on any time the vehicle comes on and the camera makes a happy little sound and will turn on and started recording when the car is shut off the camera automatically stops recording and makes a little shutdown sound as well….. if you have an auxiliary port that's hot all the time in your vehicle you may have to plug it in and unplug it to get it to start and stop recording we've been using the camera for past couple weeks and we have been very happy with the video quality is really quite good we also like the functionality of being able to take a portable power source along so that if we needed we could take this camera off plug it in and use it as a camera on our journey.

…… we will definitely be using this in our travels to document where we've been I really like the filesystem how to record the short 1 – 5 minute clips depending on your settings and record over them so that you've always got your most recent footage available you can easily take those pieces down and save them for later use we did tests the g-force functionality with it installed if you bump it i mean a bump like that will cause it to save those files so that you can't lose them and that gives us peace of mind just knowing that it's recording all the time and if something happens you won't miss it you'll be able to go back and look at it ……. i feel like this is really important for people that travel a lot and especially when we're towing and we're in unfamiliar places all the time I think it's just really good to have that you can record what's going on another thing I like about this is in the past we set up our GoPro mounted to the windshield to capture forward-facing video and in direct sunlight on the windshield it overheats in a very short period of time this has set up in the sun on the front of our windshield and we have not seen any overheating issues so that is really nice as well.

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.. it does its job…. overall been very happy with this camera i will post some links in the description below where you can purchase it and where you can learn more information about it this has been the NU cam Wi-Fi dash camera thanks for watching road gear reviews and be sure to subscribe to gear up for your adventures….. if you have any questions or comments leave them below also be sure to subscribe to our channel for weekly upload to our travel product reviews.