/Note 3 with Dr Ketan’s ROM v19 – Note 4 features Lollipop 5.0

Note 3 with Dr Ketan’s ROM v19 – Note 4 features Lollipop 5.0

Video: Note 3 with Dr Ketan’s ROM v19 – Note 4 features Lollipop 5.0


Hello, friends welcome to TheAlphaPoint. I'm Vishal and today I'm going to show the Dr.Ketan's lollipop ROM version 19 for Galaxy Note 3. This ROM is stable and has few features of its new brother Galaxy Note 4. The features will be shown to you as we move on, let's see the ROM details. You can see that it is based on Android Lollipop 5.0 and the other details. Starting with the Home Screen, the first thing you will notice that it looks like the Lg G3 as this Rom has good customization setting with themes. We have default 6 themes to choose from. Five dock icons, Google search bar and four default applications. We can also have the weather widget of note 4. If we swipe our finger from bottom to upwards, we'll see the pull-up application coming out where we can choose any application to open.

The recent application shows in different manner and it let you close it by clicking on cross button. The task manager is same as it was earlier. The UI of the home screen and the buttons do work as was previously. Let's move to the Lock Screen. The lock screen is almost same as it was earlier but the way notifications shows up now has changed drastically. It looks much nicer with lollipop theme. You can make the lock screen to hide the notifications details from the lock screen settings. We have the default camera widget at the bottom right corner. Now let's look at the status bar. The status bar became a bit compact in this version. The time and date default quick settings, brightness settings, S Finder and Quick Connect. If we expand the quick settings we have an addition of the Toolbox and site panel keys. Every other settings is same as it was earlier.

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Since this ROM is not based on Note 4 such as Ultra Power Saving Mode. But we have the same old power saving mode to save some battery life. Let's look at the Apps Drawer. The applications do change its look depending on the theme. But the UI of every app has changed to the flat Lollipop Theme. Let's have a quick look at some of the applications. This ROM has very less modification at the beginning and is very much stock. But we can still tweak it to extreme level using Dr. Ketan's utilities and tweak. We can tweak different hardware and software settings using Dr. Ketan's utilities. Be careful while using it. The ultra saving mode has been added in the application drawer. Now it's time for the Air Command feature. The functions has changed a little bit.

At first we have Action Memo which works same as it was earlier. The Smart select works same as the Note 4, which let you snap the portion on the screen and save it in the clipboard. You can add more by clicking here. Then save it or share it to your friends using different applications. The third option Image Clip let you select just the portion you want by dragging the pen on the screen. Save it or share it. The fourth option will let you snap the whole screen and you can write anything on it. The last option, Pen Windows looks and work exactly the same as Note 4. We can work with different application simultaneously as several applications can be opened at a same time in a POP Up Window. We have the option to minimize, maximize, copy content and close button. The Multi Window mode work same as it was earlier but now it let you open any application in Pop Up window. Just tap on any application on the Multi Window Application bar.

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In this Rom we can choose the option to open any application in Multi Window mode. We need to select the option in the Aroma installer while installing the ROM. We can also open applications in Multi window mode from recent application Menu. The new S Note is almost same like inside the new Note 4. The new addition came with this version is photo note and slightly interface change. Everything is working fine. Loved the addition of photo note. This is working without any problem. From here, we can insert various options like voice Memo, images, videos, scrapbook, maps etc. In settings, we have four tabs of different settings. At first we have all the settings related to different connection type. In second tab that is device settings, we have the sound and notification settings, display settings and other device customization settings. In the third tab, we have our control settings, where we can customize the controls. Into this we have the S PEN, One hand operation mode settings. Air gesture, air view. Air command, motion settings and other stuff. In the last tab we have applications, power, storage, and system information.

Final verdict on this ROM is that the Rom is stable. No force close issue. Some of the features are missing. One of the important features, silent mode is missing completely from this device. Since this ROM is based on lollipop 5.0 .And Google has yet to provide us the Silent mode in the lollipop ROMs. I hope it will solve soon in all the lollipop ROMs. You can install this Rom in your device and enjoy the Lollipop flavor of the latest Android Version 5.0. This is all from this videos. I hope you liked it. If you have any suggestion or problem. I'll be there to help you. Like, Share, and Subscribe. Subscribe to my channel. Thank you for watching this video. This is Vishal, signing out..