/Nioh on a IntelHD handheld? Ultra low resolution mod on GPD Win 2

Nioh on a IntelHD handheld? Ultra low resolution mod on GPD Win 2

Video: Nioh on a IntelHD handheld? Ultra low resolution mod on GPD Win 2


Nioh, or as I prefer to call it: NIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH A game that borrows heavily from Dark Souls on all the things I like, but with a combo-based deep combat system and a setting that combines Japanese history and mythology. Yes, please! One problem though. The minimum requirements for the game can be quite alarming. Quite a bit higher from other modern releases. So, with a couple of extra tweaks can the game be made it work on an IntelHD powered handheld PC? Can it be made to work on a modern IntelHD laptop? You are in the right place to find out! Welcome to the LowSpecGamer a channel where I like to push low-end hardware to its limits and graphics to its lowest. It is all about making those games run Let´s talk about Nioh.

After disabling the shadows and disabling other extra effects we are limited to playing around with the screen resolution and the render resolution. The screen resolution is what you usually consider the normal game resolution and mysteriously it only goes down to 720. Render resolutions is a weirdly disguised resolution scaler, which reduces the internal resolution of the game and samples it back to full resolution without affecting UI. I did a very quick inaccurate measurement but it looks like high is just the native resolution, medium is about 80% and low is about 70% of the external resolution. My main test device for this experiment is this early release version of the GPD Win 2. This is an m3 CPU with IntelHD powering a handheld PC that is used like a 3DS.

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On the lowest settings, the game did not perform as bad as I expected, around 20 fps. The game does feel like it is playing in slow motion. Alternatively, I have a 2017 Dell XPS 13, an ultraportable laptop equipped with a more powerful Intel UHD. This did way better than I expected, performance was still close to 22 but it was consistent and fast enough that it was actually on the border of being playable. We need to tweak around a little bit. Lucky for us, a tool was released to modify the game to support custom resolutions outsides the ones in the launcher. While I suspect this was done to add support to wider monitor this will be a godsend for us. You can download the tool at the link in the description. Using the tool is as simple as moving the downloaded .

exe to the installation folder of the game. Once you run the tool you can enter the custom resolution the game will run in. My initial idea was to use some extremely low one, but I stuck to 720 for a simple reason we also get to pick a completely unlocked internal resolution independent of the 3 presets that I talked before. So, for example, if I set it 0.2 the game will be rendered at 20% the resolution and sampled back to 720. In order for the custom settings to work, you have to set the launcher to 1080 and render resolution to high. Back to the GPD Win 2, the result is… impressive. The blurry mess brings to mind my old video for Dark Souls but it actually does way better than I ever thought possible on a handheld device. Since performance is closer to 30 the feeling of going slow-mo is actually gone. Hey, it is far from ideal, but a lot of you are probably going to try in something better than this m3.

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The low resolution does make it a bit difficult to recognize certain movements or enemy stances though. I had a feeling Dark Souls was a bit more friendly with readability on these extremes low resolutions. For XPS 13 I dropped the internal resolution to 0.5. The result was not perfect but still a marked improvement. I would imagine low end dedicates GPU released in the last years would not have much issue playing this game with just that. If you are on a short budget, but you still want to extend your gaming life this program is a godsend. Now if you are a short on budget and you want to use your low end PC to actually help the world I got news for you… It takes less effort that you imagine. Introducing tab for a cause. Hear this out, you install this extension in your browser and now every time you open a new tab you make money for charity. Simple as that. Your new tab screen is now dashboard with some simple tools and once you whitelist that dashboard from your adblocker the money produced by ads on that dashboard go to making the world better.

You can even pick the charity that you want to support the most so there is not reason for you not to use this. Download the link in the description and help charity for free. Thank you to them for sponsoring this episode and thank you to you dear Patreons for sponsoring this channel..