/Night Owl X & X HD DVR Installation Guide – Costco THD series

Night Owl X & X HD DVR Installation Guide – Costco THD series

Video: Night Owl X & X HD DVR Installation Guide – Costco THD series


Welcome to Nightowl! Our free Nightowl X and Nightowl XHD applications make viewing your system easy Please note Nightowl XHD is for Android tablets and iPads only This video covers the basics and helps you quickly begin using your system Search for the apps by name in the play store, or app store click the download icon next to the app When downloading is completed click open to start the setup process Once configured you will be able to view your security system on a smart device from anywhere in the world We're going to show you how to install and set up your new 3 megapixel system Everything that you need will be in the box including the DVR and cameras All necessary cables, power adapter and splitter, usb, mouse mounting, hardware and safety stickers and your quick set-up guide Connecting your system is simple.

To begin connect one end of the HDMI cable into your DVR and the other end to your TV Next connect one end of the ethernet cable to your DVR and the other end to your modem or router When your system is connected to the internet you will see a blue flashing light on the top of the DVR Prior to mounting them in their permanent location, we strongly recommend connecting your cameras to the DVR locally. This will ensure they are working before mounting. Connect the camera end of each video and power cable to the cables coming from the camera Following this, connect the video portion of the video and power cables to the DVR Then, connect the red power tips to the male end of the four-way splitter After the cameras have been connected to the DVR and splitter, connect the splitter to the camera power adapter You will then connect the adapter to a surge protector or uninterruptible power supply.

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After your cameras are fully connected connect the DVR power adapter to the DVR and the other end to a surge protector or (UPS) A solid red light will appear on the top left corner of the DVR indicating it is receiving power Once the DVR is powered on the Nightowl logo will appear on your TV followed by the first screen of the Startup Wizard Please follow the instructions within the Startup Wizard to complete your system setup When you get to the password creation screen please pay careful attention. By default the username will be admin and must remain admin upon your initial setup Please ensure you provide a valid email address in case you ever forget your account information In order to view your system from a smartphone or tablet you will need to download and configure the Nightowl application We highly recommend installing this application now to assist you with mounting cameras To begin Download the Nightowl application from the App Store, or Google Play store and install the application on your device From within the app create an account providing an email address for your user name and entering a password that is between six and twenty characters long after your account is created you will receive an email asking you to confirm your email address A device can be added by using the applications "Smart Auto Detection" or through a "QR Code" setup With Smart Auto Detection your DVR Will automatically be detected by the Nightowl software To use this method, first ensure that your smart device and DVR are both on the same network next, select the yellow plus sign within the device menu With both devices on the same Network, the Smart auto Detection will auto find your DVR If this method is not available please use the "QR Code" setup.

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To use this method Select "setup device by QR Code" and hover your smart device camera lens over the QR code located on the top right corner of your DVR. You will now be required to name the device. At this point you will be required to enter the login information of your DVR. To add it, the DVR username is Admin by default. "Admin" is case-sensitive The password will be the same password you created during the Startup Wizard. When you reach the "channel settings" screen You should have installed the cameras in their final position. This section will walk you through adjusting the cameras sensitivity and setting the motion detection area. Please make sure you have mounted the cameras at least seven feet above the ground and angled them slightly down Using the Nightowl application to assist you with this process Additionally, the infrared sensor works best for side-to-side movement across the cameras field of view As opposed to movement directly to or away from the camera So if you would like to detect motion near the front door of your home.

place the camera to the side of the entrance. At Nightowl we make remote viewing easy and affordable. In addition to viewing your system remotely on a smartphone or tablet, you can also monitor it from a PC or Mac Our Nightowl X series CMS software is free of monthly fees, and allows you to view multiple DVR's and cameras all on the same screen To download the Nightowl X series CMS software, go to WWW.Nightowlsp.com click on the support tab, enter your model number in the search bar scroll down and select click here to access remote viewing software downloads Download the software for either a PC or Mac Congratulations! You will now be able to view your system on a smart device, PC or Mac from anywhere in the world Additionally, our technical support team is available via phone and chat 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 Days a year Thank you for being a Nightowl customer!.