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Nexus 5 Camera Fixed Android 4.4.2 – Androidizen

Video: Nexus 5 Camera Fixed Android 4.4.2 – Androidizen


Hello everyone. So here we are with Android 4.4.2. Now this is a re-released version of Android 4.4.1. Originally Google found a few bugs, they fixed those bugs and re-released the update. So it's now time to actually have a good look at what's going on. Now, to all intents and purposes the Nexus 5 camera has now been fixed, what Google have done is improve the auto focus dramatically as well as the framing speed as well so when you really take those pictures you can burst through now where you really couldn't before.

The autofocus is so much quicker than it used to be. I mean it's dramatically improved and the colour reproduction of the images is much much better as well. As you can see, everything working pretty well right up until the point where unfortunately the camera app did crash on me and I was left with well just this kind of autofocus and circle but the actual image was not being updated within the camera app. Bit of a shame but we'll put that down to me pressing the buttons too quickly. What we really discovered here with the Nexus 5 update is that originally the camera just wasn't set up properly by Google. They kind of dropped the ball a little bit there really in my opinion but they got the update out pretty quickly, you know, just over a month after the device was released I think and things are dramatically improved. As I say that autofocus speed is much much better than it used to be.

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The camera now feels responsive when you're using it. And as you can see, here's a before picture using 4.4.0 and after using 4.4.2. You can see that the white balance and the colour reproduction is much much better. There's a slight loss of quality in some images in my opinion but all of these were taken indoors, and so, you know, some of the sharpness just doesn't quite seem to be there in the later images. Again this one before and after you can see the saturation is dramatically improved in the second image. It's like looking at a completely different camera. And again here these are full crops so before and after and you may just notice a slight drop in fidelity of the second image as it were. Again, blues, greens, the colours, the yellows they're all popping where they really weren't before. This is probably one of the most dramatic images for the change although in my opinion it's slightly oversaturated in the second image and there's a little bit more ISO there than was available previously.

Now again we're just taking a look at the auto focus here. Just sort of showing that, you know, the camera is more than capable of keeping up. There was never anything wrong with the hardware on the Nexus 5 in my opinion the Nexus 5 delivers some of the most outstanding hardware ever to appear in a mobile phone at this price point. So great to see that software tweaks have fixed these issues. Now this is video footage again one of the issues that we were really seeing with the Nexus Five camera with video footage was the auto focus just wasn't really working properly. You would move to an object with a different level of focus than previous and the camera would kind of sit there and not focus properly. It just didn't seem to be detecting the scene at all. Now things are much, much better.

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You no longer have to kind of tap to take a photograph to then trigger the camera to actually focus. Now it seems to meter the scene properly, looks at what should be in focus the closest object usually and gets the job done and we found it to be much much much more responsive than it was previously. What I've done is dropped the raw footage that was actually captured by the camera onto the end of this video so you can actually have a look because what you're seeing here is actually taken through my capture system. So there's a a slight loss in saturation and contrast when done like this. So you'll be able to see at the end exactly what the camera was capturing. The quality is very very good considering this has been filmed indoors with only a single light above me – very very good and obviously the window as well but here's some HDR, again, previously HDR was atrocious. It was too slow which meant you ended up getting shake and you got poor quality images. Here we can see, one second and it's done This is the native footage to capture directly from the Nexus 5 video camera as it were and as you can see the colour reproduction is great, the exposure response times are fast there's not a huge amount of noise being introduced into the image pumping the ISO or anything like that, it just works great now.

One thing to note is the camera itself physically on the back of the device I've noticed is getting quite warm when I was taking these images and the video footage. Now that's nothing overly abnormal. It doesn't necessarily feel any warmer than it did with the previous update. Just something worth mentioning really. If you noticed that taking a load of pictures or video your Nexus 5 is a bit warm that's why, It's actually the camera gets a bit hot. But overall really really pleased with what Google have done here for the Nexus 5. They've certainly managed to fix it just in time for Christmas So if you're in the market for a Nexus 5 and the camera is important to you then buy with confidence. It's working fine. .