/New Tactics – a Call of Duty TDM Game Play- Episode 9

New Tactics – a Call of Duty TDM Game Play- Episode 9

Video: New Tactics – a Call of Duty TDM Game Play- Episode 9


New Tactics – a Call of Duty TDM Game Play- Episode 9 New Tactics – a Call of Duty TDM Game Play- Episode 9 kind of freaked out you have and you gotta like that person September 4th so definitely be expecting someone expecting some online play from us we're gonna be treadeth oh whoa that you came out of nowhere hey what's going on guys it's Vince here with WP Jian and I'm back again bringing you another Call of Duty infinite warfare online gameplay we're gonna be doing a team deathmatch today still on our series road to level 20 so wish me luck definitely going to need it once again also don't forget to Like subscribe and hit that notification bell if you want to be up today and all the new videos drop some when we're trying a different gun today maybe try on some different tactics today but like any time you want to try something new sometimes those tactics go right out the door when you play so what's the tactic you ask win oh do well yeah see you buddy come on I'm away yeah sometimes you just can't avoid a shoddy so if you guys are digging the Call of Duty gameplay as per usual don't forget to hit that like button right and leave us a comment down below because we want to know if you guys are liking it oh this is a risky that was a risky maneuver that house a risky maneuver wall running always gets me all kind of freaked out yeah gotta like that gotta like that you got some easy kills you know I gotta take advantage of it when there's two dudes you got to pick one and go for it I picked the wrong one obviously ooh dang I did was like a little slide ninja so guys we have went ahead and pre-ordered the Call of Duty World War 2 pretty psyched about excited a lot of people aren't big fans of the infinite warfare several reasons for that I think the main reason being is a lot of a lot of older cats like myself just maybe we're just not quick enough or whatever but this running jumping oh you almost tapping like that I mean I'd be quicker than that that guy's amazing but this running jump in jump boost pack wall running stuff people said that they don't like it I think it's a bit too fast paced for a lot of people I think that just may be the problem because it definitely does speed up the play so World War two is gonna bring it back a little bit more – where'd that guy go who I shoulda jumped World War two is gonna bring it back down to more like the original days original call duties black ops and stuff like that so definitely looking forward to it so I believe the beta is gonna be available on Xbox one between September oh no oh that was the wrong that's the wrong thing between September 1st and September 4th so definitely be expecting some expecting some online play from us we're gonna be treadeth oh whoa that dude came out of nowhere I'm gonna be posting some stuff as soon as I can get it out may even do some some YouTube live streaming if you will oh man come on gotti though dude got me but I got his buddy so the claws already I'm a little last couple of times I broke out the clod and it didn't serve me so well but that probably not the guns fault so if you guys oh is that a level up never know oh so we're closer than ever to our level 20 on this series road to level 20 like I said before and I'll say it again yes we're keeping those expectations low but like I said before as well oh I don't get a whole lot of time to play the game and that's a lot of my fault I'm a busy dude we're a busy family you know wpg and mommy works full-time whoo how I work full-time so Marco just started school so he you can say he's working full-time we're all working full-time except for that baby he's got a pretty easy bit he'll find out it's finally the ice he's a boss baby that's for sure come on alright let's let's do this claw let's get this claw here do not claw didn't do me no good I spend a lot of time looking at that mini-map and I guess it's a little distracting sometimes yes I should only be aiming down the sights all the time sneaky sliding sliders sliding he'll do nothing for me I guess I mean maybe I just need to go do some slot training because that really I mean woo oh that guy's crazy run yes gee whiz a scary I felt it come on hoo gee whiz I went straight into a slide and got sniped in the head or something that was crazy whoa I kind of I just want huh I wanted to wash it but mission success is imminent like he heard the guy say we gotta know how to get going here gotta play smart come on give me something good Oh No Oh shoosh that was close holy gee whiz ranked up my gun I'll take it enemy vulture best to stay indoors then victory not like to say it was a little bit because of me this time I mean I didn't do that amazing let's see if we can pull up that okay I didn't do that amazing at all however I didn't I think better than usual definitely too many deaths but we're still working on it my guys over there unfortunately getting the top three but I still think it was a quality game so if you guys like this type of gameplay don't forget to comment down below if you want to see something different comment down below don't forget to Like and subscribe hit that notification bell I'd like to say to all you new guys watching we appreciate it so much definitely subscribe if you want to see more if you have any recommendations on any specific gameplay let us know and to our existing subscribers as always thank you so much for watching bill you know who you are this one's for you alright buddy we'll see you guys in the next video bye you.

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