/New Hyundai KONA IRON MAN Edition 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Hyundai KONA IRON MAN Edition 2019 Review Interior Exterior

Video: New Hyundai KONA IRON MAN Edition 2019 Review Interior Exterior


hello guys and welcome back to a new video today I have right here with me a very special car is the new Hyundai Kona Ironman special edition these cars are only 100 cars for sale outside there so it's a pretty unique car to have it and buy it and that today I will review it for you interior exterior and I try to show you every single detail for example these rims they are super nice and also they have this head from Marvel Iron Man if you see the movie 19 inch rims it's quite interesting how they collaborate Huhn die with Marvel to make this car and also it has a very interesting color I love the color of this car and also I love this red color or I don't know how to say maybe it's not kind of red but the design the lines the way they do it it's it's super nice it's like the Iron Man it has some things from Iron Man and some lines and designs and this is quite interesting and I like it if you are a person that you know that you like to have unique cars this is this is a pretty cool car for you also the car have a reverse camera you can see the light for the number plate up here we have on the roof this beautiful color I love this color I don't know the name of the color but it's super beautiful and look at the spoiler up there it's super nice the color of the spoiler and the way the car it is the same like the body suit from Iron Man it's it's pretty interesting also the lines and the shapes here are pretty awesome anyway this car is in Switzerland if you are from Switzerland in Europe you can come in human I get a finger at parties automobile a you can also check it on the internet policy or automobile a punk Jay Hajj and there you can find this car and it also have a great price maybe they will make you a discount as well you have to come and ask and see the car so anyway beautiful color I like this gray I like to read the combination of colors and also here on the side I like the fact that they make this plastic in the same color as the car it's pretty awesome and also in the same time this this plastic here protected the door and the car the edges of the car that mean the car would last longer in time so it is a pretty pretty great idea down there as well it's changed very easy even this part here down you can change it very easily so it's pretty awesome that they think about this in time they want that the car last longer Huhn died in the last year make amazing cars quite impressed with the cars and also the lines of the car are pretty nice really interesting also here around the edges of the car we have just a black matte rubber also up here on the roof we can add some extra storage an extra trunk there you can see it from here the color and the shape of the trunk going on the side you also see it before the lines are also similar with the normal in that corner here we have the handle keyless entrance in the car you have to press that button there to open and to lock the car when you have the key in your pocket here is the mirror we have blind spot there you can see it in the corner left and the light will appear also LED light on them on the mirrors the mirrors are cold also in this red color here on the blinkers we have this Iron Man head as well here in the front quite interesting it's for the first time when I see a car also here to protect this part to protect the edges of the car the body of the car and then we go in the front and we will see here again this nice design here from the Iron Man body and then even in the LED light down there you see this red color LED lights daylight you can see the date' LED lights they are super nice also pretty interesting they look super nice also down here we have the LED see I like this color I like I like the car it's super nice the design exterior design it's nicer than the normal one also here the air intakes for aerodynamic hue I think a lot of this car they make it with head and you see the electric one has a great IRA dynamic and a great range the consumption it's very good on this car it's it's kind of a super city SUV Ironman logo and writing there in the front as well you see it down there we have the rudder for adaptive cruise control emergency brake and also the other designs are almost similar just a little bit of change here and there and the front grille it's almost the same but I like here the hood look how cool they make this with Marvel logo in the middle and also this shape quite interesting shape it's super nice really I loved the design of the car and the lines on the hood they are pretty nice here are some information about the car of course five years warranty by Hyundai 1.

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6 stage AE ironman edition price thirty seven thousand nine hundred with discounts so it's pretty awesome that here at party CA automobile a boom sahaj you have around a great discount also get a lot of new technology on the car also you can see the website here in the left left of the video so you can check it out on the internet if you want to see the price and all that info also you can pause the video and read all that option there so let's go forward the upper part of the car it's in red also we have here the camera for reading the traffic speed limit and also the lane assist Huhn died these days come with a lot of new technology on the car and a lot of new cool stuff like LED adaptive cruise control emergency brake line assist and all that stuff and also I like the way it's writing here Iron Man on the back so manually lift gate in the back let's see the trunk we have quite big trunk here it's similar with the normal I mean this is the same trunk like a normal human die Conine also the same as the human eye cannot hybrid and also electric it has the same same trunk here in the back hooks light flat floor a lot of space down here even down here you can put something and under this you have another storage space and this is huge space in the trunk I'm quite impressed how much this car can get here in the back under the floor it's quite impressive so up here you can take this out without any problem and then let's fold down the seat to show you the seat that I like the doors the way they feel when you close it and open it good quality I'm quite impressed and the interior it's fabulous I love I will show you in the moment the seat and all that stuff of first time let's finish with look at the seat at the belt the belt are in red this red color it's beautiful I want this seatbelt on my car in this color as well it's fantastic I love the cars with other color on the seatbelt if you see on my Mercedes my review with Matthias or BMW which one was I made a few review this month and I see some new seatbelt they was amazing you have to check it out on the other videos and Porsche Porsche of course I remember now portion and BMW 7-series you can check it out on my channel there you can see the seatbelt but look how cool they look this leather also big big big windows always human have these big windows on the on the course and you have a good visibility also here we have a plastic but very nice very nice design you can see these little points there I don't know how to call them but they look they'll they they are looking super interesting I really like them here we have soft leather so right here in this middle part we have leather and also where the armrests it's leather then down there we have plastic speaker also the buttons here for the windows and then storage space down there pretty cool down here is this part that I told you that you can take it out very easily and down there as well for protecting the paint of the car this is the real painted real body and it's very good idea many cars have this taste these kind of things also storage space down there plastic in the back look at the seat belt look at the seats the combination of black leather with red with this red dark red it's fantastic in my opinion I love it super nice I know I know you and I and you know if you see my my other reviews with you guys they make fantastic seats they they are one of the best in seats and also they have great price the seeds from you and I are amazing I love them they are very good also here in the middle center armrest two cupholders leather very very practical the only thing that you can do in this car you cannot carry skis or long items in the middle there you have to fold down one part one part of the seats let's put the seats in the normal position because I want to see the real space in the back I want to show you the real space and not just when the city is all the way in the back so I go here in the back and I and I test the leg space is quite good and you see now the seat are in normal driving position the space is good on my legs I can stretch a little bit the legs down there so it's pretty ok the space no complaining at all so it's quite good ohh my head I have one hand four fingers they're quite good space no complaining at all so pretty well also the visibility on the windows it's it's good also okay the window is big and I have good visibility up here we have a hook and a handle also good quality on the roof as well you have a light here normal light and yeah let's go in the middle now in the middle here a space on the legs we will check it out now here we have nothing in the middle just plastic no USB no vents just hand and five fingers perfect no problem also here we have three fingers on the roof so it's quite good no problem at all maybe for tall people three people in the back here yes not such a big space maybe two people it's okay or maybe three people but for short trips short to medium trips now we will go in the front there is my favorite part i love the insertion of red in the dashboard and also the center console there fantastic we will go now and we will see also the new and new multimedia system from Hume they looked awesome now the door big windows great visibility as in the normal version also on the tours the same design here up here so then we have the speaker right here in the grey dark colored leather here in the middle and also armrests leather the buttons are normal they look also quite normal nothing special there the special thing on this car it's the Creole Creole speakers are fantastic they sound amazing you have to hear this also electric seats are just about the way you want it there we have the pedals normal pedals here we have the fuse box if something happened with electrics you can change the fuse from there a blind-spot button and also Lane Assist and all that a head-up display and SCP we can dis activate it from there the seat leather seat looked fantastic also we can see the name right there from the Stark you know stark stark it's from Iron Man movie if you watch it and also this Iron Man head right there in the middle so the seats are super nice quite interesting I like them if was Brad Pitt probably I buy the car it was the bread pit car anyway it's just a joke now look here the vents look how cool they are I like the the red this red color it's one of my favorite color maybe that why I like it so much also soft materials everywhere on the dashboard so no worry about that you have good head-up display also here in the front soft materials simple we have a speaker even there and the visibility from the driver point is super nice also another surprise is this to me Tony Stark signature right here on the dashboard so well pretty awesome to have that signature there it's pretty interesting also a lot of space here in the glove box actually it's normal like in the normal version the start/stop button and the vents in the middle look also pretty nice then we go down here we have the mannerly handbrake armrest here also here we have the key with the Iron Man head on it so this is the Hyundai Kona Ironman edition key space there is the same manually hand brake two cupholders yeah the stick here we have ventilated seat this is pretty cool heated and ventilated seat also locked the four-wheel drive and all that stuff drive mode even the stick it's a little bit different with this design on it look pretty nice also USB port 12 volt port two USB also here defense button and you already know it if you check out my other human like Kona reviews you will see also the new multimedia system you will see it in the moment start/stop button the steering wheel it's normal nothing different it was cool it was a little bit different also this thing will but it looked also nice the buttons are super nice here the same as in the normal version we have the cockpit there with some little changes I will show you right now in the moment after we start the engine here we have this multimedia system now is not the new one it's the old version I was thinking is the new version from from Hyuna in multimedia but is not it's the older one here is the the mirror it's nice also a glass support normal bulb light mirror also nice LED light up there on the roof good quality good visibility on the windows you can see very very well on the windows even though the car have the back camera this you already see it so the visibility is quite ok also here it's easy to use you have also shortcut buttons navigation system we already know it I made a lot of review with this multimedia system from human life I don't want to go into detail it's pretty good it's worked fast and it's do his job very well so no complaining also the colors and the resolution it's pretty good so it should be no problem at all yeah anyway here is the navigation also if you can't see it this doesn't have any lag at all and the readability from the driver point of view it's very good there in the middle you can see in the middle you have this display like digital display in the middle in the left and right side you have to roam at our speedometer and you can see it has an interesting design also head-up display right here it come out it's come out this glass up here you can see its own the glass is not directly on the windshield and then you have this new cockpit that look nice you can see it from the Ironman the logo there and also on the left side is look quite interesting so yeah I like it I like the car I like the different insertion here and there and I think if you want to buy a human eye corner and you have the possibility to buy this Ironman Edition I think it's pretty cool and I think the value to sell to resell this car will be bigger because you have the signature you have this cool seat cool color and it's a special car even the Marvel logo even the rims are special and and you can see the hood there looks super cool I think if you have the possibility to buy this car just buy it because you will sell it at the bigger prices there are just 100 of these cars in the world and then this is a pretty cool thing so anyway thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe to my channel guys subscribe to my channel please check out my other videos I have plenty of other we just thank you again for watching my videos to all of you share it like it and see you in the next video bye you.

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