/NEW 10 Inch Vankyo MatrixPad Z4 💥Android Tablet Powerful \u0026 Affordable! 👈

NEW 10 Inch Vankyo MatrixPad Z4 💥Android Tablet Powerful \u0026 Affordable! 👈

Video: NEW 10 Inch Vankyo MatrixPad Z4 💥Android Tablet Powerful \u0026 Affordable! 👈


hi guys welcome back to the channel today we're going to be looking at the new Vankyo larger 10 inch tablet let's take a look at the box so here's a the front of the box it tells us the tablet's name the matric pad z4 and this is in fact an Android tablet on the back we have all of these special features so it includes a template one IPS screen technology front and rear camera so if you like taking selfies or you like taking pictures of things you're all set it also has quad core 64 bt cpu GMS certified Android operating system so if you have other Android devices you're not going to have to worry about changing to defrag writing system and it's a solid emmc wrong now in the box it does include the matrix pad Zhu for itself I'll show you that in a second a USB cable and adapter user guide and a Quick Start Guide so let's open the box right up now what I do know about this tablet is it does have 2 gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of storage I have an iPad air and it only has 60 16 gigabytes so this is already an upgrade compared to what I already have so here's the tablet alright it's a nice size it's 10 inches I'm going to see what this says real fast please remove the film on the tablet or the fill in the back camera before using these are just simple steps you would listen to before powering the tablet on and trying to use it alright so I'm going to remove the film all right so let's first see what else is in the box okay so here is the user guide it's fairly thick there are lots of details on how to download apps how to connect your Wi-Fi all the settings you have how to control the home screen and Wi-Fi there's a lot there's a lot to look for so I'm sure if you have any dip if you speak a different language you're all going to be able to find that in here alright and here is the Quick Start Guide just plugging it in turning it on and then unlocking it so that's good and then it does show a diagram of the buttons on the top and consuming this is the cord to plug it in yes yes yes we have our HD actor right here and USB cord so I'll plug this in before I turn the tablet on right so here's it plugged in I'm gonna now find an outlet and get right back to you alright so I just set up the tablet it was very simple I followed the QuickStart guide by plugging it in making sure I had 100% charge and then turning the tablet on and going through setting up my Wi-Fi password and connecting a Google account to the device itself so the on button is on the side here we'll give you a closer look on the side here you have your on button and then your volume button you have dual cameras on this tablet here you have one on the back and one on the front also your charging port is on the same on the same side as your volume and power on buttons you just located on the side and you have a port to plug in your headphones of choice so let's turn it on get that started and hey we see the on screen tells me the time the date and I chose not to have a lock screen because I just find that easier when I comes to using my tablet so let's get on you can use this thing already it's a lot better than my current iPad air I have right now but here is my main home screen I haven't downloaded any extra apps of any sort but I did want to show you it's basically kind of like a Google Chromebook sort of phew I an all googled out I have my gmail I have my Chrome I have my settings I have my google photos who play store and all of the other various Google apps if you swipe up you see all of your apps that you have you can see I don't have anything extra we can go into settings show you all the possibilities we can do there you can see the battery change the display change your Google accounts and everything like that now at the bottom you see there is a a bar where you can see stuff where you can easily access your camera your volume by increasing it or decreasing it and then going back or closing apps close it swipe it away and the middle button here at the bottom the circle is your home screen it's a lot easier for me to navigate I'm not sure if that's just because I'm a pretty decent Android user I have a Samsung S 9 plus as my phone and I have other just other Android devices that I've always used I haven't been that fond of Apple but I do use an iPad for occasional use and I like this a little bit better alright so this does have 1280 by 800 IPS display so you see a very visited picture here I have Claude Monet's water lilies up but this could come in handy if you're skyping someone may be having a Netflix binge watching session yeah all right so to avoid any sort of copyright issues I'm going to play one of our videos and just show you how nice the screen is here is a solar torchlight video we did not that long ago and as you see it's a nice clear clean picture it shows you the nice bright shows you the deep darks I really like this I'm really looking forward to watching movies and videos on here alright so I'm going to download a game sorts and play with my nephew alright guys so I just got us candy crush soda saga so let's try it out on this new tablet yay what I do notice immediately is I like how fast the screen responds to when I touch it sometimes it might just because I be because I have an older generation of iPad but uh it takes a little bit for me to be able to get a response in this right away no it's the end it filled the whole thing up I really like how bright and vibrant the screen is it's very clear – and it's like I said it's being very responsive it's filling let's put some more cool games over here yeah we're definitely going to because this has 32 gigabytes of storage there's a lot of room for a lot of games 32 was a lot it is it's a big number wait don't watch videos on you yeah of course let's go let's head to YouTube and pull up the video here's one of the YouTube videos we did months ago I love the clear crisp green it gets quality picture and great sound because they're dual speakers now of course you can download YouTube kit so little ones can actually watch appropriate videos at home and have the nice use of this wonderful tablet as well so I will mention that this does have a micro SD slot on the slot on the side by the charging port if you want to add about 128 gigabytes of more storage gives you room for adding lots of homemade videos maybe even if you wanted to film with something like this or keep a lot of pictures on here what do you think Lulu you like it alright so that's a look at the brand new 10-inch tablet from Vankyo this is the matrix pad z4 make sure you hit the like button and subscribe to your channel check the description section below from any information thanks for watching you.

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