/Netop Remote Control Portal – Installing the Guest

Netop Remote Control Portal – Installing the Guest

Video: Netop Remote Control Portal – Installing the Guest


Hi, this is Sam, the Product Solutions Director for Netop Remote Control. In this video I’ll demonstrate how to install the Netop Remote Control Guest module and use it to access a device running a Netop Host. I’m using a Windows-based desktop in this example. If you are interested in learning about installing a Guest on Linux, Mac, Android, or iOS devices, click on the Help tab for additional product documentation.

Devices with a Remote Control Host installed and configured for your Portal account are visible from the My devices tab. The Portal provides basic keyboard, video and mouse control from the Browser Based Support Console without any further installation. However, to use the full feature set of Netop Remote Control you must install the Guest module. For Windows devices, Netop’s online installer has been preconfigured for your Portal account. Simply click the Download Guest button, run the installation package, and follow the onscreen prompts. Once the installation is complete, our most frequently used features are accessible with a single click. Users who wish to install Netop Remote Control on devices with no access to the internet will not use the Portal as a communication profile.

To download a Guest module without the pre-configured settings please visit the downloads section of netop.com: https://www.netop.com/remotesupport/product/downloads.htm Let us know if you have any questions by clicking the Contact Netop button at the top of your Portal account..

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