/Necvox Renault Megane 4 Android Navigasyon & Multimedya

Necvox Renault Megane 4 Android Navigasyon & Multimedya

Video: Necvox Renault Megane 4 Android Navigasyon & Multimedya


need to cut any original wire while installation and you can directly make pin-to-pin connection super visual effects user-friendly UI and with its big screen driving becomes more enjoyable we keep all standard features and functions such as radio or original parking sensors while we add many new functions drivers can also control air condition over our screen with high-resolution rear view camera parking becomes easier and safe you may choose fast and efficient route with our navigation Bluetooth provides safe driving and you can listen to music on your mobile phone over car speakers Necvox brings your video and music library into your car with USB and SD card especially your children will like it so much because they can watch their favorite cartoon inside the car your car multimedia device is your tablet too you may watch videos over YouTube listen to music from Spotify or check your emails on your Necvox Android device you may record while driving and watch it wherever you need with Necvox DVR function finally with that Maryland function you can mirror your mobile phone over a neck box screen both wired or wireless and control your Android phones over net box car screen we're sure you will never get bored with necvox box in your car enjoy while driving.

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